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Quote1 I'm Wolverine. I'm the best there is at what I do, but what I do best isn't very nice. Quote2

Cursed with a berserker fury, the violent mutant known as Wolverine has a reputation of both as an outstanding super hero and as a lethal killer. Born as James Howlett to a wealthy Canadian family at the end of the 19th century, he was forced to abandon his family after the tragic manifestation of his bestial abilities of accelerated healing factor, keenly enhanced senses and bone claws in each hand. Adopting the name Logan, he wandered the world, living a long life filled with blood, war and betrayal,[89] having vile Sabretooth as his archenemy,[90] and the Japanese warrior Ogun as his sensei.[91] Unfortunately, by acting as a lone wolf, Logan was an unwitting subject of the Weapon X Program and had his bones coated in indestructible Adamantium, becoming an even more lethal asset.[92] Rescued and assisted by Mac and Heather Hudson, he joined Department H as a Canadian government operative known as the Wolverine.[93][94]

Later, Logan was invited by Charles Xavier to join the X-Men, a team of heroes fighting for peace between humans and mutants.[95] Proving to be a challenging addition to the X-Men due to his aggressive behavior, Wolverine was constantly in conflict with his fellow teammate Cyclops. However, he has gradually grown fond of the X-Men, considering them to be his new family.[96] As a recurrent member of the X-Men, Wolverine has also become a noteworthy member of the Avengers.[97] Moreover, he has been tasked to run the secret mutant strike team known as X-Force to protect mutantkind's interests by employing lethal force.[98] Wolverine was also responsible for reforming the Jean Grey School after parting ways with Cyclops and leading his own faction of X-Men.[99]

When all mutantkind was granted asylum by Professor Xavier on the mutant-exclusive nation of Krakoa, Wolverine was one of the first of its residents.[100] Although currently suspicious of the cost of this apparent safe place for mutants,[101] Wolverine still works as the field leader of X-Force, which evolved as an intelligence organization in charge of special operations to counter-attack assaults against Krakoa.[102]

Quick Answers

What is the real name of the character known as Wolverine in the Marvel universe? toggle section
The real name of the character known as Wolverine in the Marvel universe is James Howlett. However, he prefers to be called Logan.
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What are the unique abilities that Wolverine possesses? toggle section
Wolverine, also known as James Howlett or Logan in the Marvel universe, possesses several unique abilities that make him a formidable character. His primary mutant ability is the 'mutant healing factor', which allows him to recover from virtually any wound faster and more extensively than a normal human being. This healing factor also grants him immunity to all earthly diseases and illnesses, and most effects of alcohol, drugs, and toxins. Additionally, his healing factor provides him with an extended lifespan, immensely slowing his aging process. Wolverine also has superhuman strength, thanks to his adamantium skeleton. His bones, infused with Adamantium, are indestructible and his claws can penetrate most flesh and many natural materials. Wolverine also has superhuman senses, particularly his hearing and smell, which are significantly more enhanced than a normal human's. He also has the ability to communicate with animals, sensing their emotional states and intentions.
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Why did James Howlett abandon his family and adopt the name Logan? toggle section
James Howlett, also known as Wolverine in the Marvel universe, was forced to abandon his family due to a tragic incident that led to him accidentally killing his own father. This event triggered his mutant abilities, causing his bone claws to pop out for the first time. In the aftermath, he ran away with his childhood companion, Rose. To hide his identity and escape his painful past, Rose gave him the name 'Logan'. Over time, James fully embraced this new identity, becoming a respected figure among miners in the Yukon Territories of Canada. His hard work and animalistic way of working earned him the nickname 'Wolverine'.
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What is the significance of Wolverine's berserker fury? toggle section
Wolverine's berserker fury is a significant aspect of his character in the Marvel universe. This rage, often triggered by intense situations, enhances his aggression and fighting skills, making him a formidable opponent. It's a reflection of his primal instincts and his struggle to maintain control over them. This fury also contributes to his reputation as one of the most fearless, brave, and dangerous men in the world. Despite his berserker rage, Wolverine is known for his loyalty and protective nature, especially towards his teammates in the X-Men and those he considers family. His berserker fury, therefore, is not just a symbol of his ferocity as a warrior, but also his passion and dedication to those he cares about.
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How does Wolverine's violent nature affect his reputation as a superhero? toggle section
Wolverine's violent nature, often manifesting as a berserker fury, has earned him a dual reputation as both a formidable superhero and a lethal killer. This dichotomy is a defining aspect of his character. Despite his aggressive behavior, Wolverine has proven to be a valuable member of superhero teams like the X-Men and the Avengers. However, his readiness to employ lethal force and his willingness to permanently deal with adversaries have also made him one of the most feared and dangerous men in the world. His violent tendencies have often put him in conflict with his teammates, particularly those who advocate for less violent solutions. Yet, over time, Wolverine has grown fond of his fellow superheroes, considering them his new family. His violent nature, combined with his bravery and fearlessness, make Wolverine a complex and intriguing character in the Marvel universe.
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This is an abridged version of Wolverine's history. For a complete history see Wolverine's Expanded History

The Origin[]

Wolverine The Origin Vol 1 1 Textless

Dog, Rose and James

James Howlett's life began in the luxurious Howlett Estate, located in Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada. The notably frail and ill child was born to Elizabeth Howlett, who was married to the mansion's owner John Howlett.[1] However, he was the illegitimate fruit of Elizabeth's affair with the Howletts' groundskeeper, the crass Thomas Logan.[103] Although surrounded by the care of servants and the love of his father John, James was largely neglected by his mother, who had been deeply traumatized following the death of her first son, John Jr.. Around the time Rose O'Hara, a red-headed Irish girl, was admitted work as his companion, he was close to Thomas Logan's mistreated son who was nicknamed "Dog." The three youngsters became good friends and shared happy moments in their childhood.[1]

Unfortunately, as they came of age, the abuse inflicted upon Dog by his father warped his mind. He made unwanted advances towards Rose, which James reported to his father. In retaliation, Dog killed James' puppy Callie, which led to the expulsion of Logan and Dog from the estate. In a drunken stupor and armed with a shotgun, Logan invaded the Howlett Estate with Dog to take Elizabeth with him. As John Howlett confronted him, Logan shot him in the head, in cold blood. James entered the room when the murder occurred and his mutation manifested: bone claws extended from the backs of his hands and he attacked the intruders with uncharacteristic ferocity, killing Logan and scarring Dog's face with three claw marks.[104] Already an emotionally disturbed woman since the death of her first son, who manifested similar deviancy, a completely unhinged Elizabeth drove James and Rose away and took her life immediately afterward with a blast from Thomas' gun. With Rose's help, James fled the mansion where the tragedy took place. Dog informed John Howlett's father and the police that Rose was the one behind the deaths of the Howletts. The suspicious Mr. Howlett refused to acknowledge James as his blood, and provided money for the running duo in order to get rid of them as they ran away.[103]

James Howlett (Earth-616) from Wolverine The Origin Vol 1 2 001

Claws pop for the first time

Rose and the partially amnesiac Logan wandered to the Yukon Territories in Canada, taking refuge in a British Columbia stone quarry, under the guise of being cousins. In order to hide his identity, Rose rebaptized James with the name of Logan.[103] As the time went by, James Howlett rejected his origins and fully took up the identity of Logan as a gloomy hunter. He had problems with the camp's cook Malone, but found support in the foreman Smitty.[105] Soon, with Smitty's incentive, Logan became one of the most respected men by the miners for his hard work. Eventually, he secretly gained the nickname Wolverine due to his animalistic way of work. Simultaneous to his life as a miner during the day, Logan communed with the local wildlife and the bestial aspects of his soul at night.[106]

James Howlett (Earth-616) from Wolverine The Origin Vol 1 5 001

Logan leading a pack of wolves

As time passed, Logan's powers grew; he became stronger, his healing factor slowly removed the traumatic memories of his childhood, he accepted his feral nature, and he started to hunt with a pack of wolves. During this period, Logan developed strong feelings for Rose, but could not act on them for the sake of their guise as cousins. Smitty, who had been mentoring Logan all these years, had also grown close to Rose and the two eventually fell in love and became engaged, much to the scorn and surprise of Logan, who later accepted the situation for the sake of Rose's happiness. However, as Logan accepted Rose's decision and made sure that both her and Smitty could leave the mine and live a peaceful life, someone from Logan's past came back looking for revenge: Dog. Dog attacked Logan and started to beat him up in front of Rose but in the midst of the fight, Logan finally remembered who Dog was and what happened on the night his father was killed. He then defeated Dog and was about to kill him with his claws. Rose tried to stop Logan, but she accidentally fell and was impaled on his claws, which killed her. Shocked by what happened, Logan's mind shut down and he decided to abandon the civilized world and lived with the wolves.[107] It was supposedly around this time that Romulus, a supposed immortal being who used and manipulated the members of the Hudson line -- Logan's mother's family -- for decades, decided to take an interest in Logan.


Even part of an isolated wolf pack, Logan met tragedy. He encountered Death itself.[108] Moreover, he was tracked down by Dog again and had to flee.[109] However, his life in nature came to a real end in the form of enhanced polar bear, fruit of a bizarre experiment, that destroyed the group of wolves.[110] The creature had been designed by Nathaniel Essex, an immoral scientist obsessed with mutations. The death of his experiment put him on Logan's trail. Although able to escape Essex, Logan was captured by the sensationalist Hugo the Great, a ringmaster for a circus of horrors.[111] In the circus, the silent Logan interacted with the Creed siblings, the tender Clara and the vile Saul. Essex was able to murder Hugo and secure Logan to experiment on. The Creeds decided to rescue him.[112] With the Creeds, Logan opened up after years and was reintroduced to civilization as they moved to New York City. With Clara, Logan first met romance. However, Essex found them and sent his guards after Logan. In the battle, once again, Logan's ferocity cost him a loved one as he accidentally murdered Clara. Saul took the opportunity to escape with Logan and return to Essex's base in seek of revenge.[113] There, Logan realized Essex had acted on a tip provided by Saul. Clara, who had survived the attack, went after them only to witness Logan decide to execute Saul. Horrified not by the beast, but by the man, she rejected Logan. Alone one more time, Logan finally understood that the evil tendencies inside of him were human.[114]

Not long after, Logan was recaptured by Essex. Involved in a series of bizarre murders, Logan was found collapsed by Victor Creed, a brutal monster known as Sabretooth who wanted revenge for what Logan's involvement with his family. Creed took him to the Ravencroft Institute, where he was lobotomized, tortured, and experimented on by Essex. Thanks to the help of Dr. Claudia Russell, one of the residents who was cursed with being a werewolf, Logan was able to escape.[115] As an independent agent, Logan was recruited by the Hand, an ancient clan of criminal ninjas. When investigating a series of murders executed by a foreigner in Japan, Logan stumbled upon Sabretooth. For the first time, Logan consciously witnessed the cruelty of Creed. They fought each other and Logan lost due to someone else's intervention, waking up later only to find Creed had vanished.[116]

Wolverine Vol 2 10 page 00 Victor Creed (Earth-616)

Logan facing Victor Creed after the death of Silver Fox

At some point later, Logan traveled to another frontier community in the Canadian Rockies near the town of Mount Logan, where he met a widowed Blackfoot woman named Silver Fox.[117] The two shared a cabin together and lived happily for a time.[118] Around this time, Sabretooth met Logan again. This time, they formed a friendship due to their shared interests in the local community.[119] On Logan's birthday, they prepared themselves to celebrate. Tragically, Sabretooth had other plans and brutally attacked Silver Fox, leaving her for dead, the first of many birthday planned "surprises" from him to come. Enraged, Logan battled him in a bar, only to be defeated and almost killed.[90][120][121] Additionally, Sabretooth then manipulated a feral, mindless Logan into believing the people of the nearby town had ordered Silver Fox's death to get rid of him, prompting Logan to slaughter the inhabitants of the town and falling under Romulus' influence.[122]

Immortal Warrior[]

James Howlett (Earth-616) from Logan Vol 1 2

Logan surviving the Hiroshima bombing

In the years that followed, Logan traveled all around the world, he became a soldier, a mercenary, an assassin, an outlaw, a spy, and a samurai, fighting in many wars. He met his master and father figure Lord Ogun,[123] and fought with or against (or both) individuals such as Natalia Romanoff whom he trained in martial arts,[124] the vampire hunter Eric Brooks,[125] fellow mercenary Eugene Judd,[126] Bucky Barnes,[127] Nick Fury,[127] and Captain America.[34] Logan also met several that would became some of his fiercest enemies, such as Cyber,[127] Mystique,[128] Nuke,[129] and Bloodscream.[130]

After the end of World War II, Logan, under Ogun's advice, sought redemption for his past actions in Jasmine Falls, Japan, where he studied with Bando Saburo, in order to learn how to be a man and to leave his warrior nature behind.[131] Here he fell in love with a local woman named Itsu. They married and conceived a child together which filled Logan with joy,[131] but Itsu was murdered by the now brainwashed Bucky Barnes, a.k.a the Winter Soldier, under Romulus' orders.[131]

Believing that both his wife and child were dead, Logan disappeared. To avenge their deaths he went to see an immortal swordsmith named Muramasa, who used a piece of Logan's soul to forge a mighty blade that Logan would claim years later.[131] Logan was then retrieved by Romulus' organization and brainwashed once again, but unknown to him, Romulus also took the child from Itsu's womb and he was safely born and adopted by a Japanese couple. This child was named Akihiro, but he eventually took the name "Daken," meaning "Mongrel."[132]

Team X[]

Team X (Earth-616) from Maverick Vol 2 2 001

Victor Creed, John Wraith, David North, and Logan as part of Team X

By 1961, Logan, known as Wolverine, now, joined the Weapon X Project, part of the Weapon Plus Program, which had been created to fight the mutant menace. He was then placed on the Black Ops squad run by the CIA, called Team X, with Sabretooth, Silver Fox (who surprisingly appeared to be alive and with no memories of her time with Logan), Maverick, Kestrel, and Mastodon.[24] During this time, Logan and the others received memory implants via staged scenarios, telepathic manipulation by Aldo Ferro, and other technology.[133] Weapon X also duplicated Wolverine's healing factor and implanted it in Team X, slowing their aging processes.

In 1966, Logan also helped Nick Fury deal with the Sym-Soldiers in Vietnam where he discovered the existence of alien life and was possessed for the first time by a symbiote.[67]

In early 1968,[134] Wolverine was called to report in a facility located in Dallas, Texas, where he was shot with Carbonadium bullets, which slowed his healing factor so that Weapon X or Romulus could know how to kill him.[4] The bullets were removed but Logan awoke earlier than expected, and he regained his memories for the first time in years, because they hadn't been altered yet.[135] Logan tried to keep the secret,and he rendezvoused with Team X in Berlin, East Germany where the team was sent to steal the Carbonadium Synthesizer in order to sabotage the Russian Super Soldier program and save Janice Hollenbeck, a double agent. After retrieving the device, the team was attacked by the product of this new Russian Super Soldier program, Omega Red. During the team's escape, Sabretooth, apparently aware that Wolverine had regained his memories, killed Janice to reinforce Wolverine's conditioning about innocents dying when he overstepped Romulus' boundaries.[136] In the end, Team X was able to escape from Omega Red but it seemed the Carbonadium Synthesizer was lost.[137] In truth, Wolverine was still in possession of the Carbonadium Synthesizer and decided to hide it from the rest of the team. After this event, Logan quit Team X in late 1968.[138][139]


During all those years, Logan met and fell in love with many women and unknown to him, he also fathered a number of children. Those children would be found later on by another of Logan's sons, Daken, who would give them to an evil organization who wanted revenge on Logan for what he did to them in the past: the Red Right Hand. On Daken's advice, the Red Right Hand trained them in order to use them as weapons against Logan but knowing perfectly that they wouldn't stand a chance against him. They would be known as the Mongrels.[65]

Department K[]

After he quit Team X, Wolverine joined Department K, a secret Canadian Defense Ministry branch with ties to Weapon X. Based in Ottawa, he partnered with Neil Langram and worked again with Nick Fury, now a high-ranking CIA agent, and with Richard and Mary Parker (the parents of Peter Parker a.k.a the Amazing Spider-Man).[5]

James Howlett (Earth-616) from Wolverine Annual Vol 1 1997 001

Secret Agent Logan

Years later, Langram was sought as an operative by the Hellfire Club, but he refused, and was then slain by Sabretooth, hired as a mercenary. Wolverine and Carol Danvers, a young US spy, investigated and infiltrated the Canadian Ministry of Defense, and more precisely a top-secret research and development agency which was in its early stage of growth, hidden in a sub-basement of a vast government complex: Department H. Within they discovered a list of several names called "The Mutant Agenda," and more troubling the names of both Logan and his dead partner Neil were on it.

