The true Jamie Madrox was in fact under the hypnotic control of Lorelei and was used by the Brotherhood of Mutant Supremacy to send hordes of his duplicates on a killing spree. A duplicate of Madrox, that believed itself to be the original, also believed himself to be a thirteen year old normal human boy living in Wisconsin in the year 1994 and that Lorelei was his mother, as he continued pumping out duplicates for Magneto's cause and drawing comics of the acts perpetrated by his duplicates with no idea they were really happening.[1]

He was once an entire mutant rights protest march and served as a loyal henchman to Magneto. A sample of his stem cells were stolen by the French military to create a "mutate" (a genetically-modified mutant as opposed to those who developed mutant powers naturally) called the Schizoid Man, with similar powers, who could stop riots single handedly. [2]

One of his duplicates was killed by Wolverine during the Ultimatum event, believing it was the original Madrox. [1]

Later, Quicksilver started using Multiple Man and his duplicates to mass produce helmets similar to those of his father's. [3]


Duplication: Jamie Madrox was a mutant who was able to create duplicates of himself. He believed he could create 27 or 28 before, as he puts it he "starts getting really bad deja-vu". Every clone he creates splits his consciousness which damages his memory after too many are created.[4] This was later proved false when the true Madrox, under mind control, was creating thousands of duplicates endlessly. His duplicates would create a replacement if they were killed and disappear entirely if the prime Madrox was rendered unconscious.[1]

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