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The Wasp was among a group of adventurers known as the Avengers that dealt with threats that may attack Earth. Together with her colleagues, she went to confront Galactus, the Devourer of Worlds. While the rest of the Avengers tried physical confrontation, the Wasp snuck into Galactus's ship to find something they could use against their powerful enemy, but was knocked out by the defenses of the vessel. Ironically, being captured spared her the fate of her companions, who were killed by Galactus and his herald while her world was devoured.

The Wasp remained for weeks trapped inside the alien ship, until the other last survivors of Earth caught up with Galactus, none other than the Fantastic Four and Doctor Doom. While the former villain fought and died facing the herald of Galactus, the Fantastic Foursome explored the ship and discovered the Wasp. With her help they reached the Ultimate Nullifier, a weapon capable of destroying a universe, and against which the Galactus could not prevail.

Reed's lust for revenge took over him, facing Galactus with intent to use the weapon to kill the murderer of his people. However, Reed realized using the device could kill all living beings in the galaxy along with Galactus, he stopped his attack. In this act of humanity, Galactus realized he had destroyed a race worthy of survival, and promised never to consume inhabited planets again. For guidance in this new era Galactus turned to the Wasp and the Fantastic Four, who agreed to become the new heralds of Galactus, choosing for him which planets to devour.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of the Janet Van Dyne of Earth-616.



Wasp's Suit, Pym Particle


Flight via Bio-Synthetic Wings

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