Quote1.png Sorry to talk with my mouth full, but once I start a meal I gotta finish... Or they tend ta wander off and cause a ruckus! Quote2.png
-- Wolverine


Wolverine was recruited from his home reality by Timebroker to stop the threat of Brother Mutant.[1]

He was decapitated by a brainwashed Patch sent by Brother Mutant. He was killed alongside Elsie-Dee when she self-distructed in front of Brother Mutant.[2]


Seemingly those of the Logan of Earth-2149.

  • This zombified version of Wolverine is not the same Wolverine that was seen in the Marvel Zombies comics but rather from a divergent timeline.
  • When Zombie Wolverine learned Patch's eyepatch was just a disguise, he found it unbelievable that no one recognized Patch's hairstyle.

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