Months before and after Apocalypse's takeover, Wolverine married his former nemesis, Lady Deathstrike, but they had to be divorced soon after. After his wife joined Apocalypse, Wolverine joined the Defenders, to stop Apocalypse. He killed Hulk and many other Minions, to avenge his dead members of the Defenders. His wife had to be killed by Captain America's hammer Mjolnir, in order to end this madness. After Apocalypse and X-Man were destroyed, Captain America and Wolverine were left alive, until Captain America is revealed to be a minion of Apocalypse, forcing them both to fight each other, until they both noticed Dormammu has appeared to curse their world under his influence.... [1]


Seemingly those of Wolverine of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of Wolverine of Earth-616.

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