Logan and Carol then decided to track Dr. Perry Edwards, who wrote a book about the rise of superhumans and whose name was at the top of the list. The duo found him in New York and were able to save him from an assassination attempt, they then told him what they had found. He wasn't surprised and explained to them that he discovered the existence of genetically superior beings who were living amongst them: Mutants. But more importantly he also discovered that some of those mutants weren't benevolent and were planning to kill all the members of the inner circle of the Hellfire Club in their search for power, but to that end they needed to keep the existence of mutantkind a secret.[140]

After infiltrating the Hellfire Club in order to learn more, Logan and Carol were lured by Sebastian Shaw and Sabretooth to a Canadian Hellfire Club facility where Sabretooth confronted them. After discovering that Sabretooth killed Perry Edwards and several government officials to make sure the existence of mutantkind couldn't be revealed to the public, Sabretooth told Wolverine details of the Club's intent to guide a war between mutants and humans. Sabretooth tried to kill Logan, and during their fight he told Logan that it was time for him to admit the truth: he was a mutant just like him and that was why he was so obsessed with mutants.[140]

Logan, realizing that Sabretooth was the one who had killed Langram, proceeded to defeat his foe by stabbing him with his sword. Despite the severe injury, Sabretooth wasn't done, and he decided to bomb the facility, but Logan and Carol were able to escape in time. Sabretooth survived and also escaped later on. After this adventure, Logan and Carol parted ways, but after he started to talk about this conspiracy with the Ministry of Defense and after bursting in both Department H and the Hellfire Club during this adventure, Logan's reputation was now dirt in his country. As a result, he tried to forget about the mutant problem and decided to go to the Yukon.[140]

But Logan was still troubled by Sabretooth's revelations, and he started to develop a morbid preoccupation with the current "mutant" scandals.[86][26] To make things worse, Logan's natural mutation started to take its toll on his mind around that time, giving him nightmares and visions every night to the point of turning him crazy and feral.[141] As a result, Logan started to abuse drugs and he became an alcoholic. This self-destructive behavior led Logan to accidentally shoot a fellow agent at a firing range one day and as a result he was dismissed from Department K and decided to leave Canada.[26]

Weapon X[]

James Howlett (Earth-616) being prepped for adamantium bonding process from Marvel Comics Presents Vol 1 73 0001

Logan prepped for the adamantium bonding process

At some point,[142] before leaving Canada, while in his Lotus Seven, Logan was pumped full of Thorazine, beaten, and kidnapped by a group of armed men from the Weapon X Project, possibly under Romulus' orders.[143] The man known only as the Professor, Dr. Abraham Cornelius, and Dr. Carol Hines then began to examine Logan while he floated in a containment tank. Logan's skeleton, including his claws, was bonded with the indestructible metal known as Adamantium, making it unbreakable, and burying his personality beneath the most intense brainwashing he had ever undergone.[144]

James Howlett (Earth-616) and Weapon X (Earth-616) from Marvel Comics Presents Vol 1 75 001

Weapon X breaks free

Logan was then put under deep hypnosis, telling him that he was not a man or individual, and being a man disgusted him.[145] Reduced to a near-mindless state, Logan was apparently forced by Weapon X to slaughter every inhabitant of the small town of Roanoke as a test.[146]

Logan proved to be too difficult for the Weapon X Program to control and, after some time, he broke free of the programming, fell into a berserker fury and escaped the facility, killing nearly everyone except for the Professor, Dr. Cornelius, Dr. Hines, and Malcolm Colcord, who later became the Director of a new Weapon X Program.[147][148] Unknown to Logan at the time, the Winter Soldier was apparently present and helped him escape from his captors.[149]

As a result of having his bones and claws laced with the adamantium, Wolverine's natural mutation which was slowly turning him feral was put into remission as the adamantium precipitated a chemical change within his body.[141] As a result of this experiment impeding his natural evolution, Wolverine's healing factor was weakened, and he healed slower than before.

Facing the Hulk and Joining the X-Men[]

James Howlett (Earth-616) from Alpha Flight In the Beginning Vol 1 -1 0001

A feral Logan attacking James and Heather Hudson

Wandering in the woods, Logan was eventually discovered by Heather and James "Mac" Hudson, a young couple honeymooning in the Rockies, whom he attacked, only to be shot by James. While he was recovering, Logan regained enough of his human persona to be horrified at his claws, believing them to be artificial implants.[150] After recovering his mental faculties with the Hudson's help, Logan became a member of Canada's Department H the superhuman-oriented government agency James Hudson founded.[150]

Sometime after, the Canadian military mobilized to fight the Hulk, but Wolverine received orders from Romulus to attract an unidentified party's attention by fighting the Hulk. Wolverine started a battle with the Hulk and a Wendigo.[58]

Incredible Hulk Vol 1 180 page - James Howlett (Earth-616)

Wolverine introducing himself to both Hulk and the Wendigo during his first cameo appearance

Wolverine's speed and maneuverability proved to be a match for the two plodding powerhouses, but after realizing Hulk was a more formidable opponent, he changed tactics. Teaming up with Hulk to take out the Wendigo, Hulk threw the Wendigo into a patch of trees and Wolverine delivered the finishing blow. The Hulk and Wolverine kept on fighting, and as Hulk had by now grown so enraged that Wolverine's adamantium claws failed to penetrate his skin, he finally managed to temporarily knock Wolverine out.[151] Quickly back on his feet and despite his protests to keep fighting the Hulk, Wolverine was ordered to return to Department H while the Hulk was knocked out with a gas bomb and captured.[152]

Wolverine then spent months completing some espionage missions until he was approached by Charles Xavier, attracted by Logan's fight with the Hulk (as Romulus expected) and looking for mutants to help his students, the X-Men, escape from the island-being known as Krakoa. Wolverine resigned from Department H to accompany Professor Xavier and rescue the captured X-Men.[95]

Incredible Hulk Vol 1 181

The first full appearance of Wolverine

Shortly after, Wolverine, under Romulus' instructions, tried to assassinate Xavier, but Charles broke Romulus' hold on Wolverine by blocking the effects of his programming. After Krakoa was defeated, Wolverine decided to stay with the X-Men, at the School for Gifted Youngsters, with fellow new recruits Storm, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Thunderbird, and Banshee, as the original members left to pursue normal lives.[153]

Logan remained with the X-Men for quite some time, but a rivalry grew between him and Cyclops, one of the reasons being that he had fallen for Scott's girlfriend, telekinetic telepath Jean Grey, who soon rejoined the group.[154] Despite being at first skeptical of Xavier's hope for mutant and human coexistence, Wolverine began to respect his ideals, determination, and goals, growing into a loyal and trusted member of the X-Men. Wolverine also developed strong friendships with Kurt Wagner, Peter Rasputin, and Ororo Munroe.

Meeting Mariko[]

When the X-Men traveled to Agarashima, Japan, Logan met Lady Mariko Yashida and aided her cousin, former X-Man Sunfire, in battling Moses Magnum. Although she was unable to reciprocate his feelings, Wolverine fell for Lady Mariko, heir to an extremely powerful Yakuza family in Tokyo. Initially frightened, Mariko was soon set at ease by Wolverine, who was attracted to her gentle demeanor, and both fell in love.[155]

Mariko Yashida (Earth-616) from Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Wolverine 2004 Vol 1 1 001

Mariko Yashida

After he made the first change to his costume and journeyed to Canada to make things right with Alpha Flight and Department H,[156] Logan started to investigate the return of his letters to Mariko and discovered that she had been married to an abusive husband, Noburu Hideki. Logan intended to kill her husband but was drugged and challenged to a duel of wooden swords by Mariko's father, Lord Shingen. During the duel, Logan was soundly beaten and humiliated in front of Mariko, due to the poisoning and Shingen using deadly pressure points. Logan then threw the sword and unsheathed his claws, only to be beaten more and revered as an "animal cast in a semblance of human form" for using deadly force in a non-lethal duel. With this act, Logan had dishonored himself to Mariko and was cast into the streets, where he was rescued by Yukio, later his close friend and sometimes lover. After being attacked by the Hand, Yukio manipulated Logan into helping her, which led to his further embarrassment in front of Mariko.

Wolverine Vol 1 1

The first Wolverine limited series

Upon realizing his deceit, Logan took the fight directly to Shingen. After Yukio killed Mariko's husband, Wolverine was forced to kill Lady Mariko's father, Lord Shingen, in a duel. Afterward, Mariko gave Logan the Clan Yashida Masamune sword, stating he was worthy. Forged 800 years ago by the supreme swordsmith Masamune, the sacred blade represented everything that was best and most noble in the family and the samurai, the lord's champion, who wielded it. With the deaths of her father and husband, Mariko was named head of Clan Yashida. Logan stayed with her, and they later announced their engagement.[157]

Before the wedding service, Viper and Mariko's half-brother Silver Samurai poisoned the X-Men and battled Logan to wrest control of the Clan Yashida from Mariko. At first enraged at seeing Rogue had joined the X-Men, she gained Logan's respect after saving the life of Mariko by jumping in front of a shot from Viper intended for her. Mariko and Logan became estranged, due to the honor customs of her family, as well as the manipulations of the villain Mastermind, and Logan returned the Masamune sword to her.[158] After the X-Men defeated Mastermind, Mariko returned the honor sword to him and stated that she had to break her Clan's criminal connections. Mariko felt that she could not marry Wolverine until she did this.[159]

Meeting Amiko, Training Shadowcat and Facing Ogun[]

Amiko Kobayashi (Earth-616) from Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 181 0001

Logan witnessing the death of Amiko's mother

Weeks later, the X-Men battled a giant dragon when they were teleported to Japan. Unable to save a dying woman, Wolverine vowed to protect her daughter, Amiko Kobayashi.[160] Logan initially left Amiko in the care of Mariko while the X-Men next battled Selene.[161] Amiko would eventually become Wolverine's foster daughter.[162]

Following a distress call from teammate Kitty Pryde, Wolverine traveled to Japan.[163] Kitty was then captured and put under the mental control of Ogun. Ogun mentally controlled her, transforming her body and soul as he had originally intended to do to Wolverine.[164] After arriving in Japan, Kitty was sent to kill Wolverine and injured him greatly,[165] but with help from Yukio, she was restored.

Kitty Pryde and Wolverine Vol 1 4

Logan training Shadowcat

Logan undertook a crash program in order to teach Kitty's body, just as Ogun had taught her mind, to become skillful enough in the Japanese martial arts to contend against Ogun and to help her overcome his evil.[166] Kitty went to face Ogun herself, who was attempting to kill Mariko and Amiko to punish Wolverine. After being defeated by Ogun, he offered Kitty, calling herself Shadowcat, to join him or die. At that time, Wolverine came to her rescue.[162] Sadly, Wolverine was also overwhelmed and the two of them sat helplessly at Ogun's mercy. In a turn of events, Kitty informed Wolverine that she was scared until he arrived and when he apologized, she stated that she did not want an apology, but life. At that moment, Wolverine turned the battle and defeated Ogun, and Kitty regained her innocence that Ogun had taken. After killing Ogun, although his spirit survived, Logan and Kitty became very close friends, with her as a near-foster daughter to him.[167]

It was during this adventure that Logan learned from Charles Xavier that his friend James "Mac" Hudson died.[166] After Ogun was defeated, Logan decided to head back to Canada and check on Heather Hudson in order to support her in her ordeal.[168]

Lady Deathstrike and Sabretooth[]

Sometime after, Yuriko Oyama a.k.a. Lady Deathstrike tracked Logan, intending to kill him. Her father Lord Dark Wind invented the process that laced Logan's skeleton with adamantium but his work was stolen, and as a result she wanted Logan to return what she thought he had stolen from her father: his adamantium skeleton.[169] After being defeated a first time, Yuriko swore to defeat Wolverine and avenge both her honor and the honor of her father, to that end she went to see Spiral to be augmented into a cyborg with superhuman strength and Adamantium claws. Three former Hellfire Club soldiers that were severely injured by Wolverine when he saved the X-Men from the Hellfire Club also swore revenge on Logan, and as a result they were also changed into cyborgs and became the Reavers. Lady Deathstrike and her Reavers attacked Wolverine and almost killed him. Logan was aided by Katie Power and with her help he was able to recover from his wounds and defeat the Reavers. Logan then confronted Lady Deathstrike and after a violent battle he defeated her and was horrified to discover what Yuriko did to herself in order have her revenge against him. Despite Yuriko begging Logan to kill her out of mercy, he refused and told her she had to earn it.[170]

Yuriko Oyama (Earth-616) from Old Man Logan Vol 2 5 001

Lady Deathstrike

Soon after, another ghost from Logan's past appeared once again: Sabretooth. When the X-Men attempted to rescue the Morlocks after the Marauders began to indiscriminately massacre them, Wolverine was charged with bringing one of the Marauder as a prisoner.[171] While hunting the Marauders, Logan was confronted by Sabretooth who was about to kill the Healer. Despite wanting to fight Sabretooth and kill him as a revenge for everything he did to him in the past, Logan decided that saving Healer was more important than his feud with his old foe. As a result, Logan managed to trap Sabretooth under a pile of rubble and helped the Healer get to safety.[40]

Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 213

Wolverine facing Sabretooth during Mutant Massacre

Unfortunately for Wolverine, Sabretooth wasn't done with him. After the evacuation of all the surviving Morlocks from their tunnels, Sabretooth snuck inside the X-Mansion, knocked out Rogue, and tried to kill the X-Men newest recruit: Elizabeth "Betsy" Braddock. Betsy was able to handle her own for a while despite Sabretooth's ferocious attacks until the X-Men finally arrived at the mansion. Wolverine then decided to confront Sabretooth while Psylocke used the opportunity to probe Sabretooth's mind in order to learn the identity of the Marauders' leader.

Despite Sabretooth's psy-shields, Betsy succeeded, and after letting Logan and the X-Men know, the team decided to help Wolverine against his foe. Sabretooth, knowing that he was going to lose against both Wolverine and the rest of the X-Men, decided to dive into the lake near the Mansion, with Wolverine following after him. But in the end, Sabretooth managed to escape and not even Psylocke could detect him.[48]

Crystal of Ultimate Vision[]

Uncanny X-Men Annual Vol 1 11

Wolverine and Storm vs. Horde

On the anniversary of his wedding to Mariko, the team was abducted by Horde who wanted to use them as his lackeys in order to retrieve the Crystal of Ultimate Vision, of which he wore a shard on his forehead. The X-Men were sent to the Citadel of Light and Shadow where the crystal was hidden. As the X-Men progressed through it, the citadel created illusions of each of their most powerful desires. Only Wolverine, Storm, and Psylocke were able to resist. Wolverine reached the Crystal, but Horde cut him down and killed him by removing his heart that he wanted to keep as a trophy. However, a lone drop of Logan's blood splattered on the Crystal, which gave out enough energy for Wolverine to be restored and reborn. Empowered to godhood, Wolverine plucked the crystal shard from Horde's forehead and the tyrant quickly aged and crumbled to dust within seconds. Wolverine rejected the godlike power and returned the X-Men and their friends' home, ensuring that the human race would be able to evolve to its full potential.[172]

Wolverine vs. Spider-Man[]

After the deaths of ex-KGB agents all over Manhattan, Logan was reminded of an old freelance operative from the Cold War, Charlemagne. The last time Logan had seen Charlie, she was working in West Berlin. It was a mission that Logan had protested, but Charlie insisted, and her handler double-crossed her. Charlie called for Logan's help, and he understood that it was serious. After fifty Soviet operatives couldn't take them down, they sent in KGB agents that had been undercover for years and Wolverine's berserker rage finished them all. After the slaughter, all that was left was a little heart-shaped pendant. After leaving the X-Men in a time of need, Logan traveled to Potsdamer Platz, West Berlin, where two KGB agents blew their cover by killing muggers and Charlemagne killed them while Logan's back was turned.[44]

Charlemagne (Agent) (Earth-616), James Howlett (Earth-616) and Peter Parker (Earth-616) from Spider-Man Versus Wolverine Vol 1 1 001

Wolverine facing Spider-Man

While in Kurfürstendamm, Logan got the scent of Spider-Man in civilian clothing and discerning his secret identity. Logan warned Spider-Man to stay away from Berlin and forget about Charlemagne, but when Spider-Man returned to his hotel, KGB agents killed Ned Leeds and were asking his involvement when Logan arrived and killed all of the agents, again warning Spider-Man to leave. Logan tracked Charlie to a steel mill just outside of East Berlin and the two stayed together for a while. When the couple went to dinner at The Ganymed on Friedrich Strasse, Spider-Man arrived to inform them that everyone in the restaurant was an agent wanting to kill Charlie, a fact that Charlemagne and Wolverine already knew, and a gunfight broke out. After losing Charlie in the fight, Wolverine and Spider-Man attempted to track her down by getting to her marks before she did but were always one step behind. After the pair split, Charlemagne called Wolverine to a Soviet cemetery at Treptow and he understood that she wanted him to end her life, so that the Soviets wouldn't have the chance to torture her.

