Doctor Petrie was a colleague of British MI-6 special agent, Sir Denis Nayland Smith. On his first mission for his father Fu Manchu, Shang-Chi was sent to kill Petrie[1]. Later, it turned out that this Petrie had simply been a robot duplicate and that the real Petrie had already been a captive of Fu Manchu. He was freed by Shang-Chi, who had become an ally to Denis Nayland Smith[2].

Petrie was brainwashed and became an agent of the Oriental Expediters, planting a bomb in Smith's office[3] and later shot him when he was inadvertently exposed by Shockwave.[4] Smith survived, and a second attempt on his life by Petrie was foiled by James Larner.[5] He was deprogrammed by MI6.[6]

  • The character of Doctor Petrie was originally created by crime pulp novelist Sax Rohmer for the Fu Manchu series of novels of the early 20th century.

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