Jamie Madrox would become a test subject of the Dark Beast and Mister Sinister who would manipulate Madrox's mutant powers to create the Madri, an army of Multiple Men who were fanatically devoted Apocalypse to the point where they founded their own religion around him.[1]

They would organize a church in Quebec, Canada, where the original Madrox would be kept as well. Due to the over taxing of his powers Madrox was reduced to an extreme stupor that prevented him from doing much of anything, while the Madri continued to grow. When the X-Men storms the church to rescue Bishop from a Madri interrogation, Quicksilver comes across the original Jamie Madrox. With the X-Men pinned down by the Madri while trying to free Bishop, Madrox tells Quicksilver to kill him in order to save them. When Quicksilver refuses to do so, Jamie then uses his remaining strength to shut down the Madri, dying in the process. His sacrifice strikes a major blow to Apocalypse's forces.[1]


Madrox is an Alpha[2] mutant, granting him with the following powers:

  • "Madri" seems to be the plural form of "Madrox", hence the name can be applied to any group of dupes across any reality.

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