James Rhodes' history likely was similar to his Earth-616 counterpart up until 1982 or 1983. At some point after 1982, Rhodey's friend Tony Stark passed away from heart failure. Rhodey became the new Iron Man and worked with the Avengers for a long time. At some point, he had a son named Michael.

A few years before 2032, Rhodey had a stroke, which led to Michael Rhodes becoming the new Iron Man.[1]

  • During the year What If? #38 was released, the Earth-616 Rhodey had just become the new Iron Man months earlier in Iron Man #170.
  • The story in What If? #38 takes place in the year 2032, as it's written as the death year on Jocasta's tombstone. The narration says the story also takes place "fifty years from today", which might actually mean 1982 and not 2032, making the cut-off point for Earth-616 similarities as 1982, even though Rhodey became Iron Man in 1983.

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