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Jamie Tolentino[src]

Jamie Tolentino was a classmate of Peter Parker's at Empire State University,[3] who developed and built a quantum predictive computer, dubbed "The Clairvoyant".[4]


Jamie Tolentino was an brilliant Empire State University student from a struggling background. He lived with his younger sister Rosamie and their mother, who suffered from an illness that required her to be on chronic dialysis and caused her to experience bouts of pain.[1]

While enrolled at ESU, Jamie made acquaintances with fellow student Peter Parker, and presented him with a repurposed Webware device from Parker Industries whose GPS he had turned into an early-warning system for large-scale emergencies.[3] Inspired by a speech from professor Dr. Curtis Connors on the future, Jamie decided to create a probability-predicting device based on his repurposed Webware, and called it the Clairvoyant. The Clairvoyant was a quantum computer that could analyze the infinite Multiverse for possible futures, and intended to use it to find answers for the present's problems for the good of mankind.[4] However, the Clairvoyant required a power source big and stable enough to be efficient, as it could only make small-scale predictions that took an entire day to compute. Because of this, he enlisted Peter's partnership to continue working on the Clairvoyant. While holding the device in his backpack as Spider-Man, Peter was caught in a power surge caused by Spider-Man 2099's time travel, which supercharged the Clairvoyant.[5]

After Peter returned the supercharged Clairvoyant,[6] Jamie became tempted by its new reach and took it to the super villain casino called The Palace, where he used it to gamble on the outcome of superhuman battles.[2] He ranked up an unprecedented streak of wins, although he also sometimes let himself lose on purpose to avoid suspicions. However, as the Clairvoyant ran out of battery, Jamie started genuinely losing, causing him to ultimately became indebted.

Jamie attempted to repower the Clairvoyant with Peter's help but was unsuccessful. When confronted by The Palace's owner, Chance, for his debt, Jamie suggested using a device named the Catalyst that was in the custody of Empire State University as a power source.[1] After Jamie assisted in stealing the Catalyst, it was taken to The Palace alongside the Clairvoyant, but both devices were snatched by the Jack O'Lanterns, who revealed themselves as double-agents for the Finisher.[7] Spider-Man intervened, and he secured the two artifacts after a fight. In the aftermath of crash-landing The Palace, Jamie was ashamed by his own hubris and swore off the Clairvoyant due to the trouble he had caused by using it, and handed it to Spider-Man for safekeeping. Spider-Man later gave the device to his sister Teresa Parker in turn, and she destroyed it.[8]


Jamie presents himself with a friendly demeanor, although he has a habit of playfully mocking his classmates.[3] Outside of school, he finds himself burdened by his home finances and mother's medical situation, although he also attempts to keep a positive attitude, specially towards his younger sister Rosamie.[1] When pressured into stealing the Catalyst was deeply remorseful for assisting super villains and even injuring Spider-Man.[9] Although Jamie had altruistic intentions for the Clairvoyant and liked to fancy himself in control of his hubris,[3] he quickly fell victim to the avarice caused by his use of the Clairvoyant, a course of action that he also deeply lamented to the point it caused him to swear off working on it.[8]

Powers and Abilities


Skilled Inventor & Engineer: Capable of repurposing a Webware wrist computer into a quantum prediction computer.[4]

Gifted Intellect: Jamie possesses an inherit intelligence for engineering, as displayed when he built a quantum computer from a Webware device.[4]



The Clairvoyant (formerly): Developed from the Parker Industries' Webware device, the Clairvoyant was a quantum computer that could predict the future.[4]


  • Jamie likes to keep examples of tech disasters around him to remind himself of the dangers of hubris. He once turned a hoverboard into a microwave, and repurposed a Webware into an early-warning system.[3]

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