Rhodey first met Tony after saving him in Vietnam, and in return Tony got him a job as pilot. Over time, they became business partners and set up the company Stark-Rhodes Global (this reality's incarnation of Stark Industries). Through this company, Tony Stark patented and sold his Iron Man technology, which however had widespread consequences: caused a new arms race between the various governments of the world, ended the age of heroes since non-tech heroes could not compete with the technological advanced Heroes and Villains that now rose up, and the US government build stronger and better Sentinels to hunt the Mutant Race into near-extinction.

As Tony started becoming a recluse due to the bad things his technology brought the world, Rhodey had to take over Stark-Rhodes Global and the Iron Man production. He was also one of the few people in the world that Tony stayed in touch with, but even Rhodes had no idea where Tony was hiding.

When Magneto threatened the world because of what had been done to the mutant race, Rhodes tracked down Tony Stark. He discovered Tony's hideout and ultimate plan; to use Magneto and a new Overload Iron Man armor to destroy all technology in the world. Armed with his new War Machine armor, Rhodes joined the newly assembled Avengers in trying to stop both Magneto and Stark. He tries to reason with Stark, which fails at first until Thor joins in and makes Stark realize he can be a hero.

Afterwards, Stark and Rhodes team up to force the government to stop the Sentinel program and use their funds for more helpful technology. It's unknown if Rhodes also joined the new Avengers afterwards since he was not seen among them.[1]


Rhodes has no powers of his own but they are derived from his War Machine Armor.


Seemingly those of James Rhodes of Earth-616.

  • Rhodey mentioned that Stark gave him a job offer as a pilot, as "a way of saying thanks for hauling [Tony's] butt outta Vietnam." This may be based on the flashback story "Apocalypse Then" from Iron Man #144, which showed how Rhodey first met Iron Man and got him back to Stark's lab.

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