After flinching, Wolverine pulled too much, and Charlemagne was bleeding to death. At that time, Spider-Man arrived and attempted to stop Logan from killing her. A brutal fight broke out between the two. While on top of Spider-Man, Wolverine stated Spider-Man would have to use all of his strength to break Wolverine's neck, while he would just have to lash out his claws to kill Spider-Man. At that time, a government chopper arrived and the two split. In the confusion, Charlemagne snuck up on Spider-Man, unaware that he was tense, and he punched her using his full strength, killing her. Charlie died in Wolverine's arms and the agents left. After giving Spider-Man a fake passport, the pair returned home.[44]


After the X-Men were believed to be dead to the eyes of the world and relocated to Australia, Logan found Dave Chapel in the desert tortured and dying from exposure, To investigate this matter, Wolverine returned to Madripoor, to the Princess Bar, and saved O'Donnell from thugs of the crime boss Roche, while searching for "the Tiger."[173] While at the bar, Logan realized that he was being watched and confronted the woman, who turned-out to be Jessán Hoan.[174] After a brief battle with Jessán, Wolverine was beaten by Sapphire Styx and Razor-Fist and delivered to Roche.[175] After surviving torture from Inquisitor, Wolverine escaped and was brutally attacked by Razor-Fist, who stabbed him in his throat and torso and left him for dead.[176] Wolverine was rescued from a harbor and looked after by Jessán.[177] After healing, Wolverine began wearing an eye patch to keep the resurrection of the X-Men a secret. After he learned that Jessán was in fact Tyger Tiger, Logan vowed to aid her in overthrowing Roche and taking his place as Madripoor's crime lord.[178] After defeating Razor-Fist, Wolverine and Tyger Tiger rescued O'Donnell, killed Roche, and Wolverine declared that he would become Tyger's conscience to remind her that if she became like Roche, he would come for her. After stating that he did not like crime lords, he let Tyger Tiger choose her own path. Tyger responded that he had won her heart and the two kissed.[179] He started using the alias "Patch", given to him by Razor-Fist during that fight, and alternated between a white tuxedo with an eyepatch, and a blue costume with a mask covering both eyes.[41]

Wolverine Vol 2 31 page - James Howlett (Earth-616)

Logan as Patch

Shortly after following the scents of suspects for a murder case, Logan (posing as Patch) ran into Karma, of the New Mutants, working for her uncle who was attempting to overthrow Tyger Tiger, and made an uneasy ally with Police Chief Tai. After informing Tyger that he would not assassinate or kidnap for her, Patch and Tyger were beaten by Roughhouse and Bloodsport and rescued by Karma.[180] Patch left Tyger with Jessica, Lindsay, and Chang (who was killed by Roughhouse and Bloodsport) while he destroyed General Nguyen Ngoc Coy's opium supplies, where he encountered the Harriers.[181]

After disrupting Coy's drug activities, Patch took the fight directly to Coy, battling and defeating Roughhouse and Bloodsport to rescue Lindsay, Jessica, and Tyger. Patch had General Coy at his mercy, until Prince Baran intervened and,[182] thanks to Lindsay, considered them all honored guests of his. The Prince offered that Tyger and General Coy work together to avoid either a power vacuum or warzone in Madripoor's underground, and Patch convinced Tyger to accept.[183]

Wolverine Vol 2 1

The first issue of the Wolverine ongoing series

Next, Patch began his quest to save Karma from her uncle's service but was sidetracked when he learned that disrupting General Coy's drug activities planted a target on the General's head, and Karma needed him to help her find her missing brother and sister. Patch accompanied Xuân Cao Mạnh to the airport to witness the arrival of Joe Fixit, who Patch smelled right away and recognized as the Hulk.[183] Patch went-on to use Joe to disrupt General Coy's drug and slave operations.[184] Later, Police Chief Tai informed Patch that he was aware the Patch and Wolverine were one and the same. Remembering his first "birthday gift" of severe beatings from Sabretooth, Patch saved a couple from being mugged and was later targeted by the thugs. After escaping an attempted hit, Patch tracked them to the Princess Bar only to find them dead and a note from Creed reading "Nobody kills you but me - especially today."[90]

Meeting Jubilee[]

Logan continued to juggle between his life with the X-Men in Australia and his solo adventures in Madripoor for a while, but one day after returning from Madripoor Logan was attacked and captured by the Reavers and Donald Pierce who decided to hang him on a cross and torture him. While on the cross, Logan had several fever dreams during which he saw several of his friends and foes, but also a vision of what was happening to the X-Men, thanks to Gateway. Logan learned that without him and after Longshot quit the team, the X-Men were weakened and Pierce and the Reavers intended to kill them at their lowest. Psylocke knew the X-Men had no chance against the imminent attack, so she telepathically convinced her teammates to enter the Siege Perilous in order to save them. The X-Men gone, Pierce was left more furious than ever and decided to take out his anger on Logan.

Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 251

Logan crucified

After Gateway showed him what happened, Logan was then confronted again by Pierce who decided to crucify him on a X-shaped cross, shortly after a powerful storm started which forced the Reavers to leave Logan alone. In the middle of the storm, a young runaway mutant named Jubilee, who had secretly followed and lived with the X-Men for a while after they saved her from the M-Squad, witnessed what was happening to Logan from afar and decided to help him despite the fear of being caught and killed by the Reavers. As she approached, Logan managed to free himself and fell to the ground. Jubilee both amazed and afraid by what she saw, helped him get back on his feet.[185]

Jubilation Lee (Earth-616) from Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 244 002


Jubilee hid the wounded Logan who had trouble healing and hallucinated Carol Danvers and Nick Fury. Disoriented, Logan attacked Jubilee, but she managed to knock him back with her plasma blast and he regained sense. Pierce, angry that Wolverine escaped, sent his hounds in order to track him down, but thanks to Gateway both Logan and Jubilee managed to defeat the Reavers and escape.[186]

Despite being part of the Reavers, Lady Deathstrike respected Logan as a warrior, so she decided to protect the Yashida's honor sword that Logan kept in his room from the other Reavers and let him escape with Jubilee because there was no honor in killing him if he couldn't defend himself.[186] Logan and Jubilee then decided to head to Hong Kong and more precisely to the Landau, Luckman & Lake Office in order to investigate the disappearance of the X-Men.[187]

After this adventure, Jubilee followed Logan on several adventures and would eventually become like a daughter to him, much like Kitty before. With the help of Jubilee and later Psylocke, Logan was able to find the missing X-Men,[188] and after defeating the Shadow King on Muir Island,[189] the team was finally united once again.[190]

Shiva Scenario[]

Wolverine Vol 2 48 page - James Howlett (Earth-616)

Logan facing the ghosts of his past

The search for the X-Men now over, Wolverine was greatly troubled by some of his lost memories, so he decided to investigate the abandoned Weapon X Facility in Canada where he had been transformed years before. There, he started to have flashbacks of his time with Team X and from when he was abducted by the Weapon X program.[191]

After Logan learned that his memories had been tampered with, both Xavier and Jean tried to help him by removing some of his memory blocks, but as a result Logan was overwhelmed and almost lost his mind. Professor Xavier told him that if he tried to remove Logan's memory blocks again, Logan could lose his humanity. This revelation angered Logan and he tore off his brown costume, saying he wasn't an animal but an X-Man.[24] As a result Logan stopped wearing his brown costume and decided to wear his original blue and yellow uniform again.[14]

Logan headed to Windsor, Ontario and infiltrated an old Weapon X warehouse where some of his fake memories were created, inadvertently activating the artificial intelligence Shiva which was designed to kill rogue Team X members, including Wolverine. Logan managed to defeat the Shiva robot, but another one took his place, and Logan discovered that he couldn't defeat it the same way twice. Despite Shiva's adaptive nature, Logan still had the upper hand when the robot blasted him with a mind probe that made Logan relive every pain, injury, and moment of agony he had experienced in the past.

Unknown to Logan, the fight between him and Shiva was watched by both Carol Hines and Professor Thorton who appeared to still be alive, but shortly after Silver Fox revealed herself to both Hines and Thorton and she killed Thorton. Logan discovered that Thorton was dead, and that Hines was still alive but also that before dying, Thorton activated all the remaining Shiva robots and that their main target was Sabretooth. While Logan didn't care about Sabretooth's fate, the X-Men worried about the other targets on the Shiva's kill list. Confronting the fact that many of his memories were implanted, Wolverine became much darker, which also worried the X-Men.[14]

Omega Red[]

X-Men Vol 2 5

Wolverine vs Omega Red

After those revelations, Logan returned to the Mansion to spend more time with the X-Men, but unfortunately, they were attacked by a ghost from Logan's past: Omega Red, who was recently resurrected by the leader of the Hand, Matsu'o Tsurayaba.[192]

Omega Red, with the help of Abraham Cornelius and Matsu'o, was able to capture Logan who was then tortured in order to discover the location of the C-Synthesizer, the only thing that could stabilize Omega Red's powers. Fortunately, Logan was helped by another ghost from his past, his old teammate Maverick who discovered that Logan's memories of their time as part of Team X had been removed from his mind.

With the help of the X-Men and Maverick, Wolverine was able to stop Omega Red and Matsu'o plans, recovering the C-Synthesizer. After defeating Matsu'o army, Logan was confronted by Cornelius who was going to shoot him, but before that he apologized to Logan for what he did to him years ago. Logan, having no memory of the Weapon X experiment, didn't understand what Cornelius was talking about. Before he could get an answer, Cornelius was shot in the head by Maverick while Matsu'o and Omega Red managed to escape. Logan then gave the C-Synthesizer to Maverick telling him that despite the fact that he didn't remember everything about his past, he had a vague recollection that it must belong to him. Logan then disappeared and was left with more questions than answers about his own memories.[138]

Mariko's Death[]

After receiving a call from Jubilee, Logan quickly headed to Japan with Gambit (to whom Logan owed money after a recent poker game), but unfortunately because of his adamantium skeleton he was stuck in Los Angeles airport security. After putting a call to S.H.I.E.L.D., Logan was able to go on the plane, but his clearance request set off of Hydra's computers, so Silver Fox called in one of Donald Pierce's cyborgs, Cylla, to go after Logan and eliminated him. After landing in Japan, Wolverine and Gambit were attacked by and managed to defeat the Hand, but as a contingency plan Matsu'o Tsurayaba bailed Jubilee out of jail and kidnapped her.

Wolverine Vol 2 57

The Death of Mariko

Jubilee met the assassin Reiko who had been blinded by the Hand and tasked with killing her. In exchange Reiko was promised her sight back, but after Jubilee mentioned that she knew Logan, Reiko let her go as she was indebted to Logan.[193]

Logan and Gambit finally arrived at the police station but were attacked by Cylla and several ninjas sent by Matsu'o Tsurayaba. Thanks to the help of Sunfire, they were able to defeat them, but Cylla managed to escape. Shortly after Jubilee was found by Yukio who took her to her place while Reiko was promised amnesty with the Hand by Silver Fox in exchange for her help.[194]

After the fight at the police station, Logan and Gambit headed to the house of the Yashida Family and discovered that the Clan Yashida was embroiled in an internal dispute. After Logan met Mariko and the Silver Samurai, the Hand attacked them, forcing the Silver Samurai, Gambit, and Logan to work together. Along the way Mariko gave Logan his old brown costume and he fought against Cylla again, this time defeating her.

Unfortunately, both Silver Fox and Matsu'o formed an alliance and used Reiko to trick Mariko into being poisoned. After realizing who Mariko was to Logan and what she had done to his love, Reiko killed herself. Faced with a slow and painful death, Mariko asked Wolverine to end her life quickly and mercifully. A heartbroken Logan reluctantly complied.[195]

After the death of the woman he loved, Logan spent the next few days sitting at her grave, even in the rain despite Gambit and Jubilee's protests. Suddenly, after hearing the Silver Samurai said the word “wraith,” Logan had a memory flash of the last mission he did with Team X in Berlin that resulted in the death of Janice, but now he also remembered the man named Wraith, aka Kestrel. After experiencing this memory, Logan agreed to leave but on the way to the airport he caught Matsu'o's scent, quickly changing into his costume to face him. Wolverine then vowed to Matsu'o that he would slice off a part of his body on the anniversary of Mariko's death until there was nothing left of him.[196] A promise that Wolverine would keep for years until Matsu'o finally died.[197][198] The death of Mariko changed Wolverine's character significantly, making him more disciplined and emotionally distant.[199]

Nightmare Quest[]

After his recent adventure in Windsor, his encounter with Omega Red, and after having experienced yet another flashback after hearing the word "wraith," Logan decided to investigate his past with Team X. He finally found his old teammate John Wraith who triggered several of Logan's memories thanks to a Shiva's head and revealed to him that he managed to capture Sabretooth.[200] Afterwards, Wraith revealed that he was worried that the aging suppressant given to all Team X members was failing. Wraith's fears proved to be true as one of the members of the team named Mastodon died in front of them after the reversal of his "age suppression" factor.

John Wraith (Earth-616) from Maverick Vol 1 1 001

The mysterious John Wraith, a.k.a Kestrel

After being joined by Carol Hines in his quest, Logan discovered that Silver Fox was still alive,[201] and to his surprise Silver Fox despised him for something she believed he had done.[133] But before Wolverine could figure out what Silver Fox believed he had done, the team managed to trace Mastodon's death to Aldo Ferro, now known as Psi-Borg. Psi-Borg overwhelmed them with his illusions, resulting in Carol Hine's death from a heart attack, and Silver Fox's death at the hands of Sabretooth. Sabretooth and Ferro both escaped afterwards.[202][203] Because of the deaths of both Mariko and Silver Fox and Weapon X's mental tampering, Wolverine suffered a mental breakdown.[120]

Nick Fury and John Wraith decided to help Logan and revealed to him that some of his memories of Silver Fox were real, as they brought Logan to their old cabin in Canada. He decided to bury her in this place next to the cabin where they used to live.[120] Professor Xavier also decided to help Logan by unlocking a memory about one of Team X's missions from the Cold War called "Terry Adams,"[204] that led Wolverine to Russia where he met the soviet super-soldier Epsilon Red who revealed to him several secrets about his past with Team X.[205] Epsilon Red then used his powers to burn the memory implants from Logan's mind in order to unlock his real memories, but unfortunately the process was only half successful and some of Logan's memory blocks proved to be impossible to break.[206]

Losing the Adamantium and Going Feral[]

His investigation into his missing memories leading nowhere, Logan rejoined the X-Men just when Magneto unleashed an electromagnetic pulse across the Earth killing thousands of innocent people. Xavier and the X-Men decided to infiltrate his space station in order to stop him once and for all. Unfortunately for the X-Men, the fight didn't go as planned, and as Magneto was about to kill Quicksilver, Wolverine intervened, slashing him with his claws and saving Pietro's life.

