The past history of Jane Hastings of Earth-9904 mirrors that of her Earth-616 counterpart until the early 1950's. In this reality, she would be asked by FBI Agent Jimmy Woo to help gather super-humans to defeat his foe, the international terrorist known as the Yellow Claw. To this end, Jann would accompany Marvel Boy in his Silver Bullet to Africa. There they would locate Gorilla-Man, who was being attacked by a pack of lions. The duo would fight off the lions and save Gorilla-Man from danger. Gorilla-Man would agree to accompany Marvel Boy back to the States. However, Jann would stay behind. Although she would have liked to go, she felt that she was needed to defend the jungles from evil[1].

Jann's ultimate fate remains unrevealed, but it's likely she was killed when Immortus used the Forever Crystal to erase Earth-9904 from existence[2].


Seemingly those of Jane Hastings (Earth-616)#Powers.

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