Quote1.png And let that be a lesson to you, Arena! Nobody underestimates the real Prototype! Nobody! Quote2.png
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Jimmy Ruiz was surgically implanted with cybernetics to allow him to control the Prototype Armor. Unknown to Ultra-Tech, Jimmy was an Ultra who possessed his own internal energy source allowing him to power the armored suit himself, which allowed them to reduce the size of the armor and replaced Bob Campbell who was their original spokesperson with Jimmy.

Jimmy with Bob, uncovered Ultra-Tech's corruption and opted to overthrow the company and become independent heroes. Jimmy later joined UltraForce.


  • Living Battery: James' body innately produces energy which initially fuelled the suit. Later he was able to fire energy blasts and fly with his power, but required the suit to regulate his energies.

Strength level

  • Class 100; while in the armor, Jimmy as Prototype man can lift at least 100 tons. Formerly, and without the armor, Jimmy had the strength of normal human of his age and height who engages in regular exercise.


  • Prototype Armor: Armor grants flight, superhuman strength, durability, and various weapons.
  • After the events of Black September, in which the Ultraverse was given a drastic overhaul by new owner Marvel Comics, Ruiz was written out of continuity and Bob Campbell was retconned as the "only" Prototype to have ever existed. The revision went so far as to remove the accident that cost him his arm as he had originally, yet seemed to maintain other events which led to his joining Aladdin as he had originally. In an ironic twist near the end of Ultraforce's comic, Bob's Prototype armor was totalled. He would end up building a suit that was nearly identical to the armor he wore as Ranger (the only difference being that the helmet he wore with his 'new' armor was the last surviving remnant of his Prototype 2.0 armor). He also became the leader of Ultraforce as the series came to an end.

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