James Hudson was the founder of Alpha Flight. He led his team in successfully capturing Wolverine.

Hudson was shocked to discover that the X-Men had been killed while attempting to retrieve Wolverine. General Chasen revealed that the military had sought the guidance of Alpha Flight in how to deal with the X-Men's incursion into Canadian airspace. Northstar had ignored the message, leading to the military shooting them down.

Hudson lied to Wolverine, saying they had attempted to talk the X-Men into turning back but with no luck. Hudson suggested that Professor X be left to assume the team was killed during a previous battle with Magneto.

Hudson struggled with his deception but saw that Wolverine was becoming a skilled leader. When Professor X contacted Hudson asking for help in rescuing Jean Grey from the Hellfire Club, Hudson dispatched Alpha Flight to New York City.

During the Hellfire mission, Wolverine learned the truth of the X-Men's deaths. He elected to continue as leader of Alpha Flight but would be on call for the X-Men as needed as well.[1]


None. Instead, they are derived from his batte-suite.


Seemingly those of Vindicator of Earth-616.

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