James Howlett & Max Eisenhardt (Earth-616) from X-Men Vol 2 25 0001

Wolverine's adamantium is removed by Magneto

Magneto fell to his knees but quickly retaliated, using his powers to tear the adamantium out of Wolverine's skeleton, causing extensive injuries which almost killed Wolverine.[207] These injuries overloaded Wolverine's healing factor for a time, and Logan also discovered that the claws that he believed a result of the Weapon X program were in fact part of his actual bone structure due to his mutation. As a result of his injuries and the loss of his healing factor, Logan left the X-Men for a time.[208]

Wolverine Vol 2 77

Logan showing his bone claws

After he quit the X-Men, Wolverine traveled all around the world for a while, coming to terms with the loss of his adamantium and healing factor[209] and facing some of his greatest foes along the way such as Lady Deathstrike,[210] Bloodscream,[130] and Cyber.[211]

Soon after, Logan encountered the mercenary known as Deadpool and was almost killed during their fight. But fortunately, his healing factor finally returned stronger than ever to save him. Logan went after Deadpool, but Wade managed to run away, so Logan then decided to rejoin the X-Men.[212] Back at the X-Mansion, Sabretooth, who was a prisoner of the X-Men at the time that Xavier was trying to reform, managed to escape from his cell and as a result Wolverine confronted him. After a severe beating, Sabretooth threatened to kill Jean Grey, Kitty Pryde, and Jubilee. Logan snapped and thrust one of his claws into Sabretooth's brain, almost killing him.[213]

Wolverine's victory against Sabretooth came at price as Logan could feel his feral nature slowly taking over, and as a result he decided to live in the woods for a while.[141] Logan's descent into madness would worsen after Tyler Dayspring a.k.a. Genesis tried to bond adamantium to his skeleton once again, but Logan rejected the adamantium in order to save the life of Sam Guthrie, further losing his humanity and regressing to a more feral physical and mental state.[214]

Logan stayed in his state for a while but with the help of Elektra Natchios, Stick, and his friends, he was able to regain his sanity and he slowly revert back to his original physical appearance.[215]

Astonishing X-Men Vol 2 3

Wolverine as the horseman of Death

Horseman of Apocalypse[]

Later, during a space adventure with the X-Men,[216] Logan was subsequently kidnapped by the would-be conqueror Apocalypse and replaced by one of the Skrulls who infiltrated the X-Men.[217] Logan was then forced to fight Sabretooth for the mantle of the Horseman Death. Knowing that he might be able to resist Apocalypse's programming and that Sabretooth would be a very dangerous villain with the support of Apocalypse, Logan fought and defeated his nemesis. As a result, Apocalypse succeeded where Genesis had failed, rebonding adamantium to Wolverine's skeleton.[217] As the horseman of Death, Wolverine completed several missions for Apocalypse and fought the Hulk. Meanwhile, the skrull that replaced him tried to create a rift between the X-Men and their mentor but was slain by the real Wolverine under Apocalypse's orders.[218]

Wolverine Vol 2 145 Textless

Wolverine finally regains his adamantium skeleton and claws

After discovering that their teammate had been a Skrull, the X-Men found out that the real Wolverine was Apocalypse's horseman and decided to help him.[219] Under the control of Apocalypse, Wolverine fought the X-Men ferociously in his Death persona, but Psylocke, Archangel, Kitty Pryde, and Jubilee helped him break free from Apocalypse's control.[220] Unfortunately shortly after, Logan witnessed the death of his friend Colossus, who sacrificed his life in order to eradicate the Legacy Virus.[221]

The Logan Files[]

After rejoining the X-Men, Logan started to have more and more flashbacks to his past and was soon confronted by a serial killer named Mister X, the immortal Mauvais, a new Weapon X program held by Malcolm Colcord,[222] Ogun,[223] and Sabretooth.[224]

Wolverine Vol 2 176 Textless

Wolverine dead?

Using Weapon X technology, Sabretooth was able to remove Wolverine's powers, then he hired Omega Red and Lady Deathstrike who almost killed Nightcrawler, Yukio, and the Hudson's as well as kidnap Amiko, while he was stealing the “Logan Files.”[225] The files were supposed to contain everything related to Logan's past before he was abducted for the Weapon X experiment. Along the way, Sabretooth betrayed Omega Red and Lady Deathstrike, almost killed Amiko, and revealed to Logan that the “Logan Files” were a lie. The reason Logan couldn't remember his past was because of his own healing factor removing his most traumatic memories. After this revelation, Sabretooth killed Wolverine.[197]

Logan's soul went to the afterlife where he was welcomed by the spirit of Rose O'Hara who revealed several things to him about his long life, most notably how he coped with pain, but because of his missing memories Logan didn't recognize her and he thought she was Jean Grey. While almost ready to let go of the pains of life and make peace with himself in order to learn the truth about his origins, Wolverine was attacked by several deceased villains who wanted revenge. Logan decided that he didn't want to let go of the pain just yet and decided to fight all of them one last time, as he was overwhelmed, someone intervened and helped him: his deceased friend Colossus. Happy to see his friend back, they both managed to defeat all the villains, but Logan's choice had a big consequence: his will to fight reignited his healing factor and his soul returned to his body, but before leaving Rose told him one last thing: "I'm not Jean."

Back in the land of the living, Logan made his way to the X-Mansion and discovered that Amiko was alive, saved by the Weapon X project and Colcord to make up for what Creed did. But this near-death experience would have big consequences on Logan, leading him to have nightmares and an obsession with discovering the true identity of the dead red headed woman.[199][226][227]

Weapon Plus[]

Not long after, Jean Grey and the Professor Xavier went to Paris and met a strange character named Fantomex who revealed several truths about the Weapon X project, most notably that Weapon X meant "Weapon 10" all along and that the Weapon X program was just a part of the Weapon Plus program which created several living weapons through the years. It was also revealed that the latest weapons were created in the World, a self-contained research facility built by Weapon Plus somewhere in rural England.[228]

New X-Men Vol 1 150 Textless

Wolverine and Phoenix

After defeating Weapon XII, Jean Grey learned that Fantomex was also a Weapon Plus victim/project, that his real codename was Weapon XIII, and that he had also been created in "The World." Shortly after while rescuing the mutant Dust, Logan met Fantomex who called him by his real name for the first time in years: "James."[229]

Shortly after, Wolverine, Cyclops, and Fantomex infiltrated "The World." There Wolverine learned how he had been used in the Roanoke slaughter during the Weapon X experiment, and other Weapon Plus secrets.[230] It was later revealed that it was Sublime's plan all along to let Logan look at these files in order to unlock this memory about Roanoke and to bring him back to this place later on.[231] After being confronted by the last product of the Weapon Plus program, Weapon XV, Logan detonated a bomb blowing up the Weapon Plus station and Weapon XV in the process.[230]

Logan survived and was rescued by Jean Grey, but after they returned to earth Jean was killed by Xorn leaving the X-Men heartbroken and prompting Wolverine to behead Xorn to avenge her.[232] Wolverine mourned Jean's loss and was not pleased with Cyclops and Emma Frost's new relationship,[233] but he remained a valued member of the X-Men, serving on as many missions as he could while also indulging in the occasional solo mission. It was during this period that Logan discovered that his friend Colossus had been brought back to life by the alien warrior Ord.[234] He also met Hisako Ichiki a.k.a. Armor and decided to train her.[235][236]

Meeting X-23[]

Sometime later Wolverine received a strange letter from Sarah Kinney telling him that a young female clone of him named Laura and codenamed X-23 was created and used to commit several assassinations around the world. Shortly after, X-23 tracked Logan to the X-Mansion, Logan detected her scent and led her to a quiet place where they wouldn't be disturbed. Logan tried to reason with Laura, but Laura attacked him and almost killed him, but before she could deal a fatal blow, Logan used the opportunity to calm her down, breaking through Laura's conditioning in order to help her. After talking to her and telling her that he would help her, Logan and Laura were attacked by the S.H.I.E.L.D. and Captain America, who were here to arrest Laura for her crimes and despite Logan's intervention Laura was finally captured. Captain America with the help of Daredevil discovered that Laura wasn't in control of her actions, so he decided to let her go. He told her to go find Logan and the X-Men, but unfortunately Laura didn't listen to Steve's advice and decided to disappear for a while.[237]

James Howlett (Earth-616) and Laura Kinney (Earth-616) from X-23 Target X Vol 1 6 0001

Wolverine and X-23 meeting for the first time

Sometime after, Wolverine and the X-Men were investigating several murders cases committed in New York. After examining the dead bodies, Logan and Ororo discovered several slashes similar to those left by Logan's adamantium claws. Their investigation led them to a super-being themed nightclub called the "Wannabees." In here Logan caught Laura's scent and when he tried to talk to her, she stabbed him in the chest and cut his face with her foot claw.[238][239] Not giving up on her, the X-Men tracked her, and Logan finally confronted her alone. Laura attacked Logan again but this time he easily subdued her.[239]

Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 450 Textless

Wolverine meeting X-23 again

After clearing the misunderstanding, she helped the X-Men and Logan brought her to the Xavier Institute, although Logan made a deal with Laura and decided to hide the fact that he knew her origin in order to protect her.[240] While here, Laura acted protective of Logan, following him everywhere and even attacking Bishop while he was sparring with him during a training session.[241] Not long after Laura decided to leave the X-Men, but Logan called her his “sister” and convinced her to come back to the mansion in order to work with both the New Mutants Squad and the Hellions Squad, despite Emma Frost's protests.[240][242]

Enemy of the State[]

Sometime later, a young boy named Rikuto was kidnapped and in order to deal with the kidnapper the parents of the boy Ichiro (who was Mariko's cousin) and Fukuko asked for Wolverine's help. It turned out the kidnapping was a setup and Wolverine was ambushed by the Hand and killed by Gorgon who told him that they had already killed Rikuto.[76]

Wolverine Vol 3 20 Textless

Wolverine under the control of Hydra

The Hand resurrected Wolverine and Hydra used their technology to transform him into a killing machine that they unleashed aboard a S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier.[243] Now in brainwashed by Hydra and equipped with several teleporting devices, Logan was able to face against several other heroes such as Elektra,[243] the Fantastic Four,[244] the Hornet,[244] and Daredevil,[245] succeeding in completing his mission every time.

Although the fight with Daredevil proved to be decisive, Daredevil managed to impale Wolverine on a sword, creating intense pain which allowed Logan to break through Hydra's mind control long enough to warn Matt that Hydra was planning to kill the President of the United States and that their fight was just a diversion allowing the Hand and Hydra to kill and resurrect Elektra as one of their own, before he was teleported away by Hydra.[245] With this new information the X-Men and the Avengers were able to defeat Wolverine and take him into custody.[245]

Tomi Shishido and James Howlett (Earth-616) from Wolverine Vol 3 31

Wolverine killing the Gorgon

Back in the hands of S.H.I.E.L.D., Nick Fury tasked a team of scientists with removing Logan's brainwashing and returning him back to his older self in order to use him against Hydra and the Hand. Once done, Logan started his quest of revenge and teamed up with Elektra to take down Hydra and the Hand.

In the end Logan faced the man who killed him, Gorgon, and was able to defeat him. After defeating Gorgon, Logan disappeared for months, searching for Rikuto's body. After finally finding where the boy was buried, he told his parents the location, saying he was sorry for everything.[246]

Joining the Avengers and Recovering his Memories[]

New Avengers Vol 1 1 Textless

The New Avengers

While on a mission in the Savage Land, Wolverine met the recently re-formed Avengers and eventually accepted membership as Tony Stark felt that Logan could provide a useful perspective to the team.[97]

As a result of the House of M, during which Scarlet Witch altered Earth's reality and then restored it, Wolverine regained all of his memories due to Wanda attempting to give all the heroes what they most desired, allowing Logan to finally be able to sort between what was true and implanted in his mind.[247] Logan then went to see the immortal blacksmith, Muramasa, and claimed the weapon forged with the piece of his soul just after Itsu's death. The Muramasa Blade now in his possession, Logan was ready to start his quest for revenge.[131]

Romulus (Earth-616) from Wolverine Origins Vol 1 40 001

Logan facing Romulus

With Emma Frost's help, Logan soon discovered that Daken, his son, was alive and was hating him. After meeting his son,[248] Logan tried to save him several times, but Daken refused his help, betraying Logan and attempting to kill him several times, even after learning the truth about how Romulus was responsible for everything that happened to him and Logan.[249] After Daken stole the "Wolverine" codename and joined Norman Osborn's Dark Avengers, he was able to steal a piece of the Muramasa blade, and with the help of both Romulus and the Tinkerer, two of his claws were bonded with the metal of the blade. After learning that Daken secretly wanted to kill Romulus just to take his place at the of head of his empire, Logan understood that his son was beyond salvation, so he decided to resume his quest of vengeance against Romulus.[250]

In the end, Logan was able to defeat Romulus and with the help of Cloak, trapping Romulus in the Darkforce Dimension, and then defeated Daken and removed his Muramasa claws. Once done, Logan hid both Daken's claws and the broken Muramasa blade in an unmarked grave near the Howlett Estate, putting an end to Romulus empire and legacy once and for all.[251] Romulus later escaped with Sabretooth's help, but Logan was able to defeat him once again and he was imprisoned at the Raft.[252]

But after all these revelations about his past, his son's betrayals, and seeing him join Norman Osborn's Dark Avengers by stealing his codename, Logan started to show signs of a nervous breakdown as pointed out by Yukio and Spider-Man.[253]

Leading X-Force and Nightcrawler's Death[]

Shortly after, Cyclops decided to assemble a new X-Force consisting of Wolverine as team leader, Warpath, Wolfsbane, and X-23 in order to take care of the dirty business the rest of the X-Men wouldn't do normally, including murder. Cyclops decided to add X-23 to the team without consulting Logan first, which angered him since he was trying to have Laura to be more than a killing machine, but despite Logan's protests Laura joined the team.[98]

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The team completed several missions and welcomed new members along the way such as Elixir, Domino, and the Vanisher. Shortly after, the team was sent to the future by Cyclops in order to locate and help Cable and Hope against Bishop and Stryfe. Once in the future, the team managed to defeat Stryfe and protect Hope, but Bishop ran away. Back in our time, X-23 managed to save Boom Boom and kill the Leper Queen, but she was captured and taken to the Facility and tortured by Adam Harkins and Kimura.[254] Thanks to the help of Agent Morales, Wolverine and the team managed to locate Laura and rescue her.[255]

Kurt Wagner (Earth-616) from X-Force Vol 3 26 0001

The Death of Nightcrawler

After this event Wolverine told Cyclops that Laura was out of the team from now on. Cyclops agreed but first he had one more mission for X-Force. During the events of Second Coming, Cable and Hope finally came back to our time, Wolverine and his X-Force team had to help them against the Purifiers and the Human Council. Unfortunately, after X-23 killed a prisoner in front of the X-Men, the news about X-Force broke out and a rift developed between Wolverine and several members of the X-Men, most notably his best friend Nightcrawler. Before Logan could explain himself to his best friend, Kurt was killed by Bastion while trying to protect Hope and shortly after Bastion unleashed an army of Sentinels from the future which forced X-Force and Cable to go to said future in order to stop the source: Nimrod. Once Nimrod was stopped, Cable sacrificed his life to make sure the team could come back to the present. After all the members of the Human Council were killed, Bastion tried to kill Hope, but he was finally defeated.

In the aftermath of the battle, the death of Nightcrawler had a profound effect on Logan, and news of his X-Force team broke his friendship with Ororo. True to his words, Logan removed Laura from the team and told her it was time for her to find her own mission in life and to be more than just a weapon. Cyclops then ordered Wolverine to disband his X-Force team, but Logan believed that the team was still necessary, so he formed a new X-Force team in secret with Archangel, Psylocke, Fantomex, and Deadpool.[256]

The Dark Angel Saga[]

After the formation of the new X-Force team, Warren called for X-Force and revealed to Logan that he hired Deadpool (it would later be revealed that Wade had worked for Warren for more than a year)[257] in order to investigate the activities of Clan Akkaba and that Wade had discovered that Apocalypse was going to be reborn in a new body. Logan agreed to help Warren and X-Force went after Apocalypse and Clan Akkaba.

