Sometime before Jamie Madrox set out to create his own detective agency, a duplicate embodying the treacherous, megalomaniacal aspects of Jamie's personality locked himself in a bunker on Muir Island where he spent the following years attempting to find a way to become the "Madrox Prime."[1][2]

When the Madrox Prime died from M-Pox, his duplicates died as well, except for the dupe locked in the bunker. The airtight bunker managed to delay the adverse health effects, but after the New Mutants found the bunker, the dupe resumed his decay. In an effort to put off his inevitable death, the dupe convinced Beast to create a serum which would not only prevent his death, but also allow for the creation dupes of his own, just like a prime, then stole a Temporal Beacon from Bishop and traveled into the future.[1]

Due to Madrox's meddling, he came to rule a totalitarian regime that was policed by his own duplicates in that future, dubbing himself "Emperor Prime." He killed many, if not all, of the world's superheroes, starting with Beast, whom he had killed after he had perfected the serum to make him the new Madrox Prime; however, his rule was opposed by a Resistance, which was also largely made up of other Madri.[3]

After being confronted by, and beheading, a time-traveling dupe that was assisting the Resistance, Emperor Prime realized that said dupe was really himself from the future. Having a crisis of conscience, Emperor Prime took the dead dupe's Temporal Beacon and clothes and jumped to the past to stop Beast from making the serum.[4]

This created a time loop that sent Emperor Prime back to the X-Men, only to be collected by time-traveling Resistance members, Cloak, Hulk, Cable, and Deadpool, brought to the future, joined the Resistance, and then captured and beheaded by his future self, starting the cycle over again.[1][5]

The time loop was finally broken when Bishop activated a self-destruct feature on the Temporal Beacon. This blew up all the divergent timelines Madrox had effected. Immediately after this, Emperor Prime's lieutenant, who had survived one of these explosions, invaded the past with an army of Madri shock troops. The combined forces of the X-Men, the New Mutants, and the Emperor's allies were defeated and captured. The Emperor was able to reabsorb the lieutenant and, by committing assisted suicide, killed all the dupes in the reality, good and bad, thus stopping the invasion.[6]


Seemingly those of Jamie Madrox.


Seemingly those of Jamie Madrox.

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