Quote1.png This one robbed seven banks... at the same time. Quote2.png
-- Mystique src



James Madrox is a mutant with the ability to create duplicates of himself.

In X2, his name appears on a list of mutant names Mystique scrolls through on Colonel Stryker's computer while looking for Magneto's file.[1]

Criminal and terrorist

Multiple Man became a robber, attacking seven banks at the same time.[2], taking place right after his seven way robbery, he intends on blowing up a bridge, only to be stopped by Nightcrawler and Storm.

He was taken away by police, and placed under Secretary Trask's supervision,[3] but was freed from captivity during his transference, along Mystique and the Juggernaut, and recruited into the Brotherhood of Mutants.[2]

He served as a decoy, duplicating himself to appear as several people in order to trick government satellite surveillance, distracting the U.S. Government and allowing the rest of the Brotherhood to move to San Francisco and assault Alcatraz free from the threat of the military. Madrox was arrested by U.S Army troops.[2]


Seemingly those of his mainstream counterpart.

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