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Wolverine's Uncanny X-Force team

Unknown to the team, Clan Akkaba resurrected Apocalypse as a child and was indoctrinating him into resuming his old duties.[258] The young Apocalypse was protected by a new group of Horsemen, but X-Force was able to defeat them and they discovered that the new Apocalypse was only a child.[259] After this discovery the team decided to not kill him and Logan proposed to bring the boy back, rehabilitate him, and train him but Fantomex, acting on his own, immediately shot the young Apocalypse in the head which created a rift in the team.[260]

After this event, Angel lost control of his Archangel personality, and went on a killing spree.[261] Trying to remove Apocalypse's influence from him, X-Force traveled to the Age of Apocalypse universe, thanks to Dark Beast, to find the Life Seed, the only thing that could save their friend's life.[262] There, Wolverine met the Jean Grey of that universe, his alternate daughter, and an evil version of himself.[263]

When X-Force returned to their universe, they were attacked by Archangel and the Dark Beast, who took the Life Seed in order to restart evolution.[264] After a heavy battle between the forces of Archangel and X-Force, Psylocke was able to stab Archangel with a different Life Seed, killing his alter ego and saving Earth from the Age of Archangel.[265]

Spider-Man and Wolverine: Time Travelers[]

During what seemed to be a routine robbery, Spider-Man and Wolverine were thrown back in time by magical diamonds to the time of the dinosaurs. While Spider-Man secluded himself, Logan befriended a tribe of early hominids. His involvement with them allowed them to survive the K-T Extinction Event. When the meteor came, Spidey and Logan found themselves flung into the future, where the extinction of humanity allowed the tribe to dominate the world.[266]

Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine Vol 1 1 Textless

Wolverine and Spider-Man

But in the future, the world was menaced by Doom the Living Planet and only one thing could defeat him: the Phoenix Gun. This gun could fire one Phoenix Bullet containing the power of the Phoenix Force, capable of destroying anything at the price of the life of the one who fired it. Despite Spider-Man's protests, Wolverine used the Phoenix Gun to destroy Doom, and as such he died in the process. However, Spider-Man resurrected him with a Cosmic Cube, much to Logan's dismay, the duo was then assaulted by the pair of Czar and Big Murder who sent them through time once again using the diamonds.[267]

Logan wound up in a wrestling ring, facing down Peter Parker. He realized that this was before the death of Peter's Uncle Ben. Meanwhile, Spider-Man found himself in a frozen wilderness as a feral Logan was hunted by Dog. They were then transported to Mojoworld; Mojo had been using Czar and Big Murder to arrange the entire list of shenanigans.[109] Wolverine became overcome with an uncontrollable anger; however, he did not enter a berserker rage, but instead became something far worse. After previously using the Phoenix gun and being resurrected by Spider-Man, the Phoenix Force had stayed within him, and as time passed it grew until Wolverine became the new Dark Phoenix.[22]

Wolverine as Dark Phoenix from Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine Vol 1 5 001

Dark Phoenix Wolverine

Fortunately, Spider-Man managed to calm him down, and after Logan told the Phoenix Force to go away, the Phoenix Force seemed to leave him, the duo was then sent back to the American Midwest in the time of the cowboys. Peter fell in love with a woman named Sara Bailey who had also been transported through time by the diamonds, while Logan became the chief of a Native American tribe. Any diamonds they found appeared to be inert. The Time Variance Authority found them and set the duo and Sara back into their proper point in the timeline with their memories intact except for Sara who didn't retain any memory from this adventure, leaving Spider-Man heartbroken.[45]

Wolverine Goes to Hell[]

After the adventure with Spider-Man, Logan visited John Wraith, who was now a pastor. A few weeks later, a child was found dead with three claw marks. Wraith found Logan but he was attacked by him and discovered that his friend's body had been possessed by a demon, this “Hellverine” was going on a rampage against people Logan cared about, and Wraith was one of his targets. After stabbing Wraith and covering his body with insects, he burned Wraith's church with the congregation still inside before moving to its next target. Meanwhile Wolverine's soul was sent to Hell by the Red Right Hand with the help of Mystique to be tortured.[268][269]

Hellverine (Earth-616) from Wolverine Vol 4 1 001


In Hell Logan met Satan and was forced to battle several of his deceased foes, most notably what appeared to be Sabretooth.[270] Meanwhile, Hellverine continued traveling and trying to kill the people Logan cared about such as Amiko, Yukio, and X-23 while the Red Right Hand's army killed the Silver Samurai and tried to kill Maverick.[270] At the same time, the Mongrels also confronted Tyger Tiger and destroyed everything dear to Logan in Madripoor.[271] They then tried to kill Logan's girlfriend, Melita, who was saved by Mystique.[272] Melita discovered that Mystique betrayed the Red Right Hand after she learned what the criminal organization intended to do to Logan if he escaped from Hell, so the duo teamed up with Ghost Rider and Daimon Hellstrom to recover Logan's soul.

In Hell, Logan discovered that the Silver Samurai had been killed by the Red Right Hand and that the organization was after everybody Logan cared about. Logan also discovered that Mariko had been condemned to Hell because of her past actions as the head of the Yashida Family. Mariko was then forced by Satan to torture Logan in order to break his spirit while Hellverine managed to get past the X-Men's defense and infiltrated Utopia in order to burn Logan's belongings and kill Kitty Pryde, but he was soon confronted by Colossus.[271]

Back in Hell, after being tortured by Mariko, Logan was crucified on a cross by Satan and met his old friend Puck, who told him to not give up and to keep fighting as all the demons of Hell were watching him. After hearing those words, Logan was able to free himself and started to fight several demons, and then Satan himself. On Utopia, Colossus alongside Kitty, Iceman, and Angel tried to fight Hellverine, but they were overwhelmed by the demon's power. As Colossus was about to be killed, Melita, Mystique, the Ghost Rider, and Hellstrom captured Hellverine, took him to a church, and began the ritual to bring Logan's soul back to his body. In Hell, Logan was able to make Satan bleed, creating a riot in Hell and allowing him to crucify the Devil with his broken bone claws. He then met Thomas Logan (his biological father), who told him he was proud of him. Logan fought "Sabretooth" once again and defeated him. He then recovered Satan's sword, "Soulcutter," making him the new King of Hell. With the sword in his possession, Logan was approached once again by Thomas Logan and quickly understood that his father had been lying all along, he only wanted to use him in order to rule in Hell. Logan then decided to throw the sword to the demons, and he punched Thomas Logan in the face, and together Logan and Puck decided to escape from Hell.

Thomas Logan (Earth-616) of Wolverine Vol4 04 0002

Wolverine meeting his biological father, Thomas Logan, in Hell

During their ascent, Logan tried to free Mariko, but she refused saying that there was nothing left for her on Earth. She then bid him farewell and told him to remember her as she was before her death and not how he saw her in Hell. Logan and Puck continued upward, but along the way Puck fell, telling Logan to keep going. Thanks to his actions and the Hellstrom's ritual, Logan managed to escape from Hell while Puck recovered the "Soulcutter" sword making him the new King of Hell.[269]

But the demons were still present inside his mind, and as result his body was still under the control of Hellverine. Hellverine almost killed Magneto, Cyclops, Namor, and the rest of the X-Men while Logan was still trying to fight against the demons inside his mind. It took the help of his own memories, Melita, the X-Men, a subconscious projection of Nightcrawler, and what appeared to be a vivid memory of Jean as the White Phoenix telling him to forget revenge and live to burn the demons from his mind completely. Finally free, Logan didn't listen to what Kurt and Jean told him and planned to get revenge on Mystique and the Red Right Hand for sending him to Hell.[273]

Facing The Red Right Hand and the Mongrels[]

Red Right Hand (Earth-616) from Wolverine Vol 4 14 001

The Red Right Hand

Wolverine quickly found Mystique who tried to talk Logan down in order to explain to him what the Red Right Hand had planned for him, out of respect for his friendship with her son Kurt. Having enough of her lies she told him in the past and her part in sending him to Hell, he decided to kill her. During their fight, the duo was confronted by Lord Deathstrike who had been hired by the Red Right Hand to kill Mystique in case she might reveal the next phase of their plan, however Lord Deathstrike was defeated by both Mystique and Wolverine and escaped. Maverick called Logan to tell him that he found the location of the Red Right Hand's base, and Wolverine then resumed his fight with Mystique and killed her. He then headed to the Red Right Hand's base but unknown to him, Mystique's body was recovered shortly after and sold at auction to The Hand resulting in her resurrection sometime later.[274]

Wolverine invaded the Red Right Hand's base where he was confronted by the Mongrels.[275] Despite what they did to his friends, he gave each one of them a chance to surrender peacefully but the Mongrels attacked him on sight and tried to kill him. As a result Logan killed most of them,[276][277] while the others killed themselves.[278] After defeating the leader of the Mongrels, Gunhawk, Logan confronted the members of the Red Right Hand,[277] finding that they had already killed themselves, leaving Wolverine with only a message: the Mongrels were his children. This revelation and the fact that he killed his own children devastated Logan.[65]

Mongrels (Earth-616) from Wolverine Vol 4 1 0001

The Mongrels

After burying the bodies of his children, Logan tried to kill himself and abandoned civilization for what he did.[279] Soon after, Logan was living with a pack of wolves and rescued several children who had been kidnapped and forced to fight wolves by several criminals. Logan reunited them with their families, he was then confronted by Melita who brought several of his closest friends with her to convince him to come back with them. Logan agreed and said it was time to go back to work.[280]

Unknown to Logan during this tragedy, Daken worked with the Red Right Hand for years,[281][282] helping them with their plans to send Wolverine's soul to Hell, but more importantly he was the one who found and gathered all of Logan's children. He then gave them to the Red Right Hand and convinced the criminal organization to use them against Logan. Daken's goal was to make sure that his father would kill his own children in order to hurt him in the worst way possible.[65] Later on, after he buried his children, Wolverine had a vision showing him how Daken had been involved in the Red Right Hand's horrific plot.[279]


Back with the X-Men, Logan witnessed the return of Kid Omega who set off a new wave of anti-Mutant sentiment. As result of Quire's actions, Wolverine and Cyclops steadily grew divided about how to handle this situation. Wolverine wished to hand Quire over to Captain America, while Cyclops wished to deal with him within the mutant community.[283] When a new Hellfire Club attacked and incapacitated the X-Men at the opening of a Mutant History Museum, Idie Oya whom Wolverine had taken a liking to was the last one standing. As Logan tried to convince Idie to stay hidden, Cyclops pressured her to act leading to Idie killing a dozen men. Logan was enraged and blamed Cyclops.[284]

James Howlett (Earth-616) Scott Summers (Earth-616) X-Men Schism Vol 1 3

The opinions of Wolverine and Cyclops diverge

After what happened with the Red Right Hand and the Mongrels, all the revelations about his past and the recent incident with Idie, Logan started to disagree with Cyclops about raising and training the teenage mutants as soldiers since it was only going to get them killed. After demolishing a Sentinel that was sent to destroy Utopia, Wolverine and a number of X-Men quit the team and left with a number of the teenage mutants to return to their former home in New York to make it clear that Cyclops has clearly crossed the line with his actions.[285]

The Jean Grey School for Higher Learning[]

In order to start the new Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, Logan needed to retrieve all the fortune that he had amassed over the years, but unfortunately his money had been stolen.[286] With the help of Gorilla-Man, Master Po, Yuen Yee, and Fat Cobra, Logan managed to retrieve his money and was able to open his school.[287]

Jean Grey School for Higher Learning from Wolverine & the X-Men Vol 1 3 page --

The Jean Grey School teachers and students

On its first day, the school was assaulted by the new Hellfire Club, whom had been a major force in causing the Schism of the X-Men.[288] Wolverine made it clear that he didn't want to lose any of the kids and fought as hard as he could against several Frankenstein monsters, whom Iceman defeated by making ice clones of himself. Next the Hellfire Club sent a spawn of the original Krakoa to destroy the school.[289] Kid Omega who wanted to prove himself to Broo, Idie, and Kid Gladiator (who told him they never heard of him) reasoned with Krakoa who then joined Wolverine's X-Men.

Wolverine, along the School's staff and students, then confronted the Hellfire Club and he made clear to them to stay away from his school. As the Hellfire Club members were leaving, Krakoa almost attacked them, but Logan stopped him as he had a better idea on how to deal with them. The next day Matt Murdock told Kade Kilgore that he was being sued by Wolverine for the sum of 879 million dollars for the damages he had done to the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning and if he didn't pay, Wolverine and the School would take control of his company. As the school was being rebuilt, Logan was informed that Krakoa was glad they allowed him to stay, and Logan found it good to have a school ground that could fight back.[290]

The school faced several challenges in the following months such as the Frankenstein Monster menace and the Murder Circus,[291] the war between the Avengers and the X-Men that cost the life of Charles Xavier, the return of Dog Logan,[292] and a new rival school funded by Kade Killgore: the Hellfire Academy.[47]

Along the way, Ororo Munroe joined the Jean Grey school as a teacher and began a relationship with Logan[293] and despite the departure of one of their teachers,[294] the Jean Grey School prevailed,[295] and in the end several of their students graduated by the end of the year and Logan succeeded in reforming Quentin Quire.[296] Not long after Logan and the X-Men even witnessed the return of Nightcrawler to the land of the living, with Kurt joining the school afterwards.[297]

Final Execution[]

After the events of the Dark Angel saga, the resurrected Angel and the young Evan were sent to the Jean Grey School and the Nightcrawler from the Age Of Apocalypse universe decided to stay with the X-Force team in order to track the Iceman of his reality who fled to our reality and make him pay for his betrayal.[298] Wolverine decided to use X-Force to make sure the students at his school stayed safe, but while the team was saving Fantomex from the Captain Britain Corps in the Otherworld,[299] Daken, the Shadow King, Sabretooth, the Skinless Man, Mystique, and the Blob from the Age of Apocalypse universe decided to form the new Brotherhood of Mutants.[300] Daken and Sabretooth abducted the young Evan while the rest of the Brotherhood hired the White Sky criminal organization to create three clones of Omega Red and to give them fake memories in order to use them against X-Force.[301] The goal of Daken and the Brotherhood was to torture Evan long enough for him to become the new Apocalypse, then to use the Shadow King to mess with his mind in order to force Evan to destroy the Jean Grey School, to kill all the students, to kill all of Logan's friends and then blamed X-Force for everything.[302]

Uncanny X-Force Vol 1 34 Textless

End of the line for X-Force

Shortly after Fantomex was captured by Mystique and then tortured and killed by the Skinless Man in front of Evan's eyes and to make sure the X-Force team couldn't stop their plans, the Brotherhood hacked Ultimaton and used it to kill Gateway and then detonated it to kill the X-Force team.[303] Thanks to Psylocke, X-Force managed to survive and went to the future where they met their older counterparts and discovered the truth about the Brotherhood's plan and what needed to be done.[304][305] Back to the present, the team prepared themselves to attack the Brotherhood's stronghold to free Evan while Daken and Sabretooth were still torturing him both mentally and physically in order to have him unleashed the power of Apocalypse.[306]

X-Force then faced the Brotherhood but they were betrayed by Nightcrawler, as a result Wolverine was captured and tortured by Daken. The X-Force team managed to stop the rest of the Brotherhood and to punish him for his betrayal, Nightcrawler was fatally wounded by EVA. Wolverine managed to escape and knew that he had to kill Daken after what his older self revealed to him when he was in the future: "He'll kill the students if you let him live."[305] To protect his students, Logan decided to kill Daken by drowning him in a puddle of water.[302]

After killing his son, Sabretooth appeared and revealed that all of what happened was his plan all along that he wanted to hurt Logan in the worst way possible, an angry Evan almost killed Sabretooth as a result but Logan told him to let him go, revenge would only lead him to a path of destruction just like what happened here.[302] Shortly after E.V.A managed to create three clones of Fantomex thanks to White Sky technology, but after those events the team was disbanded.[305]

Later on after the war between the Avengers and the X-Men, Logan joined the Avengers Unity Division[307] and dealt with the consequences of X-Force's actions, most notably with the children of Archangel: the Apocalypse Twins who resurrected Daken as one of their horseman in order to torment Logan.[308] But in the end the Avengers prevailed and the twins were stopped once and for all.[309]

Death of Wolverine[]

Shortly after, during a S.H.I.E.L.D. rescue mission, Wolverine was infected with a Microverse virus that shut down his healing factor.[310] Losing his healing factor proved to be a shock to Logan but Nick Fury Jr. warned him that this sentient virus from the Microverse that removed his healing factor was still present and was spreading all over the world.[311]

Death of Wolverine Vol 1 1 Textless

The Death of Wolverine

With the help of the Host, Logan and S.H.I.E.L.D. were able to stop the spreading of this virus and eradicated it but unfortunately in the end Logan was left without his healing factor.[31] After dealing with Sabretooth and the Hand[312] Logan tried to find a way to reactivate his healing factor, so he went to see the smartest people of the Marvel Universe such as Mister Fantastic. But nothing could be done and at the same time, he learned that there was a bounty on his head.[313]

After facing Nuke, Logan travelled to Madripoor[314] and to Japan[315] to learn more. After meeting Lord Ogun, he discovered that a new Weapon X project had been created. Logan headed to Nevada to put an end to it and discovered that Abraham Cornelius was alive and was trying to recreate the original Weapon X experiment. The problem was that all of his subjects couldn't survived the adamantium bonding process since they didn't have any healing factor, that's why he put a bounty on Logan's head in order to capture him and used his healing factor. But after discovering that Logan didn't have any healing factor anymore, Cornelius ordered his latest experiment Sharp, to get rid of him but Logan defeated him. Cornelius then activated his machines on the test subjects in order to bond the adamantium to their bones. Seeing no other way Logan unleashed his claws and saved them by slashing the batch of liquid adamantium before it was injected into them but in doing so, the liquid adamantium covered his entire body in the process.

