An intern at the Front Line, Jane Potter wanted to write a story about the disappearance of Monkeyverse refugee Speedball and arrest of Ape X by H.A.M.M.E.R., but was denied due to it's more fantastical elements and perceived unreliability of her main source, Gibbon.

Deciding to investigate on their own, Potter and Gibbon, joined by Speedball's friend Gorilla Girl, break Ape X out of custody and travel through a portal to the Monkeyverse to save Speedball. Just as that world was being besieged by Zombies. [1]

With help from Spider-Monkey and the zombie head of Mister Fantastic, the group was able to set up a time machine which would allow them to stop the Zombie Invasion. The plan required one of their group to travel back in time and destroy the portal between the two worlds before Speedball had been pulled through, causing the breach that the Zombies entered. The catch to this was that it would either trap the traveler in the Monkeyverse or erase them from existence entirely. Gorilla Girl volunteered and succeeded in destroying the portal, creating a split timeline, leaving only Ape X and Jane Potter with memories of what happened. Potter, believing that no one would believe their adventure as a news story, decided to write it as a graphic novel instead. [2]

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