Early Life

James Lucas was born in Savannah, Georgia; he became a pastor for Mount Olive Baptist Church.[1]

Dana Stryker and the Miracle Baby

Working for the church, James became infatuated with and engaged in an affair with his secretary Dana Stryker, the two having a son named Willis Stryker; James did not wish to leave Etta Lucas and abandoned Willis, having another son he named Carl Lucas after many prior attempts.[2]

Enstrangement from Carl Lucas

Upon the persecution of Carl Lucas, James and Etta Lucas visited him at Seagate Prison, in which he blamed his son for his wife's ill health. After her death, he remained silent to Carl, refusing to accept the fifty handwritten letters and removing all contact to him.[3]

Move to Harlem

Carl moved his services as a reverend to Harlem. During one night, he encountered Carl Lucas, prompting the two to converse on the enstrangement.[3]

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