Born into the Cullens crime family, Jimmy did his best to avoid them while growing up. He joined the army, serving in the Special Forces and becoming a Golden Gloves champion boxer. Once Frank Castle was reported as dead, the head of the Cullens family pressured Jimmy into becoming the next Punisher, albeit one they could control, but Jimmy resisted.[1]

They finally convinced him by claiming to have his mother hostage. The Cullens sent him to take out rival crime families. Jimmy always tried to resolve things without killing people, however. When Jimmy was busting up a crackhouse, he ran into several rival Punishers, each carrying on Castle's look for their own reasons.[2]

Jimmy went to Laastekist, PA, to investigate reports of Castle's appearance.[3] He and the Cullens were ambushed by Swaybrick's Punishers. Just as Swaybrick had the drop on Jimmy, the Punishers fled the scene, appalled by Swaybrick's bloodlust. Jimmy was able to turn things around and kill Swaybrick. Horrified that he had killed a man, Jimmy knelt over the corpse. He was then shot in the back by Blackwell.[4]

He survived, and later teamed up with the real Punisher to take down the Cullen family. [5]


Jimmy utilizes both the punisher shirt symbol, and a mask version as well.



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