When the Timebreakers first the original team of Exiles they had decided to gather a team of Exiles that consisted entirely of alternate reality versions of Wolverines based on the belief that he was the "best there is at what he does". The Timebreakers sent team after team of alternate reality Wolverines to Earth-127, a world where Brother Mutant (an amalgam of Wolverine, Magneto and Mesmero) threatened to take over his reality. Each team failed and were put under the control of Brother Mutant who was amassing an army of these interdimensional Wolverine's as part of his "Mutant Massacre" tour.

The James Howlett of Earth-1880 came from an alternate Earth that was still in the late 19th Century and James was pulled from his reality on the night that his powers first manifested. He was partnered up with alternate Wolverine's from Earth-811 ("Days of Futures Past"), Earth-181 (a Wolverine still using his "Patch" identity), Earth-520 (a world where Wolverine was still part of the Weapon X Project), Earth-6195 (an alternate reality where Wolverine was a Zombie) as well as the cyborgs Albert and Elsie-Dee of Earth-5211. The group was transported to Earth-127 where the fought a failed battle against the many Wolverines that were under Brother Mutant's control. Young James was mentored by the Logan of Earth-811 who was older and more mature, while the others mostly mocked young James, likening his nightgown with a dress[1].

When the mission was turning out to be a failure Wolverine-811 convinced the Timebreakers to reinstate the original Exiles, and James assisted the remaining Wolverines and the Exiles in stopping Brother Mutant, to the seeming sacrifice of Wolverine-811 in the process. In the aftermath of the battle, James was returned to his own reality his subsequent fate is unknown[2].


At the last currently known point in his mutant evolution, young James is in the early stages of development of his mutant powers. He has a mutant healing factor as well as enhanced senses. He has three bone claws on each hand that he can extract through his knuckles by will, although at this time these claws are short nubs that do not pass far beyond the knuckles. Given time, it is presumable that young James' powers will increase to be on par with his Earth-616 counterpart.

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