When he was young, Jim Tensen became a member of the First Eternity Battalion, where he met and befriended fellow psychic Phil Vogt.[1] Both Tensen and Vogt gained the ability to tap into the Psi-Force after becoming the sole survivors of the unit following an incident in Wundagore Mountain involving Chthonic forces.[2] After being discharged with the termination of the First Eternity Battalion, Tensen began to lead a philosophical seminar meant to train a group of young people to achieve their full mental potential, and access the Psi-Force to become Justice Warriors.

Tensen was called in by Vogt many years later to become a part of his Troubleshooters, a unit of monitoring and reconnaissance for superhuman teams which had been tasked with keeping an eye on the Ultimates.[3]


Psi-Force Manipulation: By tapping into the Psi-Force, Tensen can conjure a "sword," a powerful energy blast, or a "shield," a force screen that is as impervious as his subconscious wants it to be.[4]


Expert Tactician: Tensen's specialty within the Troubleshooters is that of strategy and tactics.[5]

Psi-Force Expert: Jim Tensen is the world's foremost expert on the Psi-Force.[6]


  • Confidence: Tensen's powers are maintained by his confidence. If his confidence is shaken, his powers can weaken.[1]
  • Tensen was forty-five years old when he was recruited into the Troubleshooters.[3]

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