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The history of Jimmy Woo of Earth-9904 mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart until the early 1950's.

Seeking a means to stop the international terrorist Yellow Claw once and for all, Jimmy would seek to recruit a team of heroes to help him combat his arch-nemesis. The first of these allies would be Marvel Boy who would help Woo take down the Black Dragons biker gang in San Francisco. During this battle they would also ally themselves with 3-D Man and learn that Yellow Claw was manipulating the bikers.

Woo would then also use his connections in the super-hero community to recruit Gorilla-Man, Human Robot and Venus into his group which would be dubbed the Avengers. Learning that Yellow Claw intended to kidnap President Dwight Eisenhower, Woo would be by the Presidents side while he engaged in a golf game. The game would be cut short when Yellow Claw's agents the Great Video, Cold Warrior, Electro and Skull-Face would succeed in capturing Eisenhower. Attempting to stop the criminals from their task, Woo would secretly follow them, radioing the Avengers of his plans. Arriving at Yellow Claw's hide out, Jimmy would confront Yellow Claw's niece Suwan and give her a communicator to use to contact the Avengers if he were captured. Electro would get the drop on him, and knock him out, taking him before Yellow Claw. Yellow Claw would be about to turn Woo over to his minion Karl von Horstbadden when the Avengers would burst in to save their leader. While his friends battle Yellow Claw's minions, Woo would chase after Yellow Claw and almost be killed in an explosion disguised as Yellow Claw himself until he was saved at the last minute by 3-D Man and the Human Robot.

After his rescue, the President would ask that the Avengers disband to avoid creating public panic.[1] Woo's subsequent activities remain unrevealed, however it is entirely likely he was killed when Immortus erased Earth-9904 from existence.[2]

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Seemingly those of James Woo (Earth-616)#Powers.

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