Dr. Jane Semple was employed as a psychotherapist by the Clinic for Paranormal Research, and was the assigned therapist for Therapy Group B, otherwise known as the DP7. Although the Clinic used questionable methods, Dr. Semple seemed unaware of them, and was a genuinely benevolent therapist. [citation needed]

After the DP7 were recaptured after going on the run and the Clinic's founder Philip Nolan Voigt was apparently killed, his second-in-command Dexter Charne attempted to take over the Clinic. Charne used his paranormal power to give the interim head of the Clinic, Craig LaGraves, a stroke, and tried to blame Dr. Semple, using his mental power to influence others to make his story seem convincing. Dr. Semple went to Dave Landers and Randy O'Brien for help and they confronted Charne, with one of Randy's 'antibodies' eventually killing Charne. [citation needed]

Semple remained as the therapist for the DP7, even when several of them left to join special interest groups. Semple was also present when a riot broke out between the patients, and was tranquilized along with the rest of the staff and patients by Lenore Fenzl to quell the riot. [citation needed]

It is unknown whether Dr. Semple was hurt in the police raid that closed the Clinic, or what her later whereabouts are. [citation needed]




Dr. Jane Semple is a trained psychotherapist.

Strength level

Normal human strength

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