Jane Bradley is the daughter of Nick Bradley, a public official that was found guilty of grafting[1]. During the early 1940's she was the head of the rackets in New York City. She operated under the alias J.B. While her alias was known by the New York police, her identity was not. Furthermore, the police were unable to pin any crimes on J.B. and her involvement to a legal organization made catching her that much more difficult.

When the android Human Torch aided Dr. Stone in burning down buildings that carried the black plague in New York's slums, the land owner Frank Simmons would seek the assistance of the underworld to put pressure on the Torch to stop. To this end, J.B. would use her underworld resources to force the police to charge the Torch for arson and make him an outlaw by the police.

Further, her spy, a criminal lawyer named Cinelli bugged the police chiefs dictophone so that they could listen in on the goings on at police headquarters. While the Torch succeeded in placing the area under quarantine long enough to destroy the diseased buildings long enough to destroy them and insure those infected got treated, he was still wanted by the police. He would learn from criminal Roddy Skeets that J.B. was the leader of the New York rackets before he ironically died of the plague himself.

The Torch would seek to capture J.B. to clear his name, and after a clash with Cinelli, he would find and decode a note that would tip him off to a planned robbery of the Krantz Metalworks near the waterfront. Going there, the Torch would prevent the robbery. Stopping the crooks he would spot J.B. who he would identify as Jane Bradley and attempt to apprehend her. Fleeing in a boat, she would attempt to escape by diving into New York harbor only to be captured by the police, who were tipped off to J.B.'s true identity when Cinelli confessed to everything. Jane and her cohorts were arrested.

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  1. Grafting is the crime of using a position of influence for ones own personal gain, be it political, financial or business related

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