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Commonly known as "Old Man Logan", this version of the Wolverine comes from a future where villains destroyed everything good in the world, including his family. Now trapped in a world not quite his own, Logan fights to prevent his future from ever coming to pass.

Details about his life, from his past life in his home dimension (Earth-807128) to his more recent adventures in the Prime Earth, can be found below.


Before the Uprising

War of 1812

During the war of 1812, Logan was Canada's best assassin. Sometime during the war, Logan's body was taken over by his future self. Afterwards, he was captured by enemy forces, and had the amulet used to transport him through time taken away. Soon, he was cut while being tortured, but instantly healed, making his torturer think he was bewitched. He then broke out of the cell using his bone claws, and subdued the man who took his amulet. His older self then left his body, and he regained control.[1]

Weapon X

During his time in Weapon X, where the indestructible metal Adamantium was bonded to his skeletal structure,[2] Logan's younger self was once again taken over by his older counterpart. The amulet he used to do this was seen by Weapon X scientists, resulting in them electrocuting Logan to try and prevent him from getting it. However, he managed to grab the amulet, and his older self left his body, giving control back to his younger self.[1]

Debut as Wolverine

Similar to the Wolverine of Earth-616, Logan appears to have made his debut as Wolverine during a battle between Hulk and Wendigo as seen when his older self took over his younger self's body.[1] During this battle, Logan, possessed by his older self, fought against both the Hulk and Wendigo, and tried to recover the amulet that would take him forward in time. After being assualted by Hulk and Wendigo multiple times, Logan obtained his amulet, and his younger self regained control of his body as his older counterpart was again transported to another time.[3]

Dark Phoenix

When his universe's X-Men battled the Dark Phoenix in New York, Logan was yet again taken over by his older self. When this happened, Logan was utterly powerless to stop anything from changing, and the older Logan was taken to another point in time, giving his younger self control of his body again.[3]

Japan and Mariko

James Howlett (Earth-807128) and Mariko Yashida (Earth-807128) from Old Man Logan Vol 2 22

Logan and Mariko.

Logan met Mariko in his prime, and he fought through a horde of ninjas to rescue her, as seen when his older self possessed his body. He was also in a romantic relationship with her, as seen when he kissed her.[3]


Logan seemingly operated as Patch in Madripoor, as seen when his older self took over his past self's body in an attempt to get back to his home reality after ending up in the Prime Earth.[3] During this time, Logan was possessed briefly by his future self, and he fought against an enemy mobster named Dragonhead. After killing him and his henchmen, Logan chased down a thief who had stolen his amulet, and got it back. Logan then regained control of his body after his future self left his body.[4]

Astral Plane

At some point in his history, most likely before the night the heroes fell, Logan spent 20 years in the Astral Plane, where he constantly battled the Shadow King before killing him.[5]

Villain Uprising

On the night that the heroes fell and the villains gained control, Wolverine was at the X-Mansion with Jubilee receiving an emergency signal from the Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D., the Fantastic Four, Wakanda, and everywhere else.

X-Men (Earth-807128) from Wolverine Vol 3 70 001

Realizing he killed the X-Men.

The Mansion was then seemingly invaded by a group of super-villains, many of whom were believed dead. Wolverine began to evacuate the younger students while the rest of the X-Men mysteriously vanished after the onslaught began. After killing nearly all of the villains, the fight came down to Wolverine and Bullseye. After finally finishing him off, Bullseye was then revealed to be Jubilee. Mysterio appeared and the illusion was swept away: Wolverine, while under Mysterio's illusion, had slaughtered the X-Men. Stricken with grief, Wolverine ran into the wilderness and was unable to account for his time there. He then attempted to commit suicide by laying his neck on the train tracks as a train approached. The attempt failed, but he decided that the "Wolverine" was dead anyway. He put the violence of his past behind him and simply went by "Logan" thereafter.[6]

Earth-807128 from Old Man Logan Vol 2 5 001

Logan roams the Wastelands.

Meeting Maureen

Logan then roamed the continent of North America for years, until he arrived at the Weapon X Facility, which was settled by a group of survivors. Thinking that he was a spy of some sort, they beat Logan until Maureen stepped in and stopped them. She then showed him around their camp and introduced herself to him.[7] Logan and Maureen soon developed a romantic relationship, and lived happily until their base was attacked by super-villains, and they were forced to flee to Japan.[8]

However, they were soon kidnapped by a group of ninja called the Silent Order, resulting in Logan being stabbed in the neck. This ended up revealing to Maureen that he had regenerative abilities.[9] With their interested peaked, the Silent Order ninja took Logan and Maureen to their leaders, Sohei and the Silent Monk.[10] Logan, after having the Silent Monk look inside his head, broke free or his restraints, and killed everybody in the Silent Order.[11] Maureen was horrified at what Logan had done, but ultimately accepted it because it was for the greater good. She then told him that she wanted to go back to North America and also that she was pregnant.[11]

Logan, afraid of what would happen to his new family if his life continued to be filled with violence, promised Maureen that he would never be the Wolverine, or kill, ever again. They then went back to Amerika (previously the United States of America), and settled down in an abandoned barn in the Hulkland, most precisely in the territory where California once was located.[12]

Life in the Wastelands

Pig Poacher

When a mysterious poacher started to steal his family's pigs, Logan, his son Scotty, and a blinded, elderly Hawkeye built a barn to hide in to surprise the poacher when they struck again. As they built the structure, Hawkeye told Logan that the poacher was practically doing him a favor, since most of the pigs were sick. Scotty then asked why the pigs kept getting sick, to which replied that it was due the multiple nuclear bombs somebody decided to set off after the villain uprising. Soon afterwards, Scotty asked Logan why the superheroes didn't stop the uprising from happening, but Logan told him to stop asking questions because he wanted to get the barn finished before lunch.[13]

James Howlett (Earth-807128) and Clinton Barton (Earth-807128) from Old Man Logan Vol 2 27

Logan and Hawkeye on a stakeout.

That night, Logan and Hawkeye hid in the barn they built, trying to catch the poacher. As they waited, Hawkeye reflected on their past, and how they used to save the world from villains such as Apocalypse and Thanos, and complained how it was humiliating that they'd been reduced two old men sitting in pig dung to catch a poacher. Logan responded by saying that his family was his world, and that he'd do anything to protect them, and if that meant sitting in hog waste, he'd do it. However, he was silenced by Hawkeye, who told them that the poacher had arrived.[14] The two then went outside, Hawkeye pointing a gun at the poacher, only to discover that it was Cambria Banner, a child member of the Hulk Gang, Logan's landlords. Logan made Hawkeye lower his weapon, and told the girl that he needed the pigs to pay the rent to her father. She then proceeded to voice her hatred for her father, and Logan decided to let her go with the pig so she could eat, despite the dangers he could face if a member of the Hulk Gang found out he didn't take her back to them, and told her that she couldn't take anymore pigs.[15]

James Howlett (Earth-807128) and his family farm from Wolverine Vol 3 66

Logan approaching his family's farm.

Struggle to Pay Rent

A farmer and family man, Logan lived a peaceful existence despite all of the death and destruction of his world and occasionally his neighbors in the Hulkland.[16] He once even got to take his family on a vacation, though it was somewhat traumatic for his daughter, Jadie, who found skeletal corpses at the beach when she and Logan were playing in the water.[17] At one point, Logan was taken over by his future self, and he tried to stop his family from dying. Logan tried to fight back against the Hulk Gang when they came telling him that he owed them rent, but discovered that he couldn't pop his claws. After receiving a savage bearing, he realized that he couldn't change his family's destiny, and the future Logan left his younger self's body, giving the the two control of their respective bodies once more.[18] Trying to pay the rent his family owed to the Hulk Gang, Logan and his son Scotty travelled to the Black Butcher's market to try and get money to make the payment, only to experience the Black Butcher slapping his son. Logan then left before he lost control of himself, returning home with Scotty empty handed.[19]

Road Trip

One day, after failing to sell pigs to his neighbors to pay the month's rent due to gamma radiation infecting them with a deadly disease,[13] Logan's children Scotty and Jadie offered to sell their toys. Logan refused to sell them, realizing that he would be unable to pay, and that the Hulk Gang probably wouldn't accept a simple plea to pay double next month.

The Hulk Gang arrived the next day to confront Logan on his lack of payment, and violently beat him, mocking his inability to fight back despite once having been the most violent of superheroes; though Logan entertained visions of gutting the eldest Hulk brother, he remained calm and took his beating, to the disappointment of his son, Scotty. The Hulk Gang then told Logan that he and his family would die if they didn't pay double next month. Healing from the injuries in bed during the night, though very slowly due to his age; Logan was confronted by Hawkeye. In order to pay off his rent, Logan accepted a job from Hawkeye: help him to navigate across the country and deliver a secret package, possibly illegal.

The next morning Logan said goodbye to his wife and children. They left in the vehicle once known as the Spider-Mobile, newly customized by Hawkeye for a long trek. Hawkeye was in the driving seat; despite his being blind, the vehicle was still his, and Logan's purpose on the journey was to help him stick to the right direction.

Amerika from Wolverine Vol 3 66 002


Turning on the car's Satnav, Logan saw a map of Amerika, now a land dominated entirely by super-villains, who have renamed cities and areas for themselves, with names such as "Lair of the Creel Gang", "The Lizard King's Domain", "Paste Pot Creek", "Hammer Falls", "Osborn City", "The Kingdom of the Kingpin", and "Doom's Lair". The route plotted for the two old men went straight through the heart of Amerika.[20]

They passed San Francisco, where Moloids had devastated the area. A biker gang, calling themselves the "Ghost Riders", attacked the two partners and tried to see what Hawkeye was carrying in the Spider-Mobile's trunk. Logan took a beating from the gang, and Hawkeye killed them all. When asked why he didn't defend himself, Logan had a brief flashback which revealed a massive beating from Wild Child, Apocalypse, Omega Red, and Mr. Sinister. The pair then traveled to Hammer Falls, formerly Las Vegas, where people gathered to pray for the return of the heroes. There, an Ultron robot told Clint his third wife, who was also Spider-Man's youngest child, was waiting for him: their child had gotten the idea of assuming the mantle of Spider-Girl and went to confront the Kingpin, where she would soon be executed.[21]

Logan and Hawkeye headed for Fisk Lake City to rescue Spider-Girl who attempted to defeat the Kingpin with the help of Daredevil and the Punisher. In an arena filled with cheering spectators, the new Kingpin, after stating that he had killed Magneto because he got too old, and took his turf, had the two executed by feeding them to dinosaurs.

