Wolverine along with several other X-Factor and X-Men stopped N'astirh from opening a portal to Limbo and releasing a swarm of Demons. However, unknown to them S'ym absorbed N'astirh's power and joined forces with Madelyne Pryor. The pair surprised the X-Men and there combined powers killed several X-Men. Wolverine saved Marvel Girl from the initial attack, but Madelyne telepathically grabbed them and killed Marvel Girl. Wolverine was not killed but instead corrupted and became there person servant began doing heinous acts in there name. He was sent to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York alongside Hulk to kill the sorcerers and heroes who were gathered to close the portal. During the ensuing battle Wolverine killed several heroes but several escaped. S'ym eventually found the remaining heroes and attempted to attack them, but was held back long enough for Doctor Strange to help Rachel Summers to call the Phoenix Force to Earth. Madelyne and Rachel fought for control of the Phoenix Force with Madelyne betraying S'ym so she could rule the world. Meanwhile, fighting with the others continued with Baron Mordo seemingly switching sides until S'ym was weakend enough for Mordo to strike a killing blow. Wolverine was about to attack Strange when he was stopped by Shadowcat. Wolverine then reflexively sliced his claws through her and killed her. Unlike previous kills, Wolverine felt remorse at her death and began to resist the demonic corruption. Mordo then attempted to take the power of the Phoenix Force and the Soul Sword for himself but was killed by Wolverine having broke free from his demonic possession before he could. Wolverine himself was consumed by the mystic flames that Mordo had conjured. [1]


Seemingly those of Wolverine.

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