Contest of Champions

At some point after being kidnapped, Logan escaped the ISO-8 Crystal he was encased in and started wandering Battlerealm, isolating himself from the other Champions.


While Deadpool was hunting Venompool with the help of a Summoner, Logan ended up being found by him. Deadpool tried to talk with him time and time again, and it led to Logan becoming furious and attacking him and the Summoner, forcing them to knock him out for good.

Cosmic Civil War

In the wake of the Cosmic Civil War between the Blue and Iron Factions, Logan allied himself with Doctor Strange in order to find the legendary Civil Warrior, who they believed was the only person capable of ending the war once and for all.

When they finally found the Civil Warrior, he thought himself prisoner of his personal purgatory because of the many alternate versions of Captain America and Iron Man who were warring. Logan was the only person capable of reaching out to him, and making him snap out of his delusion. He was among the champions who were recaptured by the Collector by the end of the war.


Seemingly those of the Wolverine of Earth-21923.


Seemingly those of the Wolverine of Earth-21923.

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