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Quote1.png Well, you've done of maintaining your individual integrity, my compliments... to both of you. Quote2.png
James Madrox of the Fallen Angels to the mutated Madroxes, just as the duplication of the second mutate Madrox.


Eventually, one of Madrox's duplicates sought to remain apart from the original and live his own life. To this end, he drugged the original Madrox and joined Moira MacTaggert and Siryn on a trip to the U.S. to search for Sunspot and Warlock, two missing members of the New Mutants.[1]

In an airport looking for the fugues New Mutants, a duplicate appeared and goes to help the woman who created him with a shock. Talking with her, he started dreaming about his own life.[1]

Eventually finding the runaway mutants as members of the Vanisher's teenage gang, the Fallen Angels, the "original" Madrox and Siryn were persuaded to join by the alien Ariel.[2]

Later retrieve by Boom-Boom and hit by a bicycle, this duplicate refused to remerge with himself, preferring keep his ribs broken than lost his individuality.[3]

He was later tested by the Mini-Cerebro and found to be slightly different from his source, and also not affected as the other dupes when Chance cancelled Madrox's powers, vanishing the others dupes. He was stated he was a mutation on a mutation, or a mutate.[4]

The two mutates Madroxes arguing with Warlock

Eventually, the true nature of the Fallen Angels was revealed to be a ruse by aliens from the Coconut Grove who sought to cure their race's stalled evolution by experimenting on mutants.[5]

Another duplicate of him was created by Unipar when he hit him. This one was neither interested to rejoin his source or the "original" Madrox, considering themselves as individuals. He was later killed by Coconut Grove soldiers in an attempt of resistance. The other was finally reabsorbed by his source, with another dupes to avoid the "original" from suffering. Defeating the aliens, the team returned to Earth, but apparently disbanded soon after.[6]

This one was not seen after that, but more and more independent duplicates were eventually created upon the years.[6]

Powers and Abilities


Identical to those of Madrox Prime, creating himself independent mutated duplicate. His mutation supposedly was represented by his want to stay apart from Madrox and to remerge. He was however able to remerge if he wanted.[3]

He was not affected by the nullifying of his source's powers as the others duplicates who all vanished.

It was confirmed by the Mini-Cerebro that he was different from his source.[4]


During his time in the Fallen Angels, he suffered from broken ribs. [3]





Formerly Ariel


Paradoxically wanting to live from his own, the Fallen Angels' duplicate refused to the mutated Madroxes that right. Furthermore, this one stated he was the first dupes to be unpleased to remerge, but he was himself a rogue dupe.

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