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The second woman to wear the guise of Nemesis first appeared leading a group of super-powered beings called Gamma Flight, a government-sanctioned force intended to replace Alpha Flight. After a few scuffles, the two teams were forced to work side by side, and eventually Gamma Flight was disbanded. Several members of Gamma Flight joined with Alpha Flight, however Nemesis did not, but rather vanished again, with Wild Child.[1]

Wild Child eventually became Weapon Omega and began to seek information on his true identity. To that end, he sought out Nemesis, who had helped him in his transformation. He found her in Montreal, a prisoner of the Children of The Night, a band of sewer children she once lead. Rok, who had battled both Nemesis and Wild Child in the past had wrested control of the Children of the Night. With Assistance from Alpha Flight, Rok was defeated, and Nemesis joined forces with them until the team later disbanded.[2]

When the chaos entity Carcass was freed, Nemesis, one of the heroes summoned by Shaman, traveled to the land of the dead to destroy the creature.[3]

Soon thereafter, Alpha Flight was disbanded and Nemesis’s current whereabouts are unknown. A third Nemesis has appeared using a similar appearance and weapon.[4]


  • Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z TPB #1 2011 clarified that there were three separate women in the guise of Nemesis.

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