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"Rhodey" Rhodes is Tony Stark's friend and U.S. Army lieutenant. He stated many times desire to help Tony in his career as Iron Man.[1] Some time later, when Tony was already member of the Avengers, he gave Rhodey his own armor, the War Machine.

When A.I.M. attacked Stark Tower, Rhodey donned the armor once again to battle A.I.M. and Technovore.[2]

As Kang began summoning his armies from both past and future, War Machine was there on the scene. After being saved by Thing, he was mistaken for Stark before realizing the misunderstanding.

Hearing Tony's message of the formation of the New Avengers, he agreed to be part of it. In their first battle with Kang, he tried to blast him with his repulsor mini-gun and missiles but was easily deflected.

After their retreat, Rhodey volunteered to push Kang out of Stark Tower and distract him while Spider-Man sabotage his time machine.

When Galactus and his four Heralds arrived on Earth, Rhodey, like all other heroes, responded to Code: White and donned his War Machine Armor once again. He would later be on Captain America's team, managing to destroy the Energy Tower while the others defeated Terrax. As the Devourer of Worlds set foot on Earth, War Machine and Ms. Marvel attempted to put up a fight only to be swatted aside.

After Galactus' defeat, War Machine and all other heroes left the scene where the Avengers were praised as "Earth's Mightiest Heroes".



Rhodes has no powers of his own but they are derived from his War Machine Armor.


Seemingly those of James Rhodes of Earth-616.



War Machine Armor


Various types of heavy weapons systems inside his armor


  • The War Machine Armor is based on the live-action film version from Iron Man 2 film.
  • Voiced by Bumper Robinson.

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