James was a former war buddy of Wolverine having served together in the first Iraq War. Wolverine helped save his life many times and introduced James to his wife. He and his wife had trouble procreating and when Wolverine returned and asked them to care for his son they agreed. Since then, James became the sheriff of a small town in Florida, watching and covering for Jimmy as his propensity for trouble increased. One day out on helicopter patrol, James spotted Jimmy coming out of a car explosion. Jimmy was confused as he "miraculously" healed after suffering severe injuries; James was unsure of how to answer Jimmy's questions.[1]

The following day, Kitty Pryde visited Jimmy and gave him a box of Wolverine's belongings, his legacy. The box came with a holographic message from Wolverine, to reveal the truth to Jimmy. After finding out Kitty had told Jimmy the truth of his origins, both he and his wife were offended by Kitty's interference in their lives and asked her to leave. Kitty justified her appearance as fulfilling a dead man's wish and left.[1]

After Jimmy found out, James and Jimmy had a talk about things. As an officer of the law, James was obligated to arrest or kill all illegal mutants, but naturally he couldn't because he loved his son. Jimmy wanted to know why the truth wasn't told to him earlier; James explained his decision not to tell him sooner was that it was never something easy for him to do, not even when Wolverine became famous.[1]


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