Jane Foster is a paramedic and seemingly Thor's love interest. She is first seen assisting dockworkers when the Wrecking Crew attacked and Thor arrived to stop them.[1] She appears to have a heroic personality as Thor noted, and this is why he felt so amazed by her. She was shown having coffee with Thor before the mass-breakout occurred.[2]

Later, she and Thor are seen walking through Central park at night and observed a young couple exchanging kisses with one another.[3]

When Hawkeye had been injured while batting the Serpent Society, the team had called in Jane to check on his injured arm but was reassured he was fine when he was able to shoot his bow perfectly while defending the Avengers Mansion against Ultron's traps.[4]

When the police came to the Avengers Mansion doorstep with an out-of-mind Michael Korvac, Wasp contacted Jane to come and diagnose him.[5]

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Able to tend the wounded



Medical kit





  • Unlike in the original comic, here she is not a nurse, but a paramedic. She is however referred to as a nurse when Hawkeye refuses to let her examine his injured arm in the episode "Ultron 5".

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