Losing his family to the Human Coalition

James Proudstar lost his older brother John after an initial Exonim sweep of Arizona and New Mexico looking for X-Gene positive families.[1]

Proudstar proved exceptionally resourceful and resistant to capture, evading and destroying seven Exonims of a hunter cadre at the Wasted Effort Rock.[1]

In an attempt to set up an ambush, Human Coalition forces used Proudstar's half-sister, Bethany, as the bait. This plan was seemingly ruined by her suicide, but Proudstar still walked into the ambush, determined to retrieve his sister's body. He killed every officer present.[1]

Fortress X

He resurfaced in Fortress X, joining Magneto's forces and fighting the besieging humans.

Eventually, he gained the name Berserker, given to him not by his own side but by the Human Coalition forces, his recklessness and unthinking ferocity repeatedly exposing him to harm, but allowing him to do great damage and always escape with his life.[1]


Presumably those of James Proudstar (Earth-616)#Powers.

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