The albino mutant woman known as Scribe was a member of the Inner Circle of the London Hellfire Club. With a special device she would record everything that is said in the Inner Circle’s meetings. Scribe was merged with and possessed by the mutant body-stealer known as Mountjoy. When Brian Braddock became the Black Bishop, the Mountjoy-possessed Scribe confided in him. She told Brian that the Inner Circle knew he used to be Captain Britain and she needed his help. She told Brian about the Inner Circle’s plot to use a demon under London to control the city’s population. When Brian became Captain Britain and confronted the Black Queen Ms. Steed, Mountjoy revealed himself from Scribe and attacked him. Captain Britain defeated the London Inner Circle, and Scribe, Mountjoy and the others were put in jail.

Scribe, who was still possessed by Mountjoy, was later bailed out of jail by Sebastian Shaw. Scribe was taken to Liberty Island to participate in a duel against Madelyne Pryor. As Scribe was about to defeat Madelyne, she reached inside Scribe and pulled out Mountjoy, defeating both Scribe and Mountjoy.


Intangibility: Scribe is a mutant with the ability to "phase," or pass through solid matter by passing her atoms between the spaces of other particles through which she is moving (similar to the phasing ability of Shadowcat).

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