Jim Jaspers was a mutant from an alternate Earth with the power to warp reality and to dimension jump. In fact this man is the younger counterpart to Mad Jim Jaspers.

He had escaped from his native world, which was full of super-beings' killers called the Furies, using his powers, but was foolish enough to return.

Six of The Furies followed him when he escaped again and were destroyed by a group of superheroes on Earth-11024, which was the reality Jim emerged into. With the destruction of the team sent after Jim Jaspers, thousands of more Furies were sent out to kill every super-human being of this reality. Jaspers escaped again and ended up in Earth-616, where his powers led to the accidental creation of xenogenetic-mutated babies, known as the Warpies in the nation of Mbangawi.

Some months later, the Furies arrived, and were taken down by the X-Men and Doctor Crocodile, the ruler of Mbangawi. In his youth, Doctor Crocodile had previously encountered and suffered from a warpie manifestation, during his time serving in the British R.C.X.. The last remaining Fury was sent back to it's native reality, due to Emma Frost using her powers to make it believe the mission had ended.

Doctor Crocodile terminates Jim Jaspers in front of the X-Men

With the intention of taking care of this new group of Warpies, with the help of Mutantes Sans Frontières, young Jim Jaspers was quickly executed in his sleep by Doctor Crocodile, to protect his people in preventing another Jaspers Warp from happening. The X-Men were powerless to prevent the death of the young mutant.

Powers and Abilities


Possibly those of his Earth-238's and Earth-616's counterpart. The full potential of his powers are unknown.

He has also shown the power to travel across the Multiverse, between at least three realities. This ability to travel between dimensions apparently manifests the same effect known as a "Jaspers Warp", turning young or unborn children into mutates called Warpies.

It is unknown if his arrival in other dimensions also created Warpies in those realities, as they haven't been mentioned.

Emma Frost stated that his powers made him a "Living Ghost Box", as he had the power to open tunnels between dimensions.



His own powers.


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