Wolverine Vol 3 67 Textless

Logan and Hawkeye.

After crashing the Spider-Mobile through the side of the building holding Spider Girl, Hawkeye killed all of the guards without the help of Logan. The Kingpin arrived as Hawkeye freed his daughter. But upon being freed, she killed the Kingpin and turned on Hawkeye, revealing that she was in fact only interested in ruling over the Kingpin's turf. As Spider-Girl prepared to kill her father, Logan looked on. Having only accompanied Hawkeye to the end of helping his family out their financial rut and having taken a vow of pacifism, refusing to so much as pop his claws for the last several decades, Logan reluctantly prepared to step into the conflict, saying before he did, "Damn you to Hell for making me do this, Hawkeye."[22]

Logan then proceeded to drive the Spider-Mobile through the site of the brawl, where he grabbed Hawkeye, and crashed out the side of the building, and the two made a break for it. Spider Girl then ordered her new minions after them, and soon Logan and Hawkeye were being chased down by at least fifty cars, some with raptors. Before they could gain on the two heroes, the Moloids collapsed the ground around them, swallowing them into the Earth.

Logan awoke a few hours later, thousands of feet underground. He activated a glow-stick, and saw that the Moloids had devoured everyone except Logan and Hawkeye. He then helped Hawkeye out of an overturned Spider-Mobile, then got back in, and used the Spider-Mobile to drive up the wall underground and out of the chasm. They then proceeded to drive cross-country, back on their route. On their way, they passed through Paste Pot Creek, Wyoming, home to dinosaur imports from the Savage Land; Electroville, where a collapsed Baxter Building lay over the giantic skeleton of Loki; and South Dakota, where the Red Skull, new president of the United States, had his face on Mount Rushmore, and also home to a hostless Venom symbiote.

They then made their way to Iowa, where the two stopped at a bar for a drink. It was here that Logan revealed that he's only doing this for the money to pay the rent for his family. He said he didn't get excited by death anymore, and didn't want to go back to the way he was, that he said he was afraid to. That statement triggered a flashback of Wolverine, costume torn and bloodied, standing over the dead bodies of Omega Red, Mister Sinister, and Lady Deathstrike. A man then came over and was about to joke about the two heroes' "heart-to-heart" when Logan tackled him and put his fist under his jaw, tempting him to make a joke. He then stormed out of the bar, after being stopped by Hawkeye. Clint, frustrated and curious, begged Logan to tell him what happened to him. Logan then agreed to tell him his story about what happened to him on the night the heroes fell.[23]

After the flashback, Logan and Hawkeye set out back on their journey. They come across a young boy named Dwight wearing Ant-Man's helmet and asking for a toll of eighty cents to cross a bridge. If they didn't pay he would have the ants take care of them ,to which Logan replied, "Is this a joke?" Hawkeye paid the toll and told Logan the kid was serious and that it's eighty cents well spent. As they drove over the bridge several corpses were seen under it. They continued on past a herd of dinosaurs while a Venom symbiote controlled Tyrannosaurus rex followed behind them.[6]

They noticed the T-rex and attempted to shoot at it while being monitored on a security screen by Emma Frost. She sent Black Bolt to stop the Venom T-rex with his vocal powers, and after repairing the Spider-Mobile, Emma allowed Logan and Hawkeye to continue with their journey.

Upon reaching their destination of New Babylon, formerly Washington, D.C., and now covered in all areas with propaganda by the Red Skull, Hawkeye revealed that the box contained ninety-nine samples of the Super-Soldier Serum to be used by members of an underground resistance to form a new group of Avengers to tackle the villains. Hawkeye's price for delivering the package was that he wanted to be given one of the samples so that he could join the new Avengers. Unfortunately, the resistance movement was a hoax and the whole deal was part of a sting operation by S.H.I.E.L.D., Logan was gunned down by the undercover S.H.I.E.L.D. operatives, led by Tobias, and Hawkeye was then killed.[24]

Logan and Hawkeye's bodies were then brought to the Red Skull's trophy room at the White House. Logan's healing factor prevented him from dying and he slowly healed from the bullet wounds. One of the goons was about to tell the others, but was kicked in the family jewels and knocked unconscious as Logan got up and began beating the life out of Tobias and his goons.

The Red Skull sealed the room and began mocking Logan, how he was a pacifist and a coward, and that he should crawl back into whatever hole he had hid in, even mocking the fact that Logan wouldn't pop his claws. Logan began throwing the Red Skull through his display cases, spewing hero memorabilia everywhere. The Skull got his hands on the Ebony Blade, and came at Logan, just as Logan was able to grab Captain America's Shield, and deflected the blow. Logan got the best of him, and was standing over the Skull ready for the kill.

Logan then decapitated the Skull with the shield, and began hearing the guards attempting to blow a hole into the room. He searched the room for a weapon, and chose to don Iron Man's Armor, blasting a hole through the door, and grabbing the case of cash before flying out of the White House at full speed back to California.

The armor eventually warned him that he was consuming the last of the fuel rods, and that a crash was imminent, but Logan pushed the armor faster and harder, causing him to crash in the desert many miles from his home. Two travelers noticed the crash, and began to make their way to it to scavenge the metal when Logan became conscious again and fought them off.

Thirty-six hours later, Logan finally made his way back to the family farm, meeting his neighbor, Abe Donovan, outside his house. Logan asked if the Hulk Gang had been around, and explained that he had their money. Abe reluctantly gave him the bad news, the Hulk Gang "got bored" and came by early, murdering his entire family.

Logan viewed their broken bodies inside the house as Abe reminded him that the good Christian thing to do was to bury and mourn them, and any retribution he sought would only cause more problems for the other families in that area. Logan didn't seem to be listening, and when his neighbor asked him if he heard what was said, Logan's face changed and he replied: "The name isn't Logan, bub... it's Wolverine."; while popping his claws for the first time in fifty years.[25]


James Howlett (Earth-807128) and Bruce Banner (Earth-807128) from Wolverine Old Man Logan Giant-Size Vol 1 1 004

Killing Pappy Banner.

Filled with rage, Wolverine tracked down every single member of the Banner clan and killed them with his Adamantium claws in revenge for what they did to his family. After almost all the members were dead, he went to the main hideout where Pappy Banner was hiding with his baby grandson, Bruce, Jr. Banner told Wolverine that he killed his family hoping that the Wolverine would comeback for revenge, giving him the opportunity to have one final fight with his foe.

Although Banner was extremely strong, Wolverine was able to stab him. Unfortunately, Banner transformed into the Hulk and ate Logan, "killing" him. Later that night, the Hulk started to feel sick, and from his guts, Wolverine reappeared killing him from the inside out, thanks to his healing factor.

Then, Wolverine returned to his farm, buried his family and went to restore the law in the country, with the help of baby, Bruce Jr., whom Wolverine planned to raise as his son and trained to be a hero in his own right.[26]

Secret Wars

When the Multiverse was destroyed and reborn in the form of Battleworld, Logan ended up in the domain known as the Wastelands, a recreation of his native reality.[27]

After having declared to set his world right, Logan disrupted a poker game between the Gladiator and his Flying Devils, and ended their human trafficking ring by killing them, freeing those imprisoned. While on the way back to meet with Danielle Cage, Logan witnessed a decapitated head of an Ultron Sentinel fall from above. Wishing to investigate further, he brought it along with him back home to Carson City, where Hulk Jr. and Danielle were also residing. After explaining this new development to her, he carried on to investigate the head's origins. Thanks to a visit to Hammer Falls and meeting with the dying Emma Frost, he found out that it had come from beyond the Wastelands, and decided to venture beyond his domain.[28]

When Logan trespassed upon its borders, he was approached by a Thor of the Thor Corps,[28] and was attacked by her for breaking God Emperor Doom's laws, falling into the Domain of Apocalypse in the process. Already healed from the burns caused by the Thor's attack, Logan was attacked by Creed, who was one of the Horsemen of Apocalypse, and his Infinite soldiers, but was rescued by the X-Men and taken to their hideout, where they were attacked by Apocalypse himself and his other Horsemen.[29]

The battle that ensued was intervened against by the Thor who attacked Logan earlier, and as she had an argument with Apocalypse, Logan fled and hid himself. The Thor then demanded to know to where he had run, but no one answered. Angry, she attacked both the X-Men and the Horsemen of Apocalypse, which made Apocalypse furious, and then went looking for Logan throughout the domain. When she was near the domain's walls, Logan climbed up and attacked her from behind. Enraged, the Thor attacked him with another lightning bolt and let him fall into the neighboring domain, Technopolis, as she was attacked by Apocalypse's Infinite soldiers.

Logan was taken to Stark Tower by Baron Stark and Grand Marshal James Rhodes, the Thor of that domain. After healing his wounds, Logan woke up and found out he was in a totally different domain from the one he expected. He ended up engaging Rhodes in fight, but was defeated and sent to the Deadlands as punishment for breaking Doom's laws.[30]

Thanks to his healing factor, Logan managed to fight through the hordes of zombies of the Deadlands, taking shelter inside a cave, where he found an uninfected She-Hulk, who had been there for a long time. He was trying to convince her to throw him out of the Deadlands when the zombies who were pursuing Logan found them. In a desperate attempt to save Logan's life, She-Hulk caught him and jumped as high as she could to throw him out of the Deadlands as he had suggested, ultimately sacrificing her own life to do so. Afterwards, Logan found himself in the Kingdom of Manhattan.[31]

While wandering the city he hadn't seen in years, Logan met this domain's Jean Grey and Emma Frost, and was taken by them to met the rest of the X-Men, as well as the son of one of the Wolverines of the domain, Jimmy Hudson. Later, after leading the superhero population of the Kingdom of Manhattan in a rebellion against God Emperor Doom, Logan found himself in a new world.[32]

Prime Earth

All-New, All-Different Marvel


Logan awoke in the Prime Marvel Universe, an alternate reality set in a similar past to his own. He immediately decided to kill the people responsible for turning his future into what it became, before they had the chance to do so.[19] He also chose to remain under the radar, believing it was his destiny to kill the X-Men, something he would do anything to avoid.[33]

Old Man Logan Vol 2 2 Textless

Logan meets the Totally Awesome Hulk.

