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Quote1.png I'm the fly in the ointment, the spanner in the works. I'm unpredictable. I'm the X-Factor. Quote2.png
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The X-Factor Dupe

Damian Tryp came to the Madrox family home in Kansas to try and convince Dr. Daniel Madrox and Dr. Joan Madrox that their son Jamie belonged with him at Singularity Investigations instead of with Prof. Charles Xavier at his school for gifted youngsters. When Daniel and Joan declined his offer, Tryp threatened their lives. Before leaving Tryp erased the memories of his visit.[1] The X-Factor dupe claimed to be the only piece of Jamie that remembered that initial encounter.[2]

Not long after M-Day, Rictor was considering suicide due to the severe depression wrought on by losing his mutant powers. To prevent his death, Madrox created several duplicates and sent the one seeming the most optimistic to speak with Rictor. The X-Factor dupe was able to mislead Madrox Prime into sending him. The X-Factor dupe was successful in convincing Rictor to not jump just before pushing him off the ledge anyways.[3] Madrox was able to reabsorb him, but not before an ominous threat of The X-Factor's eventual return.[4]

Later, the X-Factor Investigations crew was attempting to infiltrate the Singularity Investigations building. During a brief skirmish with the ancient Tryp, Madrox thrown across the room and the impact of the fall created a dupe who immediately fled the scene in terror. The dupe was actually pretending to flee, but instead found the armory and detonated a bomb killing himself along with Tryp's junior and senior.[2]

Like any other Madrox dupe, The X-Factor dupe's memories were reabsorbed upon his death allowing Madrox Prime remembered his initial encounter with Tryp in his youth.[2] It is however unclear if The X-Factor dupe is gone forever or just waiting inside Madrox to reemerge again.



Identical to those of Madrox Prime.

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