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Originally a saloon dancer in the town of Timely in the Valley of Doom, Janet Van Dyne's life changed drastically when she met inventor Hank Pym. After striking up a friendship, the two fell in love, prompting Janet to change her way of living. Feeling neglected by Hank in favor of his invention, a Clockwork Man, Janet broke up with him.

She later joined a gang of criminals that planned to overthrow Timely's Governor Roxxon, a crime punished with the task of guarding the Shield.[1] Janet would later cross paths with Hank once again after he was exiled to the Deadlands.[2] Unable to let go of Hank, Janet left her post and ventured to the Deadlands to find him. Unbeknownst to her, Hank had been rescued by a group of heroes and was taken to the refuge known as Salvation.[3]

Janet eventually made her way through hordes of zombies,[1] and made it to Salvation, where she reunited with Hank. Janet remained by Hank's side as they continued living in Salvation following the defeat of an army of Ultron-ized zombies.[4]

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