His first target was Black Butcher, a D-list villain that in Logan's future had stolen his son's baseball cap.[19] After killing him, Logan remained set up in a workshop to get his bearings, before hearing on the radio that the Hulk was in Manhattan. Logan immediately set out to kill him, leading to a fight. Weakened by old age, Logan was no match for a Hulk in the prime of his youth, and failed to kill him. The fight stopped when Logan realized that the Hulk he was fighting was not Banner, but in fact Amadeus Cho. Hurt from the fight and trying to avoid the police, he fled to Brooklyn and broke into Clint Barton's home, to get some help. To his dismay, he found Kate Bishop there instead.[16]

After explaining who he was and passing out on Hawkeye's couch, Logan awoke thirty-three hours later. Upon learning that he was looking for Mysterio, Bishop looked up his last known whereabouts on S.H.I.E.L.D.'s database and demanded to come with Logan as he investigated. When they arrived, they found two individuals there. Logan immediately attacked them, cutting off one man's hand, despite them denying that they knew who Mysterio was. A horrified Kate Bishop tried to stop him, but Logan quickly neutralized her, as the two men escaped. Logan gave chase, but was stopped by the arrival of Steve Rogers.[17]

The two of them confronted each other, until Kate Bishop interfered and fired a tranquilizer arrow at Logan, knocking him unconscious. Waking up in Alberta, Canada, Logan was told by Steve that he had something to show him, but Logan thought it was one of Mysterio's illusions and attacked Steve, though he was defeated. Steve later showed the Adamantium-encased corpse of this reality's counterpart, revealing to him that this was not his past, all of which prompted Logan to tell him about the future that he had experienced and how Banner took away his family. Steve offered his help, but Logan refused.[34]

Chance at Redemption

Extraordinary X-Men Vol 1 1 Textless

With the X-Men.

Logan managed to stay under the radar for eight months, but eventually caught the attention of the X-Men and was confronted by Cerebra. The team initially believed him to be the late Logan of their universe.[35] He initially refused Storm's proposal to join her X-Men,[36] but he was finally convinced by the time-displaced Jean Grey, who promised to stop him at the slightest chance he'd go down the path he believed he was destined to. The two were then picked up by Cerebra, who took them to Limbo to assist the X-Men when Magik was knocked out by the Marauders, allowing demons to attack X-Haven.[33] Soon, the X-Men defeated the demons of Limbo thanks to the help of Sapna, a Mutant recently recruited by Illyana. The team then travelled to Manhattan to rescue Colossus and Magik from Mister Sinister and his Marauders. The X-Men then snuck into Sinister's laboratory thanks to Jean Grey cloaking them via telepathy. The X-Men then defeated the Marauders easily, and freed both Colossus and Magik from imprisonment. Sinister, not being able to fight the entire X-Men team in a fight due to being stabbed by Logan, released a clone of Cyclops modified with Inhuman DNA to battle them. Jean scanned his mind, and discovered that it didn’t have a mind of his own. After learning this, Logan attempted to kill the clone, only to end up blasted outside of the lab by an optic blast. Later, Logan woke up to Jean, lying in rubble with half of his flesh burned off. Logan then had Jean help him surprise his pain, and went to attack the clone. After stabbing the clone, it became unstable, threatening to explode. To save Manhattan, Jean then telekineticslly elevated the clone to an area where the explosion couldn’t do any damage. Meanwhile, Colossus and Magik defeated Sinister, and the X-Men Soon gathered to address the public, telling them what their current mission was, and the team returned to X-Haven. Upon arriving, Jean told Logan that whether he joined the X-Men or not, she’d follow him. Logan then joined the team, starting a new chapter in his life.[37]


After taking a momentary leave, Logan decided to head to Killhorn Falls, where Maureen grew up, but she was still a child. Unbeknownst to Logan, the Reavers, led by Lady Deathstrike, followed him there in the hopes of subduing him.[7] When Logan searched for Maureen's missing dog, and discovered its corpse after it had been killed by the Reavers.[38] As the Reavers massacred the town, Logan singlehandedly killed them all and confronted Lady Deathstrike before saving Maureen. Depiste being wounded multiple times, Logan managed defeated Deathstrike. As she left, limping, Logan fell unconscious. Realizing that he failed to protect Maureen from the chaos, Logan vowed to hunt down Lady Deathstrike.[39]


Logan, alongside Colossus, Magik, and Iceman, was assigned to venture into Weirdworld to bring Sunfire to X-Haven; however, Storm secretly told Logan that if Sunfire didn't comply, he would have to kill him.[40] Sunfire did comply though, and he went with the X-Men to X-Haven.[41]

The Last Ronin

Logan went to a bar in Tokyo as Patch, where he met a crime lord named Eito. Logan attempted to bribe him for information on Lady Deathstrike's whereabouts, but the meeting turned out to be a ruse. He was gunned down by Eito's henchmen, but he healed and then slaughtered them all. Before he killed Eito, Logan interrogated him and learned that Lady Deathstrike was in a remote village. Logan traveled there, noting that it was where he and Maureen had attempted to find refuge in his past. The village was seemingly abandoned, but he found Yuriko chained to a wall, begging for his help. He was then ambushed by the Silent Order.[8] Four days later, he awoke in a well and attempted to climb out, but he was shot down by the Order's commander, General Sohei. Once Logan succeeded in climbing out of the well, he saw he was at a temple and Lady Deathstrike was in a cage. He was then attacked by Sohei and the rest of the Silent Order, ultimately overwhelmed by the horde of ninja, so he had no choice but to free Lady Deathstrike and seek her aid.[42]

After Logan and Yuriko managed to kill all of the ninja, she attempted to kill Sohei, but was cut down by him, causing her to stumble back into the well. Just as Logan attempted to confront Sohei, he was telekinetically assaulted by his unwitting enforcer, a mutant child called the Silent Monk. The Monk had had a vision of his death in the future and tried to prevent it by killing Logan in the present by throwing him into the well over and over again. Lady Deathstrike threw an arrow into the Silent Monk's thigh, causing him to fall into the well as well and Logan then threatened to kill the young mutant unless Sohei released him and Yuriko.[11] Sohei called Logan's bluff, but knew that Yuriko was more than willing to murder a helpless child. Sohei agreed to their demands just as the Silent Monk regained consciousness and lashed out. The Monk transformed into a giant creature as his powers ran wild. Logan convinced the young boy to read his mind, assuring the Monk that Logan's future will never likely come true. The young boy then realized that Sohei had been manipulating him and subdued Sohei and the remaining Silent Order ninja. Logan offered to take the Silent Monk to X-Haven, an offer that he accepted.[43]

Extraordinary X-Men Vol 1 8 Textless

Logan and the X-Men versus Apocalypse.

Omega World

One day, Storm was in her office contemplating the state of mutantkind, when Logan snuck in and told her that she looked tired. After the two consoled each other, they nearly kissed before Forge barged in. He then told them that they should get the team together because Cerebra detected a large amount of mutants were found in Tokyo, Japan. Wanting to investigate immediately, Logan suggested that he and Colossus go alone, but Colossus takes his a team of young mutants with him, claiming that it would be a good experience for them. Running into resistance from Sugar Man, the rest of the X-Men arrived. After beating Sugar Man with little effort, Magik and Marvel Girl, interrogated him, finding out that he sent the X-Men and mutants, which turned out to be mutant embryos, to the future. Forge then reverse-engineered Sugar Man's time-travel device, and had Cerebra take all of them, with the exception of himself and Magik, to the point in time that Colossus and his team were moved to. Once the team arrived in a desolate area of Omega World, Marvel Girl detects somebody in a nearby building. Logan then scouted ahead before being blasted by the people in the building: Colossus' team of Anole, No-Girl, Ernst, and Glob Herman. Glob apologized to Logan before the Horsemen of Apocalypse arrived with a brainwashed Colossus leading them.[44]

Extraordinary X-Men Vol 1 11 Textless

Logan bonded with the Venom symbiote.

After discovering that Colossus and his team had been trapped on Omega World for over a year, the X-Men began to battle the Horsemen of Apocalypse.[45] The Horsemen then stole the Mutant embryos, and retreated. Storm, on the verge of a mental breakdown, is then consoled by Logan and Iceman, who tell her that Omega World will not come into fruition, and that they still had time to make things right. The teams then travel to the Horsemen's base, and attempt to make a short cut through the corpse of Galactus, which is infested by Moleoids. They are then ambushed, and Jean is taken from the group. Logan then keeps the Moleoids off of Jean long enough for her to defeat all of the Moleoids. After finishing their journey, Colossus tosses the Venom symbiote at the group. Trying to protect everybody, Logan tries to fight the symbiote, only to become its host.[46] Logan then battled Jean Grey, as Nightcrawler and Storm attempted to save the mutant embryos, which were destroyed by Apocalypse. Nightcrawler, in a fit of rage, almost killed Apocalypse, causing the destruction of Omega World. Magik then comes to the future, and teleports all of the X-Men and Apocalypse back to X-Haven. However, Colossus is then teleported away from the X-Men by Apocalypse, making Logan furious.[47]

Kingdoms Fall

When X-Haven was attacked by The World-Eater, Logan fought against it alongside the rest of the X-Men. However, later on in the fight, he was impaled in the chest by one of its demonic tendrils, puttting him out of action until the battle was finished when Magik killed Sapna, who was being possessed by the World-Eater due to her vast magical ability.[48]

Prison Break

When the Terrigen Mists threatened to kill the mutant prisoners Ramrod and Ruckus, Storm had Logan, Jean, Nightcrawler, Forge and Magik to go to Kent, England to break them out of Ellmont Prison. As Forge, Jean, and Magik cleared the way for their escape, Logan and Nightcrawler snuck into the prison. However, Nightcrawler was knocked out as part of the crossfire of a prison riot, resulting in Logan having to carry him, as he found Ruckus. However, he the. Had to non-lethally defeat multiple prison guards, while still carrying Nightcrawler, to get to Ramrod. With the Terrigen Cloud extremely close, Logan, Nightcrawler (who regained consciousness thanks to Ramrod), and Ruckus all made their way to the exit that the others had cleared for them, making it out of the prison and back to X-Haven before being poisoned. The X-Men then imprisoned Ruckus and Ramrod in their own prison, saving them from the Terrigen Cloud, yet still punishing them for their criminal careers.[49]

Old Man Logan Vol 2 14 Textless

Logan and the Howling Commandos.

Monster War

While relaxing in X-Haven, Logan was notified by Cerebra that Jubilee had gone missing. Logan went to investigate her apartment, and followed her trail to Transylvania. Once he arrived he briefly fought against the Man-Thing and Werewolf by Night, before allying himself with them and their allies to fight against Dracula, who was summoning vampires to his castle. As the others distracted Dracula's minions, Logan snuck inside of Dracula's Castle and found Jubilee. Distracted, Logan was bitten by Dracula, sending him into a feral state temporarily. However, Logan's healing factor counteracted the change, allowing him to continue to fight, though he was still defeated.

