A former green beret who went crazy at the horrors of war and the perceived indolence of the high command, this person became a well-respected drug dealer by taking control of a Cambodian territory of opium-producing fields. He somehow obtained superhuman powers and enslaved the locals, becoming their leader and murdering many of them. He became engaged in a profitable deal to traffic drugs to New York City from a hidden fortress in the jungle.[2]

By doing so, he attracted the attention of enemies, including rival criminals and NY-based superheroes Cloak and Dagger, along with local government authorities. Dagger infiltrated the Warlord's operation and, when she noticed that government jets were looking for the Warlord's HQ, she shot her energy light-knives upward to attract their attention. The authorities attacked the opium fields by bombing while Cloak and Dagger teleported the slaves to safety. The Warlord tried to prevent Cloak from escaping by throwing him a lance, but Dagger's knifes deflected it - to the fields, where it started a fire. This enraged a corrupt soldier who shot the Warlord, only to be killed by the Warlord's warriors.[2]

Before expiring, the Warlord had a chance to curse Cloak and Dagger to their faces, claiming that the slaves needed him to avoid starving. Cloak disagreed, as he found the Warlord's supplies of food and grain, which the liberated slaves could use to rebuild.[2]

Powers and Abilities


He could embed personal weapons such as a lance with a specific power allowing him to guide the weapon after throwing it, and to hurt people with superpowers who would not be hurt by such an attack like Cloak.


Vulnerable to bullets.





Hand lance.


This article and the comic-book it is based on both use the word "Cambodia" instead of "Kampuchea". "Cambodia" is the English transliteration of the local word "Kampuchea", used to refer to the same territory.

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