"Dick" Smythe

Jane was part of the mutant terrorist group known as the Brotherhood under the alias of Dick Smythe, and was a traitor to X, as she was giving intel to an unknown faction.

When Malon Reeves, Michael Asher and Fagin, formerly captured during the fall of the London Cell and imprisoned, went under an agreement with the former Brotherhood member and actual government agent Marshal and came back to X, pretending to be still loyal to him and to the Revolution, he had them kill "Dick Smythe", knowing that she was a mole for his enemy and charging her for the death of multiple supporters of the cause.

Body replacement

They came back to Marshal, who informed them that she wasn't selling tips to him. He send them capture her, and replace her corpse by the one of a drunken guy found in a night-club.

Visiting Dick, the three traitors found Jane, who revealed her powers realizing they were sent by Hoffman. After being surprised by the assault first, they easily defeated her, as Fagin demonstrated his powers, and brought her to Marshal. Then, using Asher's explosive blood, they made the building exploded with the replacement corpse in there.

The proof for X

To be convincing while return to report to Hoffman, Marshal used Asher pocket-knive to cut Jane's hand and burn it, in order to have some proof to deliver to X that the mole had indeed been killed by the three traitors.[1]

Jane's fate was unrevealed, but she was probably held prisoner by Marshal's agency in the same unlocated prison as were been Fagin, Malon and Asher, and/or ultimately killed.[2]

Transformation in Dick

First step of transformation


Transformation: Jane can transform herself into Dick, a monstrous green male Hulk-like creature with:

  • Superhuman strength

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