Vlad Dracula (Earth-616) vs. James Howlett (Earth-807128) from Old Man Logan Vol 2 15 001

Logan and Dracula going toe-to-toe.

Meanwhile, many of the Howling Commandos were defeated by the horde of vampires led by Vampire by Night and also captured; however, Warwolf had managed to call for backup, which arrived in the form of Orrgo and Man-Thing, who freed both Logan and the team. Logan then fought Dracula yet again, though their battle seemed evenly matched until Orrgo caught Dracula and burned him with sunlight, weakening his hold over the other vampires. This allowed Jubilee to break free from the thrall, knocking Dracula off-balance, and allowing Logan to decapitate him with his claws. Logan then had Dracula's severed head disposed of by Cerebra, who unceremoniously hurled it into the Sun.[50]

The Brood

One day, Logan woke up in the Wastelands, and was eaten by a Venom-possessed T-Rex. Logan then popped his claws, and tore his way out of the beast's stomach. He then hopped onto his horse, and tried to remember how he got back to the Wastelands. He recalled receiving a distress signal from the Alpha Flight space station by Puck. He then remembered being ambushed by a Brood. He then travelled to Danielle Cage's house in Las Vegas. He then discovered Danielle Cage in her closer, tied and gagged. He freed her, and she told him that Kang had capture Bruce Jr. Logan, still trying to figure out how he got back to the Wastelands, continued to recollect his time on the Alpha Flight space station. He recalled almost being infected by the Brood-controlled Sasquatch and Abigail Brand. However, he was saved by Puck, and the two retreat to a panic room. Back in the present, Logan set out to save Bruce Banner Jr, and told Danielle Cage that what happened wasn't her fault. Logan then remembered that when he was on the Alpha Flight space station, he was sucked into the vacuum of space.[51]

In the Wastelands, Logan was attacked by the Wrecking Crew and tossed off of Niagara Falls. Logan then entered a cave hidden behind the waterfalls before flashing back to the Alpha Flight space station again, remembering that Puck had saved him. Logan, after experiencing an of Beuce Banner Jr. becoming a dictator, realized that Jean Grey was playing psychic mind tricks on him, and that he hadn't actually gone back to the Wastelands.[52]

After experiencing more illusions of a false Bruce Banner Jr, in addition to reanimated corpses of his family and his universe's X-Men, Logan broke free of the illusions long enough for him to kill the Brood embryo controlling Jean. She then telepathically shut down all the Brood, and the infected members of the space station were taken to be cured. Jean tried to apologize for what she did while controlled by Brood, but Logan told her that it was fine, and that she made him realized that he had to go back to the Wastelands.[53]

Civil War II

At some point, Director Maria Hill enlisted Logan's help in investigating the disappearance of her S.H.I.E.L.D. agents.[54] Wolverine later on saved him from being digested by Fin Fang Foom. She asked Gabby to take him somewhere safe; meanwhile, she covered herself in the Makluans' pheromone and used it to lure an amorous Foom out to sea. Laura was distressed when she returned home that evening to discover that Gabby brought Logan there to recover, as she adamantly refused to accept that he was her Logan; however, Logan awoke and struck her speechless when he revealed that he recognized the apartment, as it was where he'd raised her.[55] Elsewhere, a precognitive NuHuman, Ulysses, predicted that Logan would kill Gabby, and warned Carol Danvers, who contacted Maria Hill with the information.[56]

All-New Wolverine Vol 1 12 Textless

Encountering Laura and Gabby.

Back at the apartment, Logan had woken again, confused about where he was, and why he heard whale noises. Gabby told him it was to help soothe him, and as Laura untied him he told her that he smelt somebody coming up their fire escape. He popped his claws on instinct, prepared to fight, but Laura talked him down. Two burglars, one armed with a handgun, entered the apartment through the window. Gabby's pet wolverine, Jonathan, was shot in the ensuing encounter, and she, along with Laura and Logan, easily subdued the two robbers. Logan and Gabby then patched up Jonathan, and Logan asked if she had harmful intent towards Laura. After Gabby told him she didn't, he said that he was proud of her and went to get a soda. After revealing to Laura that he didn't raise her in this apartment, but he did still raise her, he told her that she was one of the only things that he didn't regret. He then tried to talk to her about what happened between her and Gabby in his future, but Laura refused to listen. Maria Hill then called her, and told her that Logan was going to kill Gabby, while a team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, including Captain America, came to arrest him.[56]

Laura, not believing in preemptive justice, fought against Captain America as Logan and Gabby thought of an escape plan in another room. Gabby grabbed two S.H.I.E.L.D. Flight Packs, one for her and one for Logan, and followed Logan as he cut holes through the apartment complex's walls until they were outside; however, Maria Hill had a S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier shoot Logan in the back with an on-board energy weapon, destroying his jetpack and making him crash into Bethesda Terrace and Fountain in Central Park. As a van full of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents arrived on the scene, Logan, driven to the point of a berserker rage, took down the squadron of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents as he was shot by multiple tranquilizers. Gabby, in an attempt to calm Logan down, tried talking to him; however, due to the hallucinogenic state he was in, Logan stabbed Gabby through the chest, telling her that in his universe, she killed Laura.[57]

Logan, still in his crazed state, then tried to attack Captain America, who hit him in the face with his shield, knocking him out. Cap then called for the S.H.I.E.L.D. medic's assistance, as Laura mourned Gabby's "death." Logan escaped into the sewers during all of the commotion, and Laura pursued him. Laura then used her enhanced senses to track down a berserk Logan, who lunged at her and instigated a fight. Unknown to Logan and Laura, Gabby bolted up, due to her hidden regenerative abilities, and looked for Laura and Logan. Laura continued to fight Logan, until he left his berserker state; however, in a fit of anger, Laura almost killed him anyway, but was stopped by Gabby, who revealed her hidden powers and claws to Laura and Logan. Laura asked Logan if he knew that Gabby could heal, and he responded that he wasn't sure, and that Laura and Gabby killed each other in his world. Angry, Laura then blew up on Logan, asking if there was anybody in Logan's world who didn't die for knowing him, and threatened to get him thrown into prison if he came near her or Gabby again. As Gabby apologized for everything that'd happened, Logan told her, "You hurt her, and I will come for you." Gabby threatened him in return, then Laura and Gabby told Steve Rogers that they wouldn't have any further part in the second superhuman civil war.[58]

With the mutant community split in two over which side to take in the conflict, Logan was initially open to Storm's belief that working with Captain Marvel and preemptive justice was best, despite objections from the X-Men working for Magneto about the dangers of trusting the Inhumans.[59]

Logan ultimately fought alongside Iron Man and his team against preemptive justice until the conclusion of the second superhuman civil war.[60]

Aiding Star-Lord

James Howlett (Earth-807128) and Peter Quill (Earth-616) in a bar from Star-Lord Vol 2 1

Logan and Star-Lord going out for drinks.

When the Guardians of the Galaxy disbanded and ended up stranded on Earth, their leader, Star-Lord, sought out company wherever he could, including in his former fiancé, and friend of Logan, Kitty Pryde. However, due to the nature of their meeting, which was in an art gallery while Kitty was taking students from X-Haven on a field trip. Logan, noticing Kitty's distress, had Star-Lord leave the art gallery and Kitty Pryde. However, Logan felt sympathy for Quill and later took him out to a bar. After a few drinks, Logan told Star-Lord that he could tell that he was lonely, and felt sympathetic towards him because he knew what it was like to live in a world where he didn't belong. However, halfway through their conversation, Star-Lord has to use the bathroom. While waiting for Quill to get out of the bathroom, Logan heard that somebody had given a gang orders to attack him and Star-Lord, Logan, in retaliation, then severed the Hand of one of the men getting ready to attack him, starting a brawl between him and Star-Lord against everybody in the bar. The fight eventually escalated to the point to where it was taken outside. This resulted in an innocent bystander being shot in the arm, sending Logan into a berserker rage. Later, when the fight ended, Logan left before the authorities arrived, though Star-Lord stayed behind, and was arrested due to a misunderstanding.[61]

James Howlett (Earth-807128) comforting Peter Quill (Earth-616) from Star-Lord Vol 2 6

Logan comforting Star-Lord.

Later, when the Black Cat outed Javelynn as a traitor to the supervillain patreons of the Bar with No Name, Logan helped Javelynn combat the angered villains due to Star-Lord asking him to keep an eye on her while he sorted out business with the Black Cat. After almost being beaten, Javelynn and Logan received help from the Melter, the Shocker, and 8-Ball. The five soon defeated all the villains in the bar, Logan and Javelynn shared a drink.[62] Later, Logan and Javelynn engaged in sexual intercourse. Then, in Javelynn's apartment, Logan berrated Star-Lord, who was in mourning, goading him to attack him to let out his anger, and proceeded to hug Star-Lord, comforting him.[63]

Favor for Moon Girl

Owing Moon Girl a favor after she saved Forge's life,[49] Logan and the X-Men offered her their assistance when she was being harassed by an entity she believed to be Doctor Doom.[64] Moon Girl accepted their help, and they all took a train to Westchester to recover a prototype Cerebro stored by Forge in an abandoned mall. Moon Girl then proceeded to use the Omni-Wave Projector to enhance the Cerebro to find anybody, as she talked to Logan about how Doctor Doom had been after her; however, Logan noticed that she didn't smell like Doom had been following her, suggesting that it wasn't the actual Doctor Doom toying with the girl. Once she finished experimenting on the Cerebro prototype, she used it to scan the Earth for Doctor Doom; however, it malfunctioned, and they all were temporarily superimposed over versions of themselves from the 1980s. The X-Men proceeded to fight multiple Doctor Dooms including the one that had been messing with Lunella, until Moon Girl got them, along with the Doctor Doom that had been following her, back to their proper timeline by taking off the Cerebro prototype helmet. Logan then went to interrogate him, only to be insulted, and Logan cut his head off, knowing that it was, in fact, a Doombot. Forge then deduced that the Doombot was made to be a nearly perfect copy of Victor if something bad were to happen to him. After giving Moon Girl the severed, yet still functional head of the Doombot, due to the fact that it was believed to be harmless, the X-Men decided to stay in Westchester for a while to relive old memories, as Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur returned to New York.[65]


IVX Vol 1 1 Textless

Old Man Logan and the X-Men against the Inhumans.

