Quote1.png She ain't yer wife, bub. She was Pete's wife. And whatever you are... whatever you become.. you ain't Peter Parker. Quote2.png
-- Wolverine src


Presumably, this Wolverine followed the same path as Wolverine of Earth-616. When Spider-Man refused the giant spider's offer and the Venom Symbiote took over him, becoming Poison, he attacked Stark Tower to search for Mary Jane and Aunt May, so Wolverine told Poison to back off. Poison replied that Logan was being overprotective of his wife and there was a thing engaging, and Wolverine replied that Mary Jane was Peter's wife, not Poison's. Poison replied that Logan said that like it was a bad thing, and he tried to fend off Poison along with Luke Cage, but Poison took them out both easily by throwing Wolverine on a wall and used a symbiote-stinger to pierce Luke Cage's Skin, causing him to be helpless on the floor before Poison left.[1]


Seemingly those of the James Howlett of Earth-616


Seemingly those of the James Howlett of Earth-616


  • Adamantium Claws.

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