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Captain Britain first encountered him when he travelled to an alternative temporal reality with Jackdaw. They interrupted a bank robbery being perpetrated by the "Crazy Gang", a criminal group themed around characters from Alice in Wonderland with Jaspers taking the role of The Hatter.

It later emerged that, before indulging in a campaign of mayhem, Jaspers was a member of Parliament who successfully campaigned for the outlawing of superheroes. He then created Fury, a highly adaptable android created to exterminate superheroes. Within two years all the superhumans of the world had been killed by the Fury, many of them referencing classic British comic characters like Marvelman and the Steel Claw. The only surviving superhero of this world, Captain UK, had fled to Earth-616 and abandoned her heroic identity. However, the Fury was programmed not to kill Jaspers, who himself had the ability to warp reality to his will, at the cost of his own sanity.

The Fury was reactivated by Jaspers and later succeeded in killing both Captain Britain and Jackdaw. Captain Britain was then removed from Earth-238 by Merlyn and revived on Earth-616. The Fury, somehow detecting this, adapted itself to travel between realities.

Saturnyne and her Avant Guard attempted to give Earth-238 "the Push", an evolutionary boost when Jaspers unleashed the Jaspers Warp, a wave of unreality that affects everything in the continuity. Fearing contamination, Saturnyne's temporary replacement, Mandragon, destroyed the Earth-238 continuity, and presumably Jaspers along with it.

Powers and Abilities

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  • Reality Warping: Jaspers has the ability to warp reality in any way he desires. Jaspers is, without a doubt, among five most powerful mutants, with the power to warp reality. The less powerful Earth-238 version of Jaspers was able to warp his entire universe beyond recognition to such a degree that it became necessary to destroy the Earth-238 timeline completely just to stop the Jaspers' Warp from spreading to other universes.
    • Teleportation: Jaspers had the power to teleport himself anywhere he wished, however, it is unknown if this is a separate power or merely part of his reality warping powers.

Physical Strength

Normal human, unless he felt like being stronger.


Universal-scale destruction.



Flying Teapot, which can be dimensionally transcendental, its interior is larger than its exterior (like the TARDIS).


  • Mad Jim appears to wear a different hat in each panel.

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