When conflict seemingly became inevitable with the Inhumans, the X-Men prepared for war. As the rest of the the X-Men assaulted New Attilan, Logan and Forge were assigned to a different task. On the way to their destination, Logan told Forge about the supposed Forge of his world, and how he killed an army of super villains on his own to protect the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation he lived in.[66] Later, Inferno and Iso escaped the Assault on New Attilan through Eldrac to get away from Wolverine only to end up running into Logan, who was protecting Forge and his device, the Terrigen Eater. While Inferno distracted Logan, Iso discovered Forge nearby with the device that the X-Men were planning to use to destroy the Terrigen Cloud. Iso and Inferno managed to defeat Logan and Forge, and then fled, taking Forge as their prisoner.[67] Logan later fought in the final conflict against the Inhumans, and, when Iso, Medusa, Moon Girl, and Forge destroyed the Terrigen Cloud, he fought alongside the Inhumans and X-Men against a crazed Emma Frost and her Sentinels.[68]


Saving Cerebra

After Cerebra's body was destroyed in the conflict with the Inhumans and the X-Men, No-Girl detected that the A.I. was alive, but uploaded to a dismantled Sentinel body in a camp of Wild Sentinels in South Dakota. Logan, Martha, Jean, Glob Herman, Anole, and Ernst then went to rescue her. After defeating all the Wild Sentinels in the area, the six moved into the barn Cerebra was being held in. Not liking her current body, Martha let Cerebera take it, and went back to o e that she felt more comfortable in. Later, Logan and the the rest of Martha's rescue team returned to X-Haven. Then, taking a break from the recent stressful events, the X-Men played a match of baseball.[69] Logan later joined Kitty Pryde's X-Men when X-Haven was moved to Central Park.[70][71]

James Howlett (Earth-807128) and Charles Benton (Earth-616) undergoing a ritual to send Logan through time from Old Man Logan Vol 2 20

Asmodeus performing a ritual to send Logan through time.

Past Lives

Trying to get back to his home reality, Logan asked Magik, Beast, Shaman, Cable, Wiccan, Doctor Doom, Scarlet Witch, and the Black Panther to get him there. However, they all denied him. In a last ditch effort to get back to his reality, Logan asked Doctor Strange to get him back to the future.[72] Once he was denied again, he lied to Doctor Strange about having to use the bathroom, and instead found a room of the Sanctum Sanctorum full of confiscated relics, where he stole items belonging to Asmodeus.[73] Logan then broke into the superhuman prison The Cellar, fighting through waves of guards, before running into Spider-Man. The two briefly fought until Logan let multiple villains, including Absorbing Man and Titania, out of their cells to distract Spidey, letting him get into Asmodeus' cell to make a deal with him.[72] Logan then had Asmodeus teleport them out of before he had to fight Spider-Man and the Cellar guards again. The two then ended up in New Jersey, in front of a storage room owned by Asmodeus. Asmodeus then gave Logan an amulet that allowed him to travel to his reality by taking the body of his younger self, though he didn't teleport him directly to his future, and instead sent him back to the year of 1812 in his reality, leaving his current body immobile.[73] After traveling throughout his younger self's past, jumping from point to point in time,[74] Iceman and Jean Grey defeated Asmodeus and the representatives of a few evil organizations he was trying to sell Logan's body too. After waking up, Logan realized that he had to stop focusing on the negative memories of his dead family, such as their murder, and focus on the good, moving on.[18]

New Brotherhood of Evil Mutants

X-Men Gold Vol 2 1 Textless

Logan alongside Kitty Pryde's team of X-Men.

Logan, along with Nightcrawler, Prestige, Colossus, and Storm led by Kitty Pryde, were dispatched to take down Terrax, who was wreaking havoc on New York City. One Logan, Storm, and Prestige beat Terrax, the X-Men regrouped, only to see a crowd of shocked humans standing around them. After Kitty tries reasoning with them, the X-Men head back to their base of operations in Central Park, Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters and played a game of baseball as Logan and Kitty spectate, as Logan talked about his love for the game. After a bit of talking, a man named Alex Sandstrom contacted Shadowcat, telling her that the payment for the next six months's lease payments and property tax is eighteen million dollars. Later, Logan aided the X-Men when the Brotherhood attacked the United Nations Headquarters in Manhattan.[75] Seemingly leading this team was Magma. When Logan questioned why she was leading the Brotherhood, she responded by setting him on fire. Nightcrawler tried to teleport him to safety, only to be kind-controlled, letting Logan get captured by Mesmero, as the X-Men battle the Brotherhood, who fled the battle.

When Logan woke up, he discovered that he had been chained to a wooden chair by Adamantium. He was able to smell Mesmero, and told him that he had one chance to alter his mind before he broke free. Mesmero was unable to affect Logan's mind due to his psychic resistance, prompting him to break out of his chair and choke Mesmero with the chains that bound him. After taking on a couple of members of the Brotherhood, Logan called Kitty Pryde, revealing to her the location of the Brotherhood's hideout so the X-Men could beat the Brotherhood and save the mayor.[76] Logan was then overwhelmed, and Mesmero broke through his psychic shields. The X-Men, along with students Armor and Rockslide, assault the Brotherhood's hideout, battling them and a brainwashed Logan. Logan is eventually knocked out by a lightning bolt from Storm, and broken free of Mesmero's control. Learning that the base has two minutes until it explodes, the X-Men evacuate as Kitty Pryde tries to find Magma. The base then explodes with Kitty and Magma still inside, but the two survive thanks to Kitty's abilities. After learning that everybody in the the Brotherhood was under the control of Mesmero due to Lydia Nance, an anti-mutant activist, hiring him to make mutants look bad, the team takes a mysterious member of the Brotherhood, Kologoth, in to see if he recalls anything about his time in the Brotherhood. The X-Men then infiltrated the home of Lydia Nance, and warned her that if she tries anything again, they'll come after her.[77]

X-Men Gold Vol 2 5 Textless

The X-Men against the Sentinel swarm.

Sentinel Swarm

Gambit, a X-Man and thief, stole a small vial that seemed empty for Olivia Trask, the granddaughter of Bolivar Trask, the creator of the original Sentinels. It was revealed to him that the vial contained nanites, which were then combined with Sentinel technology due to a mistake made by Gambit, thus creating an evolving Sentinel swarm that proceeded to kill any mutants it could find. Logan and Storm, who were investigating a series of Mutant murders in New York, along with Prestige, Kitty, Colossus, and Nightcrawler, were then called in to assist Gambit.[78]

Logan then assisted firefighters in the rescue of civilians from a building caught on fire by the Sentinel swarm. Kitty then phased through the Sentinel swarm, accidentally dispersing it, and Rachel passed out. Logan and Gambit then interrogated Olivia Trask on the X-Men Blackbird and learned that the Sentinel swarm had become self aware. The X-Men then defeated the Sentinel again thanks to Prestige's psychic abilities. However, Nightcrawler and Kitty realized that the Sentinel was smaller because it was all over New York, killing anybody with a genetic mutation, even mutants without the X-gene, such as cancer patients and citizens who were colorblind.[79] As Logan and various other superheroes battled the swarm, Prestige emerged from unconsciousness, unlocking her full potential, and psychically shutted down the Sentinel swarm.[80]

Roosevelt Island Quarantine

Laura Kinney (Earth-616), Akihiro (Earth-616), James Howlett (Earth-807128), Gabrielle (The Sisters) (Earth-616) and Wade Wilson (Earth-616) from All-New Wolverine Vol 1 21 001

Logan, Daken, and Deadpool come to All-New Wolverine and Gabby’s aid.

When Roosevelt Island was quarantined after being exposed to the Laura Kinney Virus, Logan, Daken and Deadpool were teleported onto the island by Doctor Strange to help Wolverine and Gabby cure the residents of the island. Upon arrival, Logan tried to apologize to Laura for what had happened the last time they met, but was told not to talk about it at the time. Soon, Logan and the others entered a building full of frightened and armed carriers of the virus, and the group proceeded to non-lethally beat them, and use their healing factors to then attract and destroy the virus. Once finished, Logan and Daren comforted Gabby when she failed to save a man infected with the virus. The group then proceeded to travel through a crowd of people, working on during the disease, despite the physical tolls it took on their bodies. Eventually, only Logan and Laura were left standing. Logan, with the virus taking a major toll on his body, fell to his knees, apologizing to Laura for hurting Gabby. Laura accepted the apology, and then showed Logan some people he helped save without having to use his claws to hurt somebody, filling him with pride, despite feeling like he was dying. Weakened and too tired to move, Logan had to stop helping Laura cure the people of Roosevelt island.[81] Later, due to a cure derived from Laura's DNA created by Beast, Peter Parker and Monica Rappaccini, the citizens of the island were cured.[82]

Secret Empire Vol 1 10 Textless

Logan in the battle of Washington D.C.

Secret Empire

When the Hydra Steve Rogers conducted a takeover of the United States, Logan was trapped under a Darkforce dome over Manhattan. During this imprisonment, he, Storm, and Nightcrawler tried to keep the peace in New York by battling demons, while the rest of the X-Men battled the X-Cutioner, a anti-mutant serial killer that Storm and Logan had originally tried to track down.[83] After the Darkforce dome was destroyed due to the creator of the dome, Blackout, dying at the hands of Maria Hill,[84] Logan fought in the final battle against Hydra Steve in Washington, D.C.[85]

Omega Red's Return

X-Men Gold Vol 2 11 Textless

Logan and the X-Men against Omega Red.

While lounging in Xavier's School, Logan, Rogue, Nightcrawler, Danielle Moonstar and Magik played poker, though Logan won three times in a row. However, Kitty Pryde pointed out that Logan's superhuman senses gave him a massive advantage over the others, as she and Colossus brought the players refreshments. However, when Colossus got a call from his disowned uncle Anatoly Rasputin, saying that Omega Red had came back from the dead, the X-Men, along with Magik, travelled to Russia to investigate. On the trip there, Logan claimed that killing hisuniverse's version of Omega Red was one of the greatest things he'd ever accomplished. When they arrived in Russia, Colossus and Magik met up with their uncle to get further information on Omega Red's return, as the rest of the team did recon work, making sure that nobody would try to attack the three. However, magic-using mafia members used their powers to get past the X-Men, and kidnap Magik. Logan, suspicious of Anatoly, proceeded to interrogate him, asking where Magik was taken.[86]

Arkady, terrified, gave in, telling the X-Men that he was forced to give up Magik so Omega Red could drain her mystical energies. The X-Men then formulated a plan to save Magik, and started invading the building where she was being contained, Nightcrawler and Colossus focusing on finding Magik while the rest of the team fought against an enhanced Omega Red. After beating Prestige, Kitty Pryde, and Storm, Logan was the only person left to fight Omega Red. Though he initially facing some adversity while battling him, Logan proceeded to easily subdue Omega Red. Later, S.I.C.K.L.E., the Russian version of S.H.I.E.L.D. imprisoned the mobsters, Anatoly, and Omega Red, ending the conflict.[87]

James Howlett (Earth-807128) and Victor Creed (Earth-616) vs. Weapon X (Earth-616) from Weapon X Vol 3 2 001

Logan and Sabretooth fighting the Weapon X Program's Adamantium cyborgs.