Before the adamantium hardened, Logan made sure that the test subjects were safe and then he went after Cornelius and killed him before falling on his knees in front of the sunset, looking back on his life and dying from suffocation.[77] The X-Men were able to retrieve Logan's adamantium casing and Kitty phased him out of it, he was then buried in Canada in a secret location.[78]


Months following Logan's death, his body was found by Persephone, the mysterious mutant leader of the criminal organization Soteira. who resurrected him as one of her undead killers.[78] With the reanimated corpse of Logan under her control, Persephone used it to carry out assassinations and other type of dirty jobs all over the world.[316] But somehow, Logan's healing factor kicked back and he came back to life, breaking free from Persephone's control and killing several Soteira soldiers in the process.[317] Now in control of his body, but without any memories and with his claws burning hot for unknown reasons, Logan tracked a Soteira kill team led by Zagreus.[317]

Return of Wolverine Vol 1 1 Current Costume Virgin Variant

Back from the dead

After a while Logan finally arrived on Persephone's island and was tricked into fighting against the X-Men,[318] but soon after Logan was captured by Persephone who told him the truth about who were the X-Men. She then told him to follow her brother Zagreus to their space station where he could meet her and learned the truth about how he came back to life.[319]

Once on Persephone's space station, Logan discovered that Soteira had gathered a small group of gifted people and that she intended to kill everyone else on Earth in order to resurrect them as drones under her control to help build the perfect society. She also revealed to Logan that she was the one who resurrected him as one of her undead soldiers and he killed for her all around the world, but that somehow his healing factor brought him back to life. Logan then decided to put an end to her plan, he destroyed her space station and after facing Zagreus one more time he finally regained his memories.[320]

Now back to the land of the livings, Logan decided to head back to the X-Mansion but on the way he was summoned by the Fantastic Four to help them against the Endlings and the Griever at the End of All Things.[321] Once done, Logan was sent back to Earth[322] and met with an older version of himself[323] before finally arriving at the mansion and meeting Loki.[324]

After helping Loki,[325] Logan was then reunited with Cyclops[326] in order to face the O.N.E and its leader the General Robert Callahan. The duo was later on reunited with the rest of the X-men, who were previously trapped in the Age of X-Man reality, and together they were able to defeat Callahan and his army of Sentinels once and for all.[327]

House of X[]

Not long after, Professor Xavier returned and decided to use Krakoa in order to establish a new sovereign Mutant nation state. Wolverine and many other mutants lived here; he was first seen happily playing with mutant kids.[100]

House of X Vol 1 1 Textless

The House of X

Shortly after, Professor Xavier sent Sabretooth, Mystique, and Toad to steal data from Damage Control, but Sabretooth was apprehended by the Fantastic Four while Mystique and Toad got away. With this new data, Xavier and Magneto learned the existence of the Orchis Forge (a space station located near the sun), where the humans created a new Mother Mold and were about to activate it. More importantly, Xavier and Magneto believed it would be there that Nimrod would become operational. The duo then tasked Cyclops with assembling a team to destroy the Mother Mold and prevent the creation of Nimrod.[328]

Cyclops' team consisted of Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Husk, Penance, Marvel Girl, Archangel, and Mystique. Despite the effect of surprise, the X-Men's Shi'ar Scout ship was destroyed by Captain Mendel's kamikaze attack just after they arrived on the Orchis Forge which killed Husk and Archangel.[329]

Despite the loss of their teammates and the physical injuries they suffered from this attack, the X-Men decided to finish the mission no matter what. Their goal was to activate 4 levers in order to send the Mother Mold, the key in the development of Nimrod, into the sun. Wolverine, Nightcrawler, and Cyclops were able to activate three levers, but Mystique failed to activate the last one and was ejected into the vacuum of space by Doctor Gregor and the Omega Sentinel. To make the X-Men pay for the death of her husband (Captain Mendel) and despite the Omega Sentinel's protest, Doctor Gregor activated Mother Mold early.

House of X Vol 1 3 Textless

The X-Men's last mission?

With only 30 seconds left before it went online and knowing there was no other way to stop it, Kurt and Logan sacrificed their lives by teleporting directly into space near the sun where the Mother Mold was located. Nightcrawler died instantly because of the heat, but Wolverine survived long enough to destroy the last beam holding the Mother Mold, which sent both of them directly into the sun. This victory for mutantkind came at a cost as the rest of the team was also killed during this attack leaving Xavier and the rest of the X-Men on Krakoa heartbroken.[79]

Not long after, Wolverine and the other dead X-Men were resurrected through a strange process by a group of mutant known as “The Five” (Tempus, Proteus, Hope Summers, Elixir, and Goldballs). A new regrown body was created for each of the deceased X-Men and to finish the process, Professor X, with the help of Cerebro, transferred a stored copy of the deceased mutant's minds and essences into their new re-grown bodies. This process allowed The Five and Professor Xavier to completely restore the bodies, the powers, and the minds of Wolverine and the other X-Men as they were just before they left for the mission on the Orchis Forge, since they were beyond the reach of Cerebro when they died.[330]

Wolverine and the other resurrected X-Men were then acclaimed as the heroes of Krakoa by Storm and all the mutant population of Krakoa. But two days later, Professor Xavier decided to allow all the mutant villains on Krakoa which displeased Wolverine who thought that it was a mistake, since some of them were beyond salvation.[80]

After the vote to recognize Krakoa as an independent mutant homeland was passed at the United Nations,[80] and after the banishment of Sabretooth by the Quiet Council of Krakoa for disobeying Magneto's orders and murdering several guards of Damage Control, Wolverine alongside the other mutants of Krakoa held a great party to celebrate the birth of their new nation.[331]

Dawn of X[]

X-Men Vol 5 1 Textless

Dawn of X

In this brave new world, Wolverine was first seen living in the Summer House, a Krakoan biome located adjacent of the Blue Area of the Moon. The Summer House was the home of the Summers clan and other mutant allies but also served as a base of operations.[332]

Wolverine also stayed in contact with Kitty Pryde after learning she couldn't use the Krakoa gateways to travel to the island like the rest of the mutants, he was wondering if she could use those gateways from the Island side. Back on Krakoa, Logan was also having a hard time adjusting to Krakoa "prix fixe menu," but knowing that Kitty was about to travel to the Island by boat, he asked her a favor in order to fix this issue. To that end, Logan gave Kitty a shopping list that included ribs, Canadian Club whisky, coffee, suds and Cubano sandwiches among other things.

Fortunately, Kitty arrived shortly after to Krakoa for the first time and delivered the goods, which made Logan really happy.[333]

Later on, Wolverine discovered that a strange new creature appeared on Krakoa and was killing other creatures in its path, so he decided to hunt it for several days. At one point during this hunt, the creature attacked Beast and tried to kill him, but thankfully Wolverine intervened in time making the creature ran away and saving Beast's life. Beast asked Wolverine to not kill the creature since he wanted to analyze it in order to understand why it would attack them since Krakoa was supposed to be a refuge for mutants. Wolverine then told Beast that Krakoa was more like a "Salad Bar" than a refuge, and there was always a predator lurking around ready to feast on its prey.

Before resuming his hunt, Wolverine then told Beast that the reason he didn't see this creature coming was because he felt sheltered as a result of Krakoa making him feel safe and "when you're safe, you're soft."

Later on, Wolverine was able to catch and kill the creature and decided to cook it and eat it, but while he was enjoying his meal, a group of Reavers was able to bypass Krakoa's security and landed on the Island. They then killed several mutants until Sage, Wolverine, Marvel Girl, Black Tom Cassidy and Beast discovered what was happening and quickly rushed to the scene in order to stop them. Most of the Reavers died during this attack but unfortunately Wolverine, Marvel Girl and Beast were too late to stop the last one. The last Reaver tracked Professor Xavier who tried to reason with him, but the Reaver shot Xavier instead.

Hearing the shot, Wolverine rushed to the shooter and was about to kill him until Beast told him to stop since they needed a Reaver alive to know more about what happened. They then discovered with horror that Xavier had been shot through the head and was now lying dead alongside his destroyed mobile Cerebro unit.[334]

X-Force Vol 6 2 Textless

Wolverine and Kid Omega facing XENO's bioweapons

After the mutant population of Krakoa paid their respect to the deceased Professor Xavier, Wolverine followed the assassins' trail to South Korea while Black Tom, Cecilia Reyes and Sage tried to learn more about the attack by analyzing the bodies of the dead Reavers. They discovered that the killers had been enhanced but also that they used skin grafts from Domino's body to fool Krakoa's defenses.

At the South Korea's airport, Wolverine met Kid Omega who was also investigating Professor Xavier's murder and was seeking revenge. Logan decided to team up with Quentin, and together they managed to find the killer's HQ at a printing press outside of Seoul. Inside they discovered an assassins' factory, full of half-grown killers who suddenly awakened and tried to kill them. While Wolverine was fighting his way through those monsters, Kid Omega discovered with horror Domino half flayed but still alive.[335]

Wolverine was able to free Domino, but the trio was soon attacked by a gigantic bioweapon, but thanks to Kid Omega and Domino the trio was able to escape and after the assassins' factory self-exploded, they returned to Krakoa. On Krakoa, after trying to read the last surviving Reaver's mind, Marvel Girl alongside Beast went looking for one of Professor Xavier's Cerebro backup unit. After the Five recreated Xavier's body, Marvel Girl used the Cerebro backup unit to complete the process and bring the Professor back to life. Unknown to the team, while they were busy investigating, someone on Krakoa secretly killed the last surviving Reaver.

Shortly after, Professor Xavier and Magneto organized a secret meeting in Krakoa at The Pointe behind a waterfall and called for Wolverine, Marvel Girl, Beast, Kid Omega, Domino and Sage. In order to face this mysterious shadowy organization responsible for the attack on Krakoa and his death, Professor Xavier decided that Krakoa had to respond in kind. Since Marvel Girl, Beast and Sage studied their enemies they would become the "head" of this new team while Wolverine, Kid Omega and Domino who hunted and spilled the blood of their enemies would be the "fist."

X-Force Vol 6 1 Textless

The new X-Force

Once done and with the creation of this new team now official, Xavier ended the meeting by saying: "To me my X-Force." Unknown to the mutants, their enemies, under the leadership of a strange man with a Peacock tattoo, also created their own organization in order to destroy mutantkind once and for all: XENO.[336]

Shortly after, XENO launched several attacks against several companies owned by Professor Xavier, which forced the Quiet Council of Krakoa to task X-Force to intervene. While Marvel Girl, Beast and Sage investigated the scenes of crime, Wolverine, Kid Omega and Domino went to see Forge, who was now acting as the weapon expert of Krakoa, in order to get some firepower. While the team was getting ready, Wolverine discovered a pool of liquid adamantium in Forge's armory. Forge revealed that the Professor Xavier ordered that this pool of liquid adamantium must be used whenever they needed to put Wolverine back together in case, he died or worse.

Soon after Beast and Sage discovered that one of the Krakoa's clean research facility located in California was attacked prompting Wolverine, Kid Omega and Domino to quickly confront the attackers. But as Wolverine and Kid Omega were jumping through one of the Krakoan gate in order to teleport to the California's facility, the attackers blew up the gate on their side during the teleportation which beheaded Kid Omega and cut Wolverine in half and left Domino stranded on Krakoa.[49]

Thanks to his healing factor, Wolverine survived and warned Domino to hurry up before the attackers could escape. With the Krakoa gate down, Domino contacted Beast and Sage and asked them to tell Black Tom to find Gateway in order to teleport to the California's facility. Once done Domino was joined by Forge, they retrieved Wolverine's lower body and then prepared to teleport to Wolverine's location.

At the California's facility, after killing all the workers, the attackers stole several Krakoan petals and were about to leave. Despite missing his lower body, Wolverine was able to catch up to them and killed one of them, but in his condition, he was no match for the rest of the attackers and ended up being riddled with bullets.

But Wolverine's actions allowed Domino, Forge and Gateway to arrive just in time to stop the attackers from getting away. Angry by what happened to her previously, Domino killed two of them while Gateway killed the others. While Domino and Gateway were busy handling the attackers, Forge quickly rushed to Wolverine, smashed his lower body and his upper body together and told Logan to wait until his healing factor took care of his guts and fused his spinal cord. Still angry, Domino was about to kill the last of the attacker despite Beast ordering her to stand down as they needed a prisoner alive to know more about the attack, but after discovering that the last attacker wasn't a bioweapon like the ones she encountered previously she spared his life.

The mission over and after healing from his injuries, Wolverine went to check on Domino to see if she was okay, he then told her that Kid Omega was about to be resurrected soon but in the meantime, they could enjoy the quiet. Elsewhere, Beast and Marvel Girl interrogated the last surviving attacker and discovered in his mind the face of their true enemy: The man with the peacock tattoo.[337]

After Kid Omega's resurrection, Professor Xavier and Black Tom on behalf of Krakoa went to Terra Verde to sign a treaty between the two nations, but they were soon attacked by strange new plant people. Black Tom was able to protect Xavier and the President of Terra Verde, Manuel Cocom, only suffered minor injuries but his son was kidnapped during the attack. After this attack, the president of Terra Verde publicly announced that he would no longer sign the treaty which forced Beast and Sage to investigate. Beast and Marvel Girl then went to Terra Verde and discovered that the plant people who attacked the President and were now holding his son hostage, were Telefloronic scientists that have been driven mad and were now under the control of a hostile botanical intelligence.

To deal with this problem, Beast gathered Wolverine and the rest of the X-Force field team and sent them to deal with this new menace, the team soon discovered that the leader of those new enemies was none other than the son of the President, Hadwin Cocom. Cocom staged his own kidnapping to force his father's hand as he believed he had almost perfected the coding of the telefloronics which would have allowed Terra Verde to rise in power but also to show to the world that they had an alternative to the mutant medicine which would have resulted in several countries no longer recognizing Mutant sovereignty.

X-Force was able to capture him and burned every trace of this experiment to avoid the potential threat of an "organic Nimrod" in case this new technology could replicate. Beast then secretly "cured" Cocom of his condition which left him brain-dead before returning him to his father, who was now indebted to the mutants and accepted to sign the treaty. But unknown to Beast, Cocom wasn't cured of his condition, his body changed once again into a new "plant" form, he then escaped from his father's home.[338]

James Howlett (Earth-616) from X-Men Vol 5 5 001

Wolverine tracking Serafina

Not long after, Cyclops sent Wolverine after Serafina who escaped from the X-Men previously.[332] Logan was able to track her to Ecuador but he couldn't catch her in time and as a result she was able to enter the Vault where she used to live with the rest of the Children of the Vault years ago. Professor Xavier and Cyclops decided to send a new team inside the Vault to gather new information about this threat, Synch, Darwin, and Laura Kinney, who was now once again called "Wolverine" for this mission with Logan's blessing.

After telling the team the risks, Laura asked Logan why he couldn't take part in this mission, Logan told her he couldn't because he had something more pressing that couldn't wait. Unfortunately, the X-Men lost contact with the team after they entered the Vault, and more than three months later they were still without any news of them. Even worse, as time worked differently inside the Vault, it means they were gone for more than 500 years.[339]

Wolverine alongside Kate Pryde, Professor Xavier, Magneto, Storm, Iceman, Bishop, and Pyro later went to 4 Yancy Street, the new Headquarter of the Fantastic Four, in order to convince the most powerful mutant on earth, Franklin Richards, to join Krakoa.[340]

The Flower Cartel[]

Wolverine Vol 7 1 Textless

The Best is back

Not long after, Wolverine was back on Krakoa and decided to play hide and seek with several young mutants until Marvel Girl arrived and told him that Kate Pryde was waiting for him.

Wolverine quickly joined Kate who told him that he changed, he seemed happy surrounded by his family and with now a true purpose, protecting them. She then told him that several shipments of Krakoa petals have disappeared recently, and she needed his help to find out who was responsible. At the same time in Baltimore, a C.I.A agent, Jeff Bannister, was called on a crime scene in a drug factory where he discovered that a new drug was created from the Krakoan petals that disappeared: The Pollen. Jeff later learned that this new drug could make anyone smarter and stronger.

The next day, Wolverine went to see Sage who told him that she had a lead in Russia outside of Moscow. One day later, Wolverine called for X-Force and thanks to Gateway the team was teleported to Russia. The team arrived during one of the Order of X secret meeting, after seeing the team arrived the members of the cult ingested a dose of Pollen, they then attacked X-Force and tried to eat them alive. The Team was able to repel the cultists' attack but then discovered that their bodies dissolved in front of them because of the Pollen. The next day, Wolverine was able to find the Russian Gangsters who sold the drugs to the Order of X members and discovered that the one who supplied them the Pollen was a woman, “The Pale Girl”, whose abilities allowed her to enter in the head of anyone and control them.

