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After Equinox retired from crime, he settled down with a woman and had a daughter, Janet. Unfortunately, his wife died not long after, and Janet manifested uncontrollable explosive mutant powers at age six. Following his own father's poor example, Terry turned to beating Janet to suppress her abilities.

As it happened, Sam Wilson was investigating both the abuse of Janet as a social worker and the mysterious explosions as the Falcon, which he believed to be unrelated. When Sam learned that Terry was an ex-supervillain, he jumped to the conclusion that he was causing the explosions for profit and fought him as the Falcon. Janet, watching the fight, became stressed to the point where she caused an explosion, causing Sam to realize the true cause of the accidents. Now informed, he pointed out to Terry that he was being no better a man than his own father, causing Terry to repent. Confident he would now not need to arrest Terry or have Janet taken away from him, Sam left him with a phone number for people who could help control Janet's powers. Her current status and whereabouts are currently unknown.



Janet inherited at least some of her father's temperature-controlling powers, which manifested themselves as periodic explosions of intense heat that Janet had no control over.

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