Weapon X

Weapons of Mutant Destruction

While spending some alone time in the woods, Logan was attacked by Weapon X cyborgs, forcing him to team up with Sabretooth to confront the current iteration of the organization, whose goal was to hunt mutantkind to extinction.[2] After retreating from battle with the Weapon X cyborgs, Logan and Sabretooth lured one of them into a trap, accidentally killing it, before tracking two of the cyborg's comrades.[88] Logan and Victor took a break to get coffee and doughnuts, before figuring out that they rented a car to travel. Creed and Logan then supplied themselves with firearms and used a tracking device in the car rented by the cyborgs to deduce that their next target was Domino, and went to aid her in a fight against the cyborgs on a boat near Isla Cedros, Baja California.

Totally Awesome Hulk Vol 1 19 Textless

Logan with Sabretooth and the Totally Awesome Hulk.

After defeating the cyborgs,[89] Logan searched the area for their remains, finding a chip that could be used to track the source of the cyborgs. Soon after, the Hulk, who had also been attacked by Weapon X cyborgs, picked them up, offering his assistance and alerting them to the fact that Lady Deathstrike and Warpath had been kidnapped for their technology and genetics, respectively. Hulk then proceeded to hack into the cyborg's data bank, locating its point of origin, only to have Logan figure out that Weapon X had gotten its hands on a DNA sample from the Hulk.[90] Soon after this discovery, Hulk, Logan, Sabretooth, and Domino leapt out of an aircraft from two hundred feet over a Weapon X facility in Louisiana to save Lady Deathstroke and Warpath from captivity. After fighting through a horde of cyborgs, the team rescued Warpath and Lady Deathstrike before trying to interrogate the scientists of the facility. Before they got the chance to get any information; however, William Stryker (the new director of the Weapon X Program) had the facility blown up, with only Logan and his companions surviving the blast.[91]

Afterwards, Logan warned Kitty Pryde about the Weapon X cyborgs, and to have Cerebra keep an eye on the Mutant population. When she asked if Logan needed any help from an X-Man such as Colossus, he declined stating that he already had a team in place. He then engaged in a training session where he ambushed Creed and Yuriko. He told them that they all needed to learn how to work together. Sabretooth then instigated a fight between with Domino and Warpath, which the latter won. After finding a lead thanls to Logan and the Hulk, the team split into two groups: Hulk and Yuriko would go hunt the family of one of the cyborgs, and the rest of the team going to a Weapon X manufacturing facility in Oklahoma. Once Logan's team entered the building, they were attacked by cyborgs disguised as stray cats. After beating their enemies, Logan found shipping manifests.[92] Soon after, Logan and his team briefly investigates a Mutant murder in Santo Marco.[93]

After being filled in on the fact that the recovered shipping manifests were altered, Logan and Sabretooth tracked down one of Weapon X's accountants to his apartment, where they tried to question him. But before they could get any information, Weapon X killed him. With the help of Amadeus Cho, they located Weapon X's main facility in Texas.[94] After debating with Cho whether or not they should bomb the facility, Sabretooth and Amadeus got into a fight, which Logan allowed to happen. After the Hulk beat Sabretooth, the rest of the team agreed to go with Amadeus' plan of attacking the base head-on. They then started their assault on the base at night, ready for a war.[95]

Totally Awesome Hulk Vol 1 22 Textless

Weapon X vs. Weapon H.

The team proceeded to raid the base, fighting through waves of cyborgs, and failed experiments, until encountering H-Beta, another failed attempt to merge the Hulk's DNA with the rest of the team's DNA. Amadeus fought this monster, only lasting by giving into the Hulk persona. After finishing his incubation, H-Alpha, a.k.a. Weapon H, was unleashed by Weapon X and killed H-Beta. The facility was soon destroyed in a battle between Weapon X, Cho, Weapon H, and Logan's team. Weapon H determined that there were no threats in the area, running away from the chaos. Weapon X then retreated and took his creator, Dr. Alba and Amadeus left in a fit of rage, leaving Logan's team alone in the wreckage. Sabretooth then declared that him, Logan, Warpath, Lady Deathstrike and Domino banded together to become the new Weapon X, and set off to take down Weapon H.[96]

The Hunt for Weapon H

Later, as Logan and the rest of Weapon X tracked Weapon H across the American southwest, Logan and the rest of the team had a dispute, Logan wanting to try to reason with Weapon H, and the rest of the team wanting to kill him. Eventually, they tracked Weapon H down, and Logan told Weapon H he has one minute to try to calm him down, per an agreement he made with the rest of the team.[97] Despite this, Weapon H ignored him, and proceeded to attack them, in the following order; Warpath, Lady Deathstrike, Sabretooth and Logan. He quickly dispatched them and fled, ignoring Domino, who laid them in the Medbay. Logan then found out that Weapon H was taking on the team based on how dangerous they were, meaning that Weapon H was capable of holding back, but mistook the team for enemies.

Weapon X Vol 3 9 Textless

Logan and Laura.

After tracking Weapon H to northern Wynoming, Sabretooth attacked Logan, trying to usurp leadership of Weapon X. However, Wolverine stopped him.[98] After she beat Sabretooth, she was filled in on everything that had happened in relation to Weapon X and Weapon H. When Logan, Laura, Sabretooth, and Warpath located Weapon H, they realized that Weapon H had amnesia. Stryker then ordered an assault on the location. Afterwards, Dr. Alba whispered something in Weapon H's ear that made him hulk-out, kill all the Weapon X cyborgs sent after him, mutilate Stryker, and free her. After arriving at where they thought Weapon H was too late, Sabretooth blamed their recent failures on Logan, and tried to engage in a fight with him. However, Laura discovered that Stryker himself was an adamantium cyborg. Too damaged to move, Stryker told her that he'll tell Logan and his team everything they needed to know in order to defeat Weapon H.[99] Later, the team imprisoned Stryker, and Lady Deathstrike, Sabretooth, and Domino contemplated how to torture him. However, Logan and Laura were opposed to this, and they questioned Stryker themselves, learning that the real threat wasn't Weapon H, it was Dr. Alba. The team then looked into the past of Weapon H, and they learned that deep down, Weapon H was innocent. However, Weapon H then attacked Phoenix, Arizona, and the team set out to stop him from harming innocents, though he thought they were all Dr. Alba. Logan then tried to have Laura relate and reason with him before Warpath and Sabretooth arrived, but Weapon H stabbed Laura through the chest, seeing her as Dr. Alba too.[100]

Logan then lashed out at Weapon H, temporarily blinding him before stabbing him in the back. However, Weapon H defeated him again, and went to kill civilians. However, Domino slowed him down long enough for both Laura and Logan and Sabretooth to come up with plans to defeat him. Logan and Laura set out to remove a mind-control device from Dr. Alba, who was manipulating Weapon H, as Sabretooth strapped the head of William Stryker to a nuclear reactor core, and prepared to nuke Weapon H, despite the casualty toll it would take. Laura distracted Sabretooth after removing the mind control device from Dr. Alba's tongue. Due to this, Logan and Domino were able to stop Weapon H, giving him control of his body again. Weapon H then fled, and Logan tracked him down alone to a nearby Eaglestar base. Logan and Weapon H had a brief heart-to-heart, resulting in him destroying any records of his past, despite the fact that it would mean he would never see them again, not wanting to put them in danger. Later, Logan placed Dr. Alba in the custody of the X-Club, wanting Dr. Alba to live with her mistakes in opposition to her being killed by the Texan government. Confident that she couldn't escape due to her cell being made to contain superhumans and gods, he then put on his hat and left.[101]

Weapon X-Force (Earth-616) vs. Nuke Platoon (Earth-616) from Weapon X Vol 3 12 001

Weapon X vs. the Nuke Platoon.

Santo Marco and the Nuke Platoon

A month later, the Weapon X team attempted to hunt wild deer for dinner. After failing, Domino suggested the team rob a bank, an idea that both Sabretooth and Lady Deathstrike agreed with. However, before the group could reach a decision Warpath got a call from Acero, a mutant who’s brother was slain by an Adamantium Weapon X cyborg before the project’s downfall. Upon answering, Warpath found that a platoon of soldiers with the American flag painted on their faces, similar to Nuke, were chasing him and a group of runaway mutants. Domino, Logan, Yuriko, Warpath, and a reluctant Sabretooth then boarded their air shuttle and went to save the mutants. Hours later, moments before the now captured runaway mutants were executed, the Weapon X team led an aerial assault on the Nuke Platoon. However, the advantage they gained from their ambush was soon lost when the entire Platoon took red Nuke Pills, driving them into a killing spree. The team (save Sabretooth, who chose to stay behind and fight the Nuke Platoon) then successfully evacuated the runaway mutants from the area.[102]

Weapon X-Force (Earth-616) from Weapon X Vol 3 13 001

Weapon X moments before taking Nuke Pills.

