James "Jimmy" Riordan is the father of Dallas Riordan. Jimmy's father was a cop who later served in the military during World War II and decided to stay in Europe thus abandoning his wife and son. Jimmy's father died while he was a member of the reconstituted V Battalion. Jimmy grew up to be a cop and vowed that he would never abandon his children like had been done to him. He raised his daughter Dallas to be prepared for anything. He knew that as a descendent of a member of the V Battalion she may be one day asked to join their group. James did not approve of the idea but trained her to take care of herself anyways. Dallas followed in the first family tradition and became a cop. Later she would be approached by Roger Aubrey and offered the position of Citizen V in the V Battalion.

Dallas eventually was cast out of the V Battalion for not killing Henry Peter Gyrich (who would years later become her colleague in the CSA). She would also be crippled during a battle with the Crimson Cowl which left her confined to a wheelchair. She moved back to her father's home in Flagstaff, Arizona but eventually had to put him in a nursing home presumably because he had Alzheimer's Disease.

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