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A handsome man used to get whatever he wanted, Sinoda went crazy when he was rejected by heiress Julia Winters. He disappeared from public sight, believing to be very ugly, and used a mask of disfigured face. He also recruited misshapen people and convinced them that destroying beauty was ethical and desirable.[1]

Sinoda wanted to add Frankenstein's Monster to his retinue.[2] Using voodoo magic, Sinoda resurrected the body of surgeon Derek McDowell, who had tried to obtain possession of the Monster, in an attempt to get the Monster form himself. McDowall's ally and enemy Owen Wallach had switched brains with the Monster and Sinoda wanted the Monster to get his brain back.[2] He monitored the events[3] until it was time for his movement.[1]

Sinoda used McDowell's corpse to guide the Monster to his lair[2] and, once there, he discarded McDowall. This enraged the Monster, who had grown to like the person inhabitting the corpse. The Monster attacked Sinoda but was restrained by his minions and chained in a dungeon. Sinoda decided to not use the Monster in his plan, sending instead his other freaks.[1]

The freaks succeeded at kidnapping Julia -who had disregarded the threats Sinoda had mailed her. Julia's servant Bernard called the police, fearing they would find her too late.[1]

The freaks sympathized with Julia's plight and beauty, but agreed to chain her to the dungeon - next to Frankenstein's Monster. Sinoda then tortured Julia and, while doing so, he revealed his real face. The freaks were aghast at seeing his normal-looking face and opposed Sinoda - who turned his weapons against the freaks. When Sinoda killed his bent butler Bruno, the other freaks attacked him - as he was beautiful and he had trained them to attack beautiful things. In the confussion, Frankenstein's Monster broke his chains, damaging the dungeon's wall and causing a collapse that buried Sinoda and his freaks. The Monster left with an unconscious Julia in her arms - but when leaving he was met with the police, who believed him to be the freak who had kidnapped her.[1]



Voodoo magic allowing him to control certain kinds of people by using dolls


A psycho, he mistakenly believes his face is hideous and hids it behind the mask of a disfigured face.



Grenade launcher, gun.

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