As they continued evacuating the runaways, Weapon X realized that the runaway mutants were walking back to civilization and not into the mountains where’d they be safe. The team followed the runaways, wanting answers, and discovered Acero mourning the body of his dead aunt, who had the mutant ability of flight. The team, realizing the direness of the situation, then opted to take out the Nuke Platoon before leaving. However, Acero told them that superheroes like Storm or War Machine have tried to help Santo Marco before, but failed to make a meaningful change because they didn’t overthrow the corrupt government. However, the team was split on the decision of whether they should overthrow the government or not, and Logan decided to tell the team that they’d agree on what to do after defeating the Nuke Platoon. The team then rushed back to the Nuke Platoon’s base when they saw a large explosion coming from it. Upon arriving, Warpath and Domino raided a bank as Logan and Lady Deathstrike discovered that Sabretooth found Nuke in a cell, and let him out to help him kill the Nuke Platoon, something Nuke happily went along with. Logan and Lady Deathstrike then started placing C4 In then factory where the Nuke Pills were made, but were disrupted by a group of Nuke Platoon soldiers. Sabretooth and Nuke, who Creed told that Logan and Yuriko were after the pills themselves, killed all the Nuke Platoon members in the room before focusing on Logan and Yuriko. However, Warpath and Domino then entered the room, and Warparh (after getting stabbed by Nuke) punches Nuke out of the room. Then Nuke landed in front of the Nuke Platoon and, believing that Weapon X wanted to take their pills, led them to charge the factory. However Sabretooth, realizing they couldn’t fight them all due to being too injured to fight them or too weak to fight them to begin with, came to the conclusion that they should ingest Nuke Pills to give them a fighting chance against the Nuke Platoon.[103]

James Howlett (Earth-807128) vs Genform (Earth-616) from Deadpool vs Old Man Logan Vol 1 1

Logan vs. GenForm operatives.

Deadpool and GenForm

Logan, in a hurry to a young omega-level mutant girl, literally bumped into Deadpool at a subway station. This inadvertly caused Deadpool to not receive twenty-five dollars from an elderly woman for battling a gang for her. Angry, Deadpool chased Logan into a nearby park, having his katanas slashed in half and telling Logan that he owed him an apology. The two then fought each other, destroying a tree in the process. However, when Logan was about to deliver the finishing blow, the screams of children distracted him, and he went to console the young mutant Maddie. Deadpool tried to help her himself, out of spite towards Logan, and the two scared her, making her flee. As they chased her, random objects appeared in front of them, slowing them down. Hearing an incoming stealth aircraft, Logan tells Deadpool to go find the girl. The aircraft, belonging to an organization called GenForm, deployed multiple armed men, who Logan fought immediately. They eventually subdued him, and interrogated him about the location of the omega level mutant.[104]

James Howlett (Earth-807128) and Wade Wilson (Earth-616) from Deadpool vs. Old Man Logan Vol 1 2 001

Old Man Logan and Deadpool.

The leader of the operation, Agent Hart, attempted to interrogate Logan for information on Maddie. However, Logan refused to talk, instead headbutting him and breaking his visor. In pain, Agent Hart had Logan tased and left to find the new mutant. Logan eventually caught up to Deadpool and Maddie, assisting Wade in combat against GenForm. Logan then warned Agent Hart that he and his goons had better retreat, or he would kill them all, before killing more operatives. Logan then caught up to the fleeing Maddie and Wade once again. However, he started the young mutant, resulting in Deadpool getting hit by a motorcycle and Logan being impaled by a metal spike. After recovering from their wounds, Logan and Deadpool dispatched a group of GenForm mercs, they took off on a motorcycle, Logan giving Wade directions to Maddie, tracking her through his sense of smell. Logan and Deadpool then found Maddie seconds too late, arriving moments before she was being tased by a GenForm mercenary. The organization then extracted her from the location, while simultaneously firing at Logan and Deadpool, slowing them down and managing to escape.[105]

Wade Wilson (Earth-616) from Deadpool vs. Old Man Logan Vol 1 3 001

Deadpool with Logan’s claws.

Much later, Logan and Deadpool continued to track Maddie, leading them to an open field near a highway. However, Deadpool managed to annoy Logan with his infamous mouth, making Logan slice his vocal cords with his claws. After more searching, GenForm used Maddie’s powers to drop multiple cars on the two, before knocking them out by summoning a burning airplane. Upon awakening in a GenForm cell, Logan and Maddie briefly tried to get Maddie to teleport organic matter, though she was unable to. Logan then went to cut their way out of the cell, only to be tased and dragged out of the cell by a guard. He was then strapped down to undergo an autopsy. However, Deadpool realized that Logan’s Adamantium claws were inorganic and told Maddie to teleport them into his own body, (causing Logan great pain) and he broke out using Logan’s claws.[106]

Wade Wilson (Earth-616), Maddie (Mutant) (Earth-616) and James Howlett (Earth-807128) from Deadpool vs. Old Man Logan Vol 1 4 001

Logan and Deadpool in awe of Maddie’s abilities.

Deadpool then proceeded to kill GenForm members as Logan convinced Maddie to give him back his claws, seconds before Deadpool manages to kill another scientist. One GenForm scientist then hit an alarm, alerting the entire facility of the three mutants’ escape. Because of this, Logan told Wade and Maddie to run while he held off the guards and scientists. He then slaughtered twenty-one of their operatives, scientist and guard alike, and wounding Agent Hart. As Logan was about to kill Hart, he whispered something in Logan’s ear about Maddie. Logan, realizing he made a mistake, then apologized to Hart, and killed him to put him out of his misery. Logan then proceeded to kill any GenForm guards he stood in his way to Deadpool and Maddie, and told Wade that Maddie had to stay at the facility due to her being too dangerous and needing to be contained. Deadpool, wanting to help her leave, fought Logan in a quick, yet brutal, battle. However, Maddie interrupted the battle and in a fit of anger teleported the entire facility miles above herself, Logan, and Wade, much to the latter two’s surprise.[107]

X-Men Gold Vol 2 13 and X-Men Blue Vol 1 13 Textless

Mojo Worldwide

One day, when the X-Men were playing a game of baseball with the time-displaced X-Men, Logan spectated the game and talked to James Hudson Jr. about how the time-displaced Jean Grey had told him that he was his son in a different universe, a fact that he no longer remembered due to not remembering the events of Secret Wars, when they first met.[32] However, their conversation was cut short when three giant golden pillars landed in New York. When investigating one of these pillars with Storm, and the time displaced Iceman and Angel, the four were transported to a hard-light reality similar to those created by the Danger Room. Mojo, the mastermind behind this attack, made them and the rest of the X-Men fight for the Earth's amusement, and Logan, along with Storm, Iceman, and Angel, were forced to fight against fake Frost Giants in a false version of Asgard for the first simulation Mojo forced them to endure.[108]

Logan, Storm, Iceman, and Angel, surviving the long Frost giant attack, were teleported into a simulation where they had to battle fake versions of the Magistrates and the Press Gang. However, when Angel has his powers temporarily disabled and is seemingly "killed," Iceman angrily attacks the Press Gang, getting himself killed, along with Logan and Storm, who both get distracted by their teammates apparent deaths.[109] Later, after a random teleport, the rest of the two X-Men teams' members discovered that Logan, along with the other X-Men who had apparently "died," were actually in suspended animation. The two teams then left the facility they were inside, only to discover that they were in the Mojoverse.[110]

Mojo then told the two teams of X-Men about his plan of taking over the Earth, before sending Spiral and various other goons to stop them. Soon, Logan and James defeated Spiral as the rest of the X-Men defeated Mojo's minions. The teams then made their way into Mojo's lair, only to witness multiple monitors showcasing traumatic moments from the two teams' pasts. Jean Grey then destroyed the monitors in anger, and found Mojo, surrounded by some of his best soldiers.[111]

The X-Men were then told by Mojo himself that, due to all of the people watching his broadcast on Earth, he was more powerful than ever. The X-Men then proceeded to try and fight Mojo, but to little avail, forcing Jean Grey to psionically call Magneto, Polaris, and Danger for backup. The three, wasting no time, swiftly arrived at the scene of the battle, and Magneto and Polaris easily defeated Mojo with their control of magnetism. Because of this, Mojo seemingly faded out of existence, along with his golden spires and force fields. After a brief confrontation with Magneto (which ultimately ended with them letting Magneto go due to his assistance), Logan and the X-Men returned to Central Park.[112]

Astonishing X-Men

Life of X

When the Shadow King used Psylocke to host an attack on London, Logan and Rogue were over the Atlantic Ocean in a Blackbird on their way back to the United States from an overseas mission when Rogue received a violent psychic distress signal from Psylocke. The two then flew to London, discovering Psylocke in a tower projecting a giant telekinetic butterfly. Logan tried to get British law enforcement to back down, only to have Rogue calm him down. Logan then landed the Blackbird on a nearby rooftop, and protected a group of civilians from a barrage of telekinetic blades. However, when he was about to be impaled by the blades, Bishop saved him, and asked him if he was planning on killing the X-Men. After telling him that he wasn't, their conversation was cut short by Angel, who took Bishop so he could assist Rogue in freeing Psylocke of the Shadow King's influence. Afterwards, Logan, Gambit, Mystique (donning the appearance of Beast), and Fantomex met up with Rogue, Bishop, Angel and Psylocke. After Psylocke told everybody that Shadow King was alive, Logan, Rogue, Gambit, Mystique and Gambit were voluntarily sent to the Astral Plane to combat him.[113]

When the team entered the Astral Plane, they were subjected to an illusion where they had to watch a play parodying their lives. However, when the Shadow King tried to seduce Logan to his side using an illusion of Jean Grey. However, Professor X altered the illusion's appearance, making it look decayed, reminding Logan of his home reality, breaking him free of the illusion. Logan then told the rest of the team that they were trapped in an Astral Plane illusion. After combating a few of Shadow King's projections, Logan outed Mystique, recognizing her despite her appearance due to his sense of smell. After a confrontation between the rest of the team and Mystique, three doors representing different illusions appeared. Once Mystique and Fantomex went through their door, and Gambit and Rogue went into theirs, Logan, alone, entered the door representing his illusion.[114]

James Howlett (Earth-807128) possessed by Shadow King (Earth-616) from Astonishing X-Men Vol 4 3 001

Logan possessed by the Shadow King.

