Quote1.png He was simply the pawn of a ruthless terrorist who exploited his mutant powers. Quote2.png
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As Vortex

Jaime Moore was a mutant with the ability to teleport himself and others. He was taken in by international terrorist Carlos Ramirez, who gave him a suit to help him control his powers and the codename Vortex. During the Cold War, he teleported Ramirez and his compatriots into the Nottingham Airfield and were confronted by Sean Cassidy of Interpol. They were ambushed by the Black Razors and while he was able to teleport his "friends" to safety, Jamie was taken into I.O. custody.

Generation Gap

Years later, Jamie was kidnapped by the Freaks and taken to Quantico. This caught the attention of Gen¹³, Generation X, and Emplate. During the ensuring conflict, the Freaks and Emplate teamed-up and kidnapped Qeelocke, with Grunge and Husk jumped into their escape portal.

Gen¹³ and Generation X swiftly came to a truce and convinced Moore to help them. He was initially hesitant, but agreed after Cassidy and former Black Razor John Lynch apologized for their last encounter. He teleported them to the Freaks base, where they were able force Emplate back to his domain, but were hypnotized by Trance. Luckily, Anna being a robot couldn't be compromised and she and the Freaks agreed to a tie and left. With everyone safe, everyone went their separate ways.[1]



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