X-Force (Strike Team) (Earth-616) from Wolverine Vol 7 1 002

X-Force ready to face the Order of X

The next day, Wolverine learned from Beast that more and more people were starting to talk about this drug and feared that a new drug war was coming and that the mutants may be responsible. At the same time Jeff Bannister, was worried about the number of deaths related to this new drug and the one responsible was the The Flower Cartel. This cartel was eliminating the competition in order to control the distribution of the Pollen, Jeff also started to have suspicions that the mutants may be involved in the black-market distribution of the Krakoa drugs. To verify his claim, he decided to go undercover and arranged a meeting with the Flower Cartel, in Alaska.

Later in Alaska, Wolverine awakened without any memory of who he was and discovered with horror that Marvel Girl, Domino and Kid Omega were dead, most likely at his hands even though he thought it couldn't be possible. Logan then saw a trail of footprints exiting the scene and decided to follow it. After a while Logan had a vision of the Pale Girl, he blamed her for what happened before being confronted by Jeff Bannister and the rest of the C.I.A undercover agents who asked him who he was, Logan answered: “I been wondering the same thing.”[101]


Arkady Rossovich (Earth-616) from Wolverine Vol 7 1 001

Omega Red comes to Krakoa

Later, Wolverine was running through Krakoa, trying to make sense of this new situation, and more especially, to the fact that several villains were now living on the island. Suddenly, someone crossed one of the Krakoa gates and arrived on the Island, Omega Red. Omega Red was injured and covered in blood and was asking for amnesty while taunting Wolverine, but Wolverine, knowing what kind of monster Omega Red was, warned him to go back where he came from before attacking him. Magneto stopped the fight and told Logan to stand down saying that Omega Red was welcomed here which angered Logan, Magneto then sent Wolverine through the Krakoa gate Omega Red came from to investigate what was going on.

After crossing the gate, Wolverine arrived in Paris and discovered that Omega Red left a trail of bodies in his wake, after this horrific discovery Wolverine quickly came back to Krakoa and discovered that Omega Red was healed by Cecilia Reyes before being taken to a cell until he recovered from his injuries and was debriefed. Logan once again told Magneto that keeping Omega Red around was too dangerous especially with all the kids present on Krakoa, but Magneto told him that Omega Red would be punished if he crossed a line and if one of the kids became a victim of Omega Red, they will be resurrected. Wolverine even more angry after hearing what Magneto said, told him that resurrection will never erase the trauma of dying, Logan knew that better than anyone. Having enough of Wolverine's insubordination, Magneto told him that he was now part of X-Force, the C.I.A equivalent for Krakoa, and as a result it was his job to find out what happened to Omega Red and to clean it up.

Wolverine decided to interrogate Omega Red to know more, the villain told him he wasn't responsible for the dead bodies Logan found and if he wanted more answers he needed to go back to Paris and more precisely to a bar, the King's Oubliette. Wolverine went back to Paris and on the way to the bar, he met a woman who was selling dog roses, but Logan said he wasn't interested and continued his investigation. Inside the bar, Logan was drugged and discovered that the place was infested with vampires who were now ready to drink his blood but thanks to his healing factor Logan recovered in time and started to defend himself. When the vampires tried to escape, the woman who was selling flowers, entered the bar and started to kill them, she revealed that she was in truth a Vampire Hunter and the reason she wanted to sell him a dog rose was to make sure he wasn't a vampire, since they hated those roses as much as garlic.

Back on Krakoa, Logan learned from Omega Red that the Vampire Nation was becoming more and more powerful as days passed and the bodies Logan found previously were vampires who didn't finish their transformations but unknown to Logan, the bodies he previously found awakened inside one of Paris morgue, drank the blood of the coroner and escaped. Wolverine went back to Paris and was able to track the vampire hunter he met previously to a church, Saint-Julien-le-Pauvre, he then learned that her name was Louise, and that she was part of an ancient order, the Nightguard, which was devoted to fight the Vampire Nation. She then told him that because humankind has been distracted by the rise of Krakoa, the Vampire Nation used this opportunity to rise in the shadows.

The duo then decided to investigate a nest of vampires in the catacombs beneath Paris but while here they fell in a trap and several vampires were able to drink Logan's blood but once done, they stopped their attack and escaped to Logan and Louise surprise. The vampires then went to a secret place where the blood they took from Logan was transferred to their leader, Dracula. Just like the mutants were now united behind their leader, Charles Xavier, the vampires were also now united behind Dracula.

Vlad Dracula (Earth-616) from Wolverine Vol 7 1 001

Wolverine's blood is transferred to Dracula

Shortly after he recovered from his injuries, Omega Red returned to Paris where he met with Dracula and revealed his true mission. His mission was to enter Krakoa and lure Wolverine to one of Dracula's hideouts in Paris in order to allow Dracula's soldiers to steal Logan's blood. Once done, Logan's blood was then transferred to Dracula, allowing him to now survive when exposed to daylight. His mission completed, Omega Red was given the Carbonadium Synthesizer as a reward by Dracula although Dracula warned him that there was a detonator hidden inside of it as he still had use of him. Dracula then ordered Omega Red to join Krakoa but to obey him.[101]

X of Swords[]

As Krakoa went to war with the forces of Arakko, Wolverine was selected to be part of the Swordbearers from Krakoa to fight in a tournament in Otherworld. As he required the destroyed Muramasa Blade to participate, Wolverine sought out the forgemaster himself. Learning that Muramasa had been taken by the Hand into the depths of Hell to assist the organization in forging new weapons, Wolverine went through a opening to the abyss, only for him to be captured. While imprisoned he was approached by Solem, his opponent from Arakko who also arrived for the blade. The two decided to collaborate in order to acquire the blades and soon came across a Hand wedding carried by the Beast for his daughter, with Muramasa forging a new pair of blades for the couple. Wolverine and Solem assaulted the ceremony, with the latter getting hold of the swords while the former was snatched by the Beast. Solem helped his fellow mutant escape, but in exchange Wolverine owned the Arakkii a favor.[341]

Once all of the Swordbearers gathered with their respective swords, they arrived to the Starlight Citadel in Otherworld where the tournament would take place and there they prepared to fight the Swordbearers of Arakko.[342] Wolverine's first challenge was a battle to the death against the High Summoner of Arakko in Blightspoke. Although he managed to kill the Summoner by stabbing him through the eyes, Wolverine lost as the victor was supposed to die. His next challenge was against Storm in a race through the Crooked Market which unsurprisingly ended with a win for Krakoa. After Wolverine was poisoned by Death which resulted in him becoming drunk, Solem decided to use the favor he owned and had Logan replace him in the fight against War, the Summoner's mother. Wolverine managed to defeat her by cutting her left hand, but since the battle was between two Arakkiis his win didn't earn any points for Krakoa.[343]

Wolverine and fellow Swordbearers would take part in several other challenges, but sadly lost most of them.[344] Fortunately, in the last challenge the tides were turned thanks to Gorgon slaughtering thirteen warriors of White Sword's One Hundred Champions.[345] Annihilation, infuriated by this turn of events, summoned its hordes of Daemons, forcing Wolverine and his fellow X-Men to fight them. This eventually resolved when Apocalypse overcame Annihilation's power and took control of Amenth. Afterwards, Arakko was transported back to Earth as per Apocalypse's wish, and the heroes returned back to their home.[346]

Krakoa's Downfall[]

Following Kraven the Hunter's hunt for X-Force, Beast began eliminating various targets who posed a threat to Krakoa, whether they would attack the nation or not. Wolverine was against this and confronted Beast over this matter. This caused Beast to behead him, and after disrupting Wolverine's resurrection, he put a biotechnological collar around his neck in order to take control of him and turn Wolverine into his mindless assassin.[85] Wolverine was used by Beast to assassinate various anti-mutant figures in order to ensure Krakoa's safety. His latest target was General Howard Norad of the US military who saw the mutant nation as a threat and wished to invade it. Wolverine easily killed him, but failed to destroy the camera system, allowing the public to learn about the attack. In order to calm relations between America and Krakoa, Beast put the blame on the X-Desk, with the Wolverine who had been captured on camera being a robotic duplicate. Meanwhile, Wolverine was punished for this crime and imprisoned in the Pit of Exile.[347]

While trapped within the Pit, Wolverine came across a copy of Sabretooth created from the corruption imprinted on Krakoa's bio-code by the original one. The two fought each other, but Wolverine managed to destroy the copy using the bio-technology that Beast had used to control him. Following this, he managed to escape from the Pit and remembering what Beast had done to him Wolverine decided to get his revenge.[348] With the help of Sage, Wolverine attempted to slowly build a case against Beast to present it to the Quiet Council. The two tracked the traitorous mutant down to gain enough proof for the case and eventually decided to go after Bannister as he may have had a secret connection with Beast.[349]

After the situation with Bannister was solved, Wolverine gathered enough allies to fight Beast when it was revealed that the latter had created an army of clones of both of them labelled Weapons of X to help him in his mission to take out Krakoa's potential enemies. Wolverine and X-Force assaulted Beast's base, fighting the Weapons of X and killing most of the clones. Despite the base being destroyed Beast managed to escape along with several surviving Wolverine clones. Wolverine sought to go after his former friend, but decided to revoke his citizenship in Krakoa due to becoming disillusioned from the Quiet Council turning a blind eye to Beast's treatment of him, and left the island behind.[88]

Following Orchis' attack on Krakoa and the decimation of its mutant population, Wolverine and the remainder of X-Force found refuge in a secret base in the North Pole. However, he was found by Sabertooth and his army of alternate selves who killed his son as a birthday gift, forced him to watch them slaughter the other refugees and kidnapped Laura before Wolverine could free himself. Wolverine and his teammates went after the Sabertooth Army, returning to Krakoa where Sabertooth used Quentin Quire's severed head to make him believe they were in the times of Team X. Sabertooth had Wolverine attack the Exiles and upon finding a mutant depowering weapon used it to take away Wolverine's healing factor. Wounded, Wolverine was taken away by the Exiles and equipped with a Adamantium Armor, which gave back his powers, and a Muramasa blade to kill Sabertooth for good. With X-Force, the Exiles and Laura by his side, Wolverine confronted Sabertooth alone, killing him after a lengthy battle.[350]

Wolverine later helped the X-Men in taking down Orchis for good, dissolving the anti-mutant organization and saving the mutant population once again.[351][352][353]


Quote1 There's a part of me as wild an' fierce as my namesake. I'm a hard man... given to hard ways... when I fight, it's to win. That isn't pretty, an' it sure isn't nice. But bein' a man... that means choosin' to grow an' change an' put aside the old ways. Quote2

Wolverine is a gruff loner who had a strong sense of personal honor. He also had a wild, animal-like nature to him and a savage, or "berserker," rage which he tried to control. He is also perfectly at home in the wilderness. He is known as one of the most fearless, brave, and dangerous men in the world, stated by Steve Rogers. Wolverine had established himself quickly as the X-Man most willing to permanently deal with their adversaries. He developed close friendships with his teammates Nightcrawler, whose personality diametrically opposed Wolverine's, and Colossus, who often performed the "fastball special" with him. He was something of a father figure to Natasha Romanoff, Shadowcat, Rogue, X-23, and Jubilee. He loved many women, including Rose, Itsu, Viper, Silver Fox, Phoenix, and Mariko. There are only a few people that Wolverine truly trusted, which are Captain America (Steve Rogers), Nick Fury, Jean Grey, and Spider-Man (Peter Parker).


Wolverine Weapon X Vol 1 10 Textless

Wolverine's complicated relationships

Logan's love interests include, but are not limited to Rose, Seraph, Silver Fox, Atsuko, Itsu, Jean Grey-Summers (Marvel Girl), Mariko Yashida, Yukio, Ororo Munroe (Storm), Jessán Hoan (Tyger Tiger), Gahck, Elektra Natchios, Cassie Lathrop, Native, Rogue, Felicia Hardy (Black Cat), Alison Blaire (Dazzler), Neena Thurman (Domino), Melita Garner, Jean Grey (from the Age of Apocalypse universe), and even X-Men foe Raven Darkhölme (Mystique). However, Itsu, Viper, and Hoshiko's great-great-great grandmother[63] were the only women he ever actually married.

Religion and Faith[]

Wolverine doesn't believe in traditional religions,[354] ("never have, never will") although he claimed to have prayed while he was in the army, revealing that he is Deistic in faith.[355] He sometimes prayed at a Shinto temple in Kyoto, Japan.[356]

James Howlett (Earth-616) and Kurt Wagner (Earth-616) from House of X Vol 1 4 001

Logan asking Kurt what's going to happen to them in the afterlife just before sacrificing their lives to stop the Mother Mold

It was revealed in his team-up with Marvel Boy that due to the effects of Weapon XVI that causes faith reserves to act as The World's immune system, Logan had faith in God. After everything was resolved, he hitched a ride from a truck. He asked the trucker to let him out near a church, implying his religious awakening.[357]

During the X-Men's assault on Orchis in order to stop the Mother Mold and to prevent the coming of Nimrod, Wolverine and Nightcrawler were forced to sacrifice their lives after Doctor Gregor activated Mother Mold earlier than expected. Before their sacrifices, Wolverine asked his best friend what was waiting for them on the other side, wondering what someone like him should expect.[79]


Power Grid[459]
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Wolverine's powers, abilities and strength level can vary due to a broad degree of artistic license employed by various comic book writers and artists. Below is a broad list of powers and feats Wolverine has shown over his more than four decades of comic appearances. If you wish to add more or discuss improvements to this section, please head to his power's discussion page.
Fallen Son The Death of Captain America Vol 1 1 page 00 James Howlett (Earth-616)

Wolverine's powers in action

Mutant Physiology: Logan is a mutant who had been given an Adamantium skeleton by the Weapon X Program.[144] Nick Fury's intel classified him as Power Level 9,[358] while the O*N*E classified him as a Severe Threat.[359]