Once he entered the illusion however, Logan erased a horde of samurai from in front of him, and started to make his way towards the Shadow King's lair. Shadow King however, didn't give up, and started creating illusions of traumatic events from his life in an attempt to distract him. When Professor X tried to directly communicate with Logan in secret, he thought he was another illusion, initially ignoring him. When Professor X continued trying to talk to Logan, he told him that in his universe, he'd spent 20 years in the Astral Plane, fighting the Shadow King the whole time, before killing him. When he was finally convinced that the person he was talking to was the real Charles Xavier, he responded by telling Professor X he was unstrustworthy, and that he cut his head off in his universe. Professor X, in a last ditch effort, began to fight Logan. He then took his mind, claiming that he "had many uses." However, he let Shadow King think that he had won instead, and Farouk took control of Logan's body, proceeding to wreck havoc on London law enforcement, stabbing an officer trying to negotiate with Psylocke and Bishop through the chest.[5]

Now possessed by the Shadow King, Logan proceeded to kick Bishop out a window, and engaged in a fight with Psylocke, who couldn't use the full extent of her powers due to keeping the team in the Astral Plane. However, Professor X helped shoulder her burden, giving her the opportunity to fight back against Logan, knocking him off the building they were on with her telekinesis. Logan was then fired at by a British Police Helicopter. Logan then managed to dodge gunfire enough to jump off a British tour bus, and onto the helicopter that fired at him, clawing at it until Angel knocked him off, tossing him into a nearby store. Logan, using powers he aquired from the Shadow King, touched two people who mistakingly tried to help him, making them into mind-controlled slaves of the Shadow King.[115] Soon afterwards, Bishop and Gambit also fell to the Shadow King's control, giving Logan two new allies to take over the world with, in addition to a building full of people that he was also able to take over using his telepathic-touch based powers.[116]

As the mind-controlled Logan and Gambit continued to infect the populace of London, Warren, unleashing his Archangel persona, and the two proceeded to fight him. Soon, Professor X, Rogue, Fantomex, and Mystique helped Logan and Gambit regain control of their bodies. However, Warren, fully giving into the Archangel persona, continued to attack the two until Psylocke helped “reign him in.” She then filled Archangel, Logan, and Gambit in on how the British government planned to nuke London to prevent the Shadow King’s still-mind controlled slaves from infecting the populace of the world. Psylocke then ordered Archangel to stop the bombs. However, before she could tell Logan or Gambit what to do, Professor X arrived, startling her, and revealing that Fantomex had let him take over his body, and that he was donning the name “X.”[117]

A Man Called X

Later, Archangel approached Logan and Gambit as they were on the outskirts of London, viewing a giant ball of energy resembling a green sun created by X to harness the psychic disease that was psychically controlling Bishop and many citizens of London. Initially thinking that Archangel was still in control, Warren told the two that he was given control of the Archangel persona by X, and the three briefly discussed the nature of X’s return, though this made Logan suspicious. Seeking to investigate matters further, Archangel carried Logan and Gambit to the whereabouts of X, Rogue, Mystique, And Psylocke moments before the mutant Proteus returned, spawned from the green sun that X had created.[118]

Days of Anger

Logan, taking a short break from superheroics, visited one of his favorite restaurants, Fat Joe's Diner, in British Columbia in Canada. However, he realized that two strangers were running the restaurant, despite the same couple running it since the 60s. As everybody in the diner transformed into green, hulking creatures, he realized that they weren't ordinary people, but members of the Hulk Gang. Logan slaughtered all of the members in the diner, except for Billy-Bob who managed to escape after one of his brothers dumped boiling grease onto Logan. Hours later, Logan recovered from his injuries, and set out to track down the rest of the Hulk Gang.[119]

Soon, Logan followed the scent of the Hulk Gang to a decommissioned Department H Weapons Facility. Once inside, Logan discovered that the Hulk Gang had gotten their hands on nuclear weapons. Realizing the threat t he Hulk Gang posed, Logan made his way to a nearby bar, and called his old friend Puck to learn where the Hulk Gang were headed. Following his new lead, Logan pursued the trail of the Hulk Gang, only to be ambushed by the Hulk Gang, and knocked unconscious. Billy-Bob, attempting to kill him, tried to fire a handgun at him, but it turned out the gun was empty, and the Hulk Gang executed Billy-Bob for being too weak.[13]

When Logan woke up, he was in a remote Yukon Territory in Canada, chained to a stone pillar. To keep Logan immobile, the Hulk Gang would fire at Logan with heavy weaponry any time he woke up. Later, at night, Logan goaded a member of the Hulk Gang into attacking him by insulting his fallen family members. Using the Banner's superhuman strength against them, he had him destroy the pillar he was chained to. He then used his chains to choke the Hulk Gangster to death, and proceeded to run into a nearby barn, and he ambushed a member of the Hulk Gang sent to scout the area, killing them and taking a minigun from them. He then snuck up behind the rest of his captors, and opened fire on them, killing all but one of them. He then interrogated the survivor, and learned that the Maestro was the mastermind behind the Hulk Gang's actions, though he did not know who this was. After receiving this info, the survivor died and Logan passed out, and woke up to Hawkeye standing over him.[14]

Old Man Logan Vol 2 28 Textless

Logan and Hawkeye fighting against the Hulk Gang.

Shortly after his recovery, Logan set off to track down the Hulk Gang once more, as Hawkeye tried to go with him. Remembering the moment the Hawkeye of his universe died on their road trip, Logan tried to get Hawkeye to leave him alone. However, due to Hawkeye's insistence, Logan reluctantly let him come along. On their drive to the Hulk Gang's base of operations, Hawkeye asked Logan if his future self was badass, to which he replied: "No. You married Spider-Man's daughter, have a kid. She leaves you for an Ultron. You get cataracts, go blind, run drugs for a living and never figure out how to keep your yap shut for more than five minutes," shocking Clint. Once the two arrived at the Hulk Gang's base, they discovered that they had already left, taking multiple nuclear weapons with them. However, Cambria Banner stayed behind, betraying the Hulk Gang to help Logan, in return for the time he helped her as a child.[15]

After learning that the Maestro was in fact an alternate version of Bruce Banner, the three set out to stop him and the Hulk Gang from nuking the planet, and to save the children of Pappy Banner from the Maestro's manipulations. After a bloody and brutal battle, Logan beat the Maestro by stabbing him in the gut. However, before he could kill the Maestro, one of the children of Pappy Banner, Malakai Banner threatened to nuke everybody while holding a nuclear bomb.[120]

Logan and Cambria then tried to persuade Malakai to not listen to the Maestro, and not nuke them all, but before they could, Hawkeye fired a concussion arrow at Malakai, temporarily stunning them. As a result, Maestro betrayed Malakai and the rest of the Hulk Gang, and tossed a truck onto Hawkeye. Furious, Logan attacked the Maestro again, before being kicked away. Cambria and her younger siblings then attacked the Maestro, buying Logan enough time to stab Maestro in the back, engaging in another fight with him. Cambria then escorted the kids to safety and checked on Clint as Logan battled the Maestro to a standstill, severely wounding Maestro but having nearly every bone in his body broken. The Maestro then retreated, leaving Logan to recover from his wounds. Cambria then took the kids to start a new life, and Logan and Clint walked away, as Hawkeye said he felt that what happened was his fault. Logan then responded by telling him he felt the same, and that he learned to forgive himself because he realized sometimes good people do bad things, because that's what makes them human.[121]

Scarlet Samurai

Old Man Logan Vol 2 33 Textless

Logan and the Scarlet Samurai.

Logan, missing the bustling streets of Tokyo, decided to visit and get a few drinks in Kabukicho, Tokyo, only to witness a man getting thrown through the window of a bar by members of the Crazy Thunder Clan for refusing to buy drinks for them in “their territory.” Logan, looking to resolve the conflict peacefully, offered to pay for their drinks, only to get attacked for not minding his own business. Logan, outclassing the thugs, proceeded to easily sever limbs from the members of the clan. However, he then discovered that the criminals had obtained healing factors from a drug called Regenix. Investigating further, Logan travelled to a drug smuggling den in Ikebukuro. Logan, wanting information on the drug, threatened the leader of the den for information, leading to him and various other members of the Crazy Thunder Clan to attack him. Eventually, the battle between the clan members and Logan led to a freezer in the building, where Logan discovered that the regeneration gained from Regenix was slowed in the cold. Logan then interrogated the head of the den, learning that the drug “Regenix” was produced by a scientist named Touko Kenmochi, along with where the creator of the drug lived.[122]

The next day, Logan attended the funeral of Touko, and made arrangements with his widow Asami to meet up at a bar to help him with his investigation. He then learned that Regenix was produced to help people, but when the Crazy Thunder Gang found out, they forced Touko to bring them samples. However, the two’s conversation was interrupted when Gorgon, the Scarlet Samurai, and the Hand intervened. Two Hand ninjas then attempted to kidnap Asami, and Logan went to attack Gorgon, but was subsequently overwhelmed by the combined forces of him, the Hand, and the Scarlet Samurai, who cut off his hand using her advanced sword. However, before she killed Logan Gorgon ordered her to remove her helmet, revealing herself to be a Hand-ressurected Mariko.[123]

However, Mariko recognized Logan as part of her past life, and hesitated before killing, giving Logan and Asami the opportunity to escape. Logan and Asami then went their separate ways as Logan hid at a pier to recover from his injuries. As he was regenerating his severed hand and claws (albeit without its Adamantium coat), Logan was approached by the second Silver Samurai, seeking to ally himself with Logan. Logan then agreed to this, but only under the terms that Touko’s child would be taken care of and that he wouldn’t kill Mariko. Soon, Logan and the Silver Samurai raided the Hand’s Regenix manufacturing in the Yashida Corp, and used liquid nitrogen to slow the regeneration the Hand had obtained from the drug. Silver Samurai then proceeded to combat Gorgon, as Logan fought off Hand ninjas and tried to get through to Mariko. However, Logan refused to harm Mariko and was almost slain by her. Luckily, Gorgon chose to retreat from the battle, allowinf Silver Samurai to inject Mariko with nanites that would break the Hand’s control over her. Then, since Logan and Mariko owed him a favor, Silver Samurai had the two go to Madripoor to destroy a rogue shipment of Regenix.[124]

Upon arriving in Madripoor, Mariko theorized that the Hand sought to use Regenix to take over Madripoor. Because of this, Mariko sought to stop them as quickly as possible. Logan, despite still recovering from wounds from recent battles, went with Mariko to ensure she wasn’t hurt. The two then proceeded to interrogate various Madripoor low lives for the location of Regenix before being led to into a Hand ambush by one of their interrogees. The duo then made quick work of the ninjas, but Logan ended up further wounded. After a short rest, the two found the location of the last bit of Regenix, and both Mariko and Logan then fought Gorgon and various Hand ninjas respectively. Mariko defeated Gorgon with little difficulty. However, despite defeating all the Hand ninjas that faced him, Logan had sustained too many wounds, overloading his healing factor and making him unconscious.[125]

Hooded Man

Fantastic Force (Earth-807128) 001

Among the Fantastic Force.

Logan would return to his native universe eventually, appearing in the year 2509. Having forswore the "Wolverine" name and being now called the "Hooded Man," Logan helped the Fantastic Four and other heroes to form the New Defenders. The New Defenders would use a time-machine to transport their dying world to Earth-616, where they settled on Nu-World with the help of the present-day Fantastic Four, and Logan eventually went back to his native reality to resettle the depopulated Earth with Gaea.[27]


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