Stinger was a businessman who turned on those businessmen who had acquired their wealth through illegal methods. He contacted the Tinkerer who constructed him a costume and weapons. This cost him everything he had so to raise money, he set out to capture the Avengers and sell them off in a private auction. While half the Avengers went to deal with the Monolith, the Stinger managed to capture Black Panther, Yellowjacket, the Wasp, the Scarlet Witch, Wonder-Man, Iron Man and even Jarvis in quick succession.

With these captured, he waited for the rest to return and was able to get the drop on Beast and the Vision but failed to capture Thor as Bloodhawk sacrificed himself. Flusterred by this failure he fled into the mansion, allowing Beast to recover and free the other Avengers, who, after finding Stinger took him down and had him arrested.[2]

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