Wolverine remained with the X-Men after Phoenix lost her powers on the moon. He was part of the team that flew to Asteroid M to rescue Jean after Magneto kidnapped her.

As anti-mutant sentiment rose across the country, Sentinels were put into action, murdering many super-powered individuals. The survivors huddled in the X-Mansion trying to plan their next move. Wolverine was the first to realize Jean had become the Phoenix again, and confronted her about it. He tried killing her before she inevitably become Dark Phoenix again, but the Phoenix was too strong. She edited Logan's memories to make him forget what he had learned, but Professor Xavier and Cyclops still overheard the commotion, and she left.

Wolverine was one of the few survivors of the final strike against the Sentinels at the Baxter Building.


Seemingly those of James Howlett (Earth-616)#Powers.

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