Quote1.png Mary Ann or "Polly" Nicholas. Killed in from a what used to be a stable here. Forty-Three, she was "Mutton dressed as Lamb". We wouldn't know a thing about her apart from a certain passing interest of Mr. Saucy Jack. Lucky Girl! Annie Chapman, a drunken whore who'd just been in a fight. The line between your common tart and your common housewife was a tad blurry. Some thing never change, Eh?, Eh? Elizabeth Stride, Swedish, your untouchable Nordic goddess. In her forties full of the clap. You wouldn't want to give her one, but old Jack did! Quote2.png
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James Ransom was an ordinary tour guide who was obsessed with Jack the Ripper until one day he was chosen by the Martian Masters of Earth-691 to be a living interdimensional conduit that they would use to enter Earth-616 and take it over. Ransom was given the power to pull in things and beings from parallel realities into his reality. At first, he had no control over his power and accidentally summoned alternate versions of Jack the Ripper.[1]

Ransom was arrested and got the hang of his power while incarcerated. Pete Wisdom of MI6 attempted to convince Ransom to help him locate someone. Ransom responded by summoning mechanized units belonging to the Roman Army of Earth-15075 in order to get away from Wisdom. Ransom then kidnapped Wisdom's lover Maureen Raven to use a link that would allow the Martian Masters to come to Earth.[2]

After successfully summoning the Martial Masters, he asked for a reward. Unfortunately for him, the Martians rewarded him by killing him.[3]


  • Interdimensional Summoning: Ransom has the power to summon different objects and beings from parallel realities. He can summon something as simple as a flying carpet to something as large as a train.[2]
  • Cosmic Awareness: Ransom possesses a form of cosmic awareness that helps him scan parallel realities for details until he finds something he wants to summon.[2]


He formerly couldn't control his power.[1]

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