Logan was among the mutants who apparently left Earth with Magneto during the late 20th century. A major battle occurred between Magneto and Apocalypse when they stopped at Jupiter's moon, Europa, leaving Logan in charge of the colonists. They wandered space for generations looking for a new world to call home. The mutant colonists eventually found a barely hospitable world they ironically named "Haven". Logan was the last of the original colonists alive when they found Haven, but he refused to lead the colony. His descendants would lead in his place.

At one point during his travels, Logan battled Gladiator of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard, and one of his Adamantium claws was snapped off in combat.

The details of Logan's death are unknown, but he somehow returned to Earth and Doctor Doom used his Adamantium skeleton as part of an exoskeleton and life support system to preserve himself.[1]


Seemingly those of James Howlett of Earth-616.

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