Quote1.png You want "Have at thee" or "I say thee nay." You're in the wrong place, Titanium Man... You got the wrong Thor. But in my other title-- James Rhodes, Grand Marshal of Technopolis, there's one thing I will say... Bring it! Quote2.png
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Grand Marshal Rhodes was the head of Technopolis' Hall of Order and Law, as well as his domain's Thor, as well as a close friend to the domain's Baron Tony Stark.

Rhodey came across the truth behind the airborne decease plaguing Technopolis when he was investigating the murder of the vigilante known as Spyder-Man.[1] Some of the information decrypted from the memory banks of Spyder-Man's suits made mention of the Kingpin of crime, which was a reason valid enough to make Rhodes pay a visit to Fisk, however, Jim found opposition in the form of Fisk's armored henchmen. Rhodes expected Fisk's measures, and deployed the War Machines Deputies from the Hall of Law and Order.[2]

After being defeated by Rhodes, Kingpin made clear at his deathbed that didn't have anything to do with Peter's death. Rhodes returned to the Hall of Law and Order to continue investigating the memory banks, with the memory banks having being completely decrypted, when he was confronted by Baron Stark. While Stark's brother Arno dealt with the War Machines Deputies, Tony revealed to Rhodes the truth he would inevitably find, that Tony had killed Spyder-Man and that it was Tony's father Howard the responsible for Technopolis' disease. Tony ultimately killed Rhodey to prevent the domain from learning the truth; however, Rhodey had been able to record and transmit Stark's confession, sending it to his niece, Lila Rhodes.[3]

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None. Instead, they are derived from his War Machine Armor.


Seemingly those of the James Rhodes of Earth-616.



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