  • Regenerative Healing Factor: Wolverine's body naturally regenerates most (if not all) damaged or destroyed tissues and organs at a rate which exceeds that of any normal human. The rate of regeneration is proportional to the damage caused.[86] This process is automatic, and Wolverine seems to have no control over it.[360] His healing factor, however, does not seem to stop Wolverine from feeling the pain of his wounds nor the pain of his body regenerating itself. The speed at which he heals has fluctuated considerably in recent years. After first losing his Adamantium, Wolverine's healing factor recovered and increased to a level far above his previous norm.[361][362][363] Another important fact is that Wolverine's healing factor and those of similar healing factor have a particular quality in how they work. For James, his children, and other animalistic mutants with healing factors, the healing ability focuses on the most life threatening injuries or problems and then moves on to lesser injuries. This has caused issues and been exploited by enemies such as when Logan captures Daken by having Bucky shoot Daken in the head with a Carbonadium bullet[364] or when a scientist was operating on Native and inserted a powerful radioactive material into her to slow Native's healing factor while she performed surgery.[365]
    • Contaminant Immunity: Wolverine's natural healing also affords him virtual immunity to poisons, viruses, diseases, and most drugs. For example, it is extremely difficult for him to become intoxicated from alcohol.[86] It can be accomplished with extraordinary amounts of alcohol,[172] and even then, the entire cycle of intoxication and hangover can be completed in mere minutes.[366] Wolverine's healing factor has cured him of the mystical curse of lycanthropy after he had been bitten and turned into a werewolf,[367] and from vampirism;[368] though it should be noted that the time it took to cure the werewolf curse was longer than the time it took to cure him of vampirism; when he was infected with vampirism he had also been infected with nanites to temporarily deactivate his healing factor and use him as a 'booby-trap' on the vampires.
    • Fatigue Resistance: Wolverine is partially resistant to fatigue poisons produced from physical activity.[86]
    • Decelerated Aging: In addition, Wolverine's healing factor provides him with an extended lifespan by slowing the effects of the aging process; Wolverine was born sometime during the late 19th century.[1] Although well over 100 years of age, Wolverine retains the health, appearance and physical vitality of a man in the physical prime of his life.[86]
    • Telepathic Resistance: Wolverine has stated to Emma Frost that he is resistant to telepathic probing, from both level 9 psi-shields implanted by Professor Charles Xavier[369] and his healing factor creating “mental scar tissue” blocking it,[370] although he is not completely immune to telepathy as he does appear to be vulnerable to extremely powerful telepaths such as Quentin Quire.[335]
  • Retractable Bone Claws: Wolverine's skeleton includes six retractable foot-long bone claws, three in each arm, that are housed beneath the skin and muscle of his forearms. Wolverine could, at will, release these slightly curved claws through his skin between the knuckles on each hand. The bone claws are naturally sharp and tougher than normal human bone; even before they were infused with Adamantium, they could penetrate most flesh and many natural materials.[86] After augmentation, his bones became indestructible and his claws are capable of piercing any material (relative to its thickness and the force Wolverine can exert).[86] The Adamantium bonding process which affected his bones effectively transformed them into a new alloy called "Adamantium-Beta"[371] which, combined with his healing factor, prevents his Adamantium skeleton from interfering with his bone marrows production of blood cells.[86] Wolverine can unsheathe any number of his claws at once, although he needs to keep his wrists straight at the moment his claws pass from his forearms into his hands. When unsheathed, the claws are housed entirely within his forearms, allowing him to bend his wrists when they are extended.[360]
    • Hot Claws: A new facet of his Adamantium tipped claws upon his resurrection is to cause them to heat up several thousand degrees in seconds.[372][373] A trait which is seemingly tied to Wolverine's berserker rage, how hot they can get remains a mystery but they can reach high enough temperatures to cause gasoline to ignite on contact with it.[374]
  • Superhumanly Acute Senses: Wolverine's super-human senses are a combination of a separate mutant ability and his Healing Factor since his sense organs atrophy at a much slower rate than normal humans.[360] His most improved senses are sight, hearing and smell. Due to these enhanced senses, Wolverine has claimed he can function in complete darkness as though it were daylight.[180] He can distinguish between the real Doctor Doom and his Doombots.[375]
    • Superhuman Hearing: Wolverine is capable of hearing sounds from a far greater distance than any human,[86] and is said to be less developed than Daredevil.[360]
    • Superhuman Sight: Wolverine sight is improved, allowing him to see further than a normal human.[86]
    • Superhuman Smell: Wolverine's sense of smell is even more magnified and allows him to recognize and track objects and people just by smell alone.[86] Daredevil once posited that Wolverine's sense of smell is slightly more developed than his.[376]
    • Superhuman Taste: Wolverine can distinguish individual ingredients in food or drink he consumes at a smaller part per volume than a normal person.[377]
    • Superhuman Touch: Wolverine's sense of touch gives him greater sensitivity to air direction and temperature differentials in his environment. He is able to sense Cyclops's incoming power beam based on the shift in air pressure that precedes its arrival.[171]
  • Superhuman Strength: Wolverine's reinforced skeleton allows him to withstand high levels of physical pressure. His strength is also boosted to enhanced levels, allowing him to lift more than 800 lbs but no more than 2 tons.[86][378][53]
  • Superhuman Speed: Wolverine is able to move at low level superhuman speeds. He has attacked faster than the eye could follow and even Spider-Man briefly thought Wolverine was faster than he was in their first fight. His combat speed seems more enhanced than anything else, as he has frequently kept up with Spider-Man in combat, and blitzed people before they pull their trigger fingers.
  • Superhuman Stamina: Wolverine's healing factor grants him superhuman stamina and is partially immune to fatigue toxins generated by physical exertion and thus has greater endurance than actual humans.[86] His stamina has been described as metahuman, indicating the ability to continually exert himself for several days at peak efficiency.[378]
  • Superhuman Durability: Wolverine has superhuman durability due a combination of his healing factor and Adamantium skeleton.[86][378]
  • Superhuman Reflexes and Agility: Wolverine's reflexes and agility are enhanced beyond the capabilities of the normal human body.[86][378] On several occasions, he was able to dodge Cyclops' optic blasts with ease,[285][122] although this is partly due to his enhanced senses.[171]
  • Animal Empathy: Wolverine has been seen to be able to understand the emotions of animals around them and communicate with them on a very basic level. Wolverine has been seen to be able to show animals his intentions and actions so he would not be perceived as a threat to them.[379][380]

Wolverine lost his healing factor for several times:


Skilled Tracker: Due to his superhuman sense, Wolverine is considered to be one of the world's most skilled trackers.[86]

Above Normal Intelligence: Wolverine has an above normal level of intelligence.[378]

Master Martial Artist: Wolverine has mastered virtually every form of hand to hand combat on Earth.[86] Due to his age and experience, Wolverine has taught many heroes some form for fighting, these include: the Black Widow,[400] Rogue,[401] Storm,[402] Nightcrawler,[403] Colossus,[404] Primal,[405][406] Sunspot, Armor,[235] Jubilee,[407] Rachel Summers,[402] Phoebe Cuckoo,[408] and Shadowcat in hand to hand combat.[402]

Weapons Expert: Wolverine is a trained expert with many guns, blades, explosives, and other weaponry due to his experiences as a solider, samurai, spy and mercenary.[86]

Computer and Vehicles Expert: Wolverine is trained in the use of several computer systems and vehicle repair[86] as well as being an accomplished pilot.[378]

Expert Assassin: Wolverine has knowledge of several assassination techniques.[86]

Multilingual: A polyglot; Wolverine is fluent in many languages including English, Japanese,[86] Russian,[86] Mandarin,[27][86] Cheyenne,[86] Lakota,[86] Spanish,[86] and Krakoan.[329] Logan also has some knowledge of Farsi,[409] French,[86] German,[86] Korean,[410] Thai,[86] and Vietnamese.[86] Notably, he is also one of the few individuals who has demonstrated the ability to understand Doopspeak.


Memory Issues: Likely due to his healing factor, Wolverine has experienced large periods of life without memories of certain traumatic events.[86]

Sensory Overload: One of Wolverine's weaknesses is the fact that his heightened senses could be taken advantage of. For instance, when Wolverine was fighting the Hulk (Bruce Banner), he was nearly killed by the Hulk's thunderclaps due to his heightened sense of hearing.[411]

Adamantium Allotropes: The Adamantium has thirteen different allotropes (variants) that are very unstable compared to Adamantium because of their different molecular configurations and thus physical properties. For example, Adamantium nine caused Wolverine to become dizzy and weak just by being in close contact with it.[412]

Hot Claws: A new addition to his abilities that comes with the drawback of weakening his regenerative ability the longer he has them active, having gone full tilt berserker during a skirmish with the X-Men leaving him drained of stamina as they absorb energy from his Healing Factor in order to work.[319]

Drowning: Of the few ways to kill Wolverine, given drowning cuts the brain's oxygen supply.[413] He has admitted that being kept underwater can kill him, with the healing factor only prolonging the agony.[414] Wolverine added that he is not fond of being on water, as the addition of nearly 100 pounds of Adamantium to his body reduced his buoyancy.[415]

Muramasa Blade: Wolverine's only specific vulnerability known to date. Created by having his soul infused into the katana, the efficiency of his mutant healing factor is decreased dramatically if he sustains injury from the Muramasa Blade. Wolverine has been wounded once with the blade[416] and, though the injury was very minor, it did not heal completely for 2 days.[4] Later the blade was broken and a piece of it was stolen by Daken and laced to the underside of his two wrists' bone claws, similar to his father's bonding process, by Phineas Mason (Tinkerer). Logan later removed the pieces of the Muramasa blade from Daken's arms and buried them with the rest of the blade in an unmarked grave near the Howlett Estate in Alberta.[251] After Logan's death, Laura Kinney and Carol Danvers were tricked into revealing the location of the blade and its fragments to the Orphans of X who melted it down and forged it into several bullets.[417] With the onset of X of Swords however, two all new Muramasa Blades were made by the late Swordsmith in the depths of Hell. It was made evident that the mystic incisor can cut through Adamantium as stated by Logan himself.[341]



Usually Logan wore a standard X-Men uniform or street clothes. His gloves often had grooves in the forearm so they did not tear when he unsheathed his claws.

James Howlett (Earth-616) from Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z Vol 1 1 001

Wolverine's skeleton and claws laced with Adamantium

Adamantium: Not part of his natural mutant attributes, Wolverine's entire skeleton, including his bone claws, were laced with the rare, artificial, and virtually indestructible metal alloy known as Adamantium - or True Adamantium. As a result, Wolverine's bones are virtually unbreakable.[26] The presence of the Adamantium has further enhanced the already razor-sharp edge of Wolverine's bone claws. Aside from being practically indestructible, the claws are capable of cutting through any solid material, with the known exception of Proto-Adamantium (Captain America's Shield).[419] However, Wolverine's ability to slice completely through a substance depends upon the thickness of the substance and the amount of force he can exert. The Adamantium also weighted his blows, dramatically increasing the effectiveness of his punches and kicks. His Adamantium claws have been able to damage the Thing,[420] the Hulk,[421] Gladiator,[422] Count Nefaria,[423] Thor Odinson,[424] Namor,[30] have been shown to easily penetrate Thanos's chest,[72] etc.

  • Adamantium Beta: Adamantium Beta is a metal that can bond to the human skeleton.[371] The properties of Adamantium Beta is capable of bonding directly into the structure of skeletal material while not inhibiting the living nature of the bone.[371] The only known occurrence of Adamantium Beta was during the Weapon X Project when it was experimented on Wolverine.[371] During the second part of the procedure, they laced his bones with Adamantium, and there was a reaction with his healing factor that bonded the metal with his skeleton.[371][26] As a result from Dr. Jaime Munoz's research, the Adamantium itself can regrow just as Wolverine's natural bones can.[371]

Wolverine's Suit


Throughout his life, Wolverine has used a variety of bladed weapons, most frequently daggers and, at times, swords; as a samurai, he was especially skilled with the katana. He has also wielded many different types of firearms throughout his careers as a soldier, a mercenary, and a spy. While he was highly skilled with firearms and because of his perfect eyesight it is very difficult for him miss when firing a gun, he has stated on multiple occasions that he isn't fond of them and prefers to use bladed weapons, despite this, Wolverine used guns frequently after he lost his healing factor.[426]

  • New Muramasa: After seeking out the ancient swordsmith whom created his prior blade, Wolverine now wields an all new enchanted Katana to participate in the battle for Krakoa.[341]


Wolverine Vol 2 51 page - James Howlett (Earth-616)

One of the many Wolverine's motorcycles

Various Motorcycles, Avengers' Quinjet and X-Men Blackbird and X-Men Dove, formerly Gateway, X-Men Stratojet, Professor Xavier's Rolls Royce.


  • While Wolverine has slain many henchmen, and even a few of his own super powered rogues, he has only ever killed two super heroes: Northstar[433] and the Hornet.[244] Both killing happened while being brainwashed by The Hand.
  • In the 90s, the comics era which saw the peak of Wolverine's popularity, Marvel had the character guest-star in so many books, that from mid-1990 to mid-1993 (for 33 consecutive months), there was not a single month in which at least one non-X-Men-related book featured Logan.[434]
  • Wolverine's record number of appearances in a single month is twenty-four, which occurred in January 2009.[435]
  • Wolverine was ranked as 4th on IGN's Top 100 Comic Book Heroes in 2011.[436]
  • Wolverine was also ranked as 5th in "The Top 50 Avengers."[437]
  • During the earliest stages of Wolverine's creation, Roy Thomas debated whether to call him that or "the Badger." He eventually opted for "Wolverine" since the other name had connotations that included pestering, bothering being annoying.[438]
  • Chris Claremont intended for Apocalypse to be behind the original adamantium injection in Logan's body. When Barry Windsor-Smith explored Wolverine's past as Weapon X, for no reason other than courtesy towards Claremont, he introduced the idea of Professor Truett Hudson taking orders from an unrevealed higher-up, with the intention of allowing Claremont to reveal said superior was Apocalypse.[439]
  • In 1996's DC vs. Marvel, Wolverine defeated Lobo, who was able to overpower Superman.[440]
  • Wolverine made a cameo appearance in the pages of DC's JLA #1 (January, 1997). In the scene, Wolverine and Doctor Doom are executed by a super villain team known as the Hyperclan. The scene was written by Grant Morrison.
  • Wolverine carries a medical card stating that he is a war veteran[441] who has a metal plate in the head, to help him bypass metal detectors in airports.[442]
  • Logan's blood is type O, Rhesus negative,[443] or is the sole individual on Earth with the Blood Type E.[444]
  • Wolverine told Jean Grey that he once survived for six months under a glacier by eating strips of his own arm (with the healing factor re-growing it back).[227]
  • Wolverine's healing factor requires large amounts of calories to operate, especially after recovering from severe injuries.[445]
  • Wolverine was once captured by S.H.I.E.L.D and imprisoned in "The Cage." His prisoner number was 412075.[446]
  • Wolverine and Spider-Man became blood brothers during a time travel adventure.[45]
  • During the time-travel adventure, Wolverine invented the beer, his greatest love.[267]
  • Being the Weapon X of the Program Weapon Plus, Wolverine considered himself as a Sentinel.[227]
  • Nick Fury stated that in a perfect world, Wolverine would be a level ten S.H.I.E.L.D. agent.[358][442]
  • Deadpool has claimed to have hacked Wolverine's Tumblr account.[447]
  • Logan might suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.[448]
  • In Alpha Flight (Vol. 2) #1 (August, 1997), when part of Department H, Wolverine was given a codename based on the Greek alphabet as Weapon X or "Chi." The letter "X" in the Greek alphabet is called "chi" and is written exactly like the "X" (ex) of the English alphabet. The use of the Greek Alphabet makes sense for Department H-related codenames. The Department has connections to teams named after letters of the Greek alphabet: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Omega.
  • According to Vindicator, it is not Wolverine's powers or fighting skills that make him dangerous, but his mind.[449]
  • In the 2007 Transformers movie, Wolverine is explicitly referenced by Glen Whitmann (Anthony Anderson). Observing scratch marks left by AX9-8946-09SU-1, Sergeant Epps (Tyrese Gibson) compares them to Freddy Krueger. Whitman reminds him Krueger had four blades, whereas Wolverine has three, which served better for the comparison.
  • For April Fools' Day 2016, Library and Archives Canada posted a fake article announcing the acquisition of the declassified journals and military records of Wolverine. The article was accompanied by scans of an attestation paper under his name.[450]
  • Once a year, Wolverine ventures into the woods on Native American land to remind himself that he is more of a man than an animal after a Native man helped to remind him of that fact during a period when he was more feral, in part by imparting the 'wise tale' of the 'two dogs' "Inside of me there are two dogs. One of the dogs is mean and evil. The other dog is good. The mean dog fights the good dog, all of the time." When asked which dog wins, he reflected for a moment and replied "The one I feed the most." During one of these yearly excursions he met Maya Lopez who was on a vision quest and told the story to her and how he felt it related to him, the man who told Wolverine the story heard it from Maya's father a few weeks before her father died.[451]
  • Due to the character's popularity, Wolverine has been part of several teams concurrently. In the early 2010s, he was part of the X-Men, X-Force, the Avengers, and the New Avengers. In New Avengers (Vol. 2) #1, he quips that multitasking is his mutant power.
    • Wolverine has so many stories written about him that his shelf towers above everyone else's in Now and Then's House of Ideas.[452]
  • Logan has used the email address ''[453]
  • Wolverine's Dawn of X modernized brown costume came about because of X-Men editor Jordan D. White being tired of seeing the character in the yellow and blue costume. When Declan Shalvey was drawing Return of Wolverine #3, the issue featured a scene inside Logan's psyche of him talking with a version of himself wearing his X-Force costume. When White saw the uncolored artwork, it occurred to him to use it as the base for a modern version of the brown costume. Jordan did a rough coloring of Declan's lineart and sent it to House of X creators Jonathan Hickman and Pepe Larraz, who liked the idea and implemented it into the book.[454]

Creation and Development[]

James Howlett (Earth-616) from Marvel Comics Vol 1 1000 page 37

The Creation of Wolverine

  • Editor Roy Thomas conceived the idea of Wolverine; the name, size, attitude and nationality of the character, thinking it was a good idea due to the abundance of Canadian comic readers.[455]
  • Logan's main traits, those of solitude, fierceness and stumpy physique are directly inspired by those of wolverines.[438]
  • When proposing Wolverine's creation to Len Wein, Thomas gave him the requirements that "(1) He was Canadian, and announced as such right away. (2) He was short, because a wolverine is a small animal. (3) He had a quick temper, because wolverines are known for being fierce and taking on beasts far bigger than they are."[438]
  • Even though Marvel officially credits only Roy Thomas, Len Wein and John Romita as Wolverine's co-creators, Roy Thomas stated he considered Herb Trimpe to be one as well since he penciled the issue Wolverine first appeared in. Trimple himself didn't consider himself deserving of it.[438]
  • Wolverine was drastically different when Len Wein first introduced him. Wein envisioned the character as being young, in his early twenties as much; his claws were originally part of his gloves rather than his own body.[455]
  • One of the initial plans by David Cockrum and Chris Claremont when they took over X-Men was to reveal Logan was an an actual wolverine evolved into a humanoid by the High Evolutionary. According to Cockrum himself, Stan Lee nixed the idea.[456]
  • According to Peter Parker, Logan smells like "a wet dog that's always drunk."[457]

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