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Wolverine's history on Earth-9140 diverged from that of his Earth-616 counterpart when, during the X-Men's battle with Dracula, Storm remained loyal to the Vampire lord, and Wolverine and his comrades were transformed into vampires.

Due to his strength of will, Wolverine was able to resist the mental control of Dracula, and challenged him for the title of lord of vampires. Wolverine easily defeated the elder vampire, draining his blood and decapitating his body. As the new lord of the vampires, Wolverine sought to expand his power aggressively, turning any mutants he saw as a threat into vampires. At the same time, he sent his minion Juggernaut to kill Doctor Strange, who's mystical abilities Wolverine saw as the greatest threat to his undead reign.

On August 5th, Wolverine began moving openly, sending his mutant vampire army to attack humanity en mass, seizing control of New York and eliminating most of Earth's superheroes and villains. The only real threat remaining to him was the Darkhold, which contained the Montesi Formula, a spell that could annihilate all Vampires.

As Wolverine and his army moved on Strange's vacant sanctum to take control of the Darkhold, he found it defended by an unlikely figure – Frank Castle, the Punisher turned Vampire slayer, now instructed by the spirit of the deceased Strange. In the ensuing battle, many of Wolverine's allies perished, including the young Kitty Pryde. Horrified by the teenager's death, Wolverine's remaining humanity reasserted itself over the vampiric darkness that had overwhelmed him. Guided by Doctor Strange's spirit, he found the Darkhold and recited the words of the Montesi Formula, destroying himself and his undead army.[1]

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Seemingly those of James Howlett (Earth-616)#Powers, combined with those of